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  1. This is excellent. I recently memorised ayatul kursi, surah al asr and al kauthar, by listening to a recitation of it repeatedly (because I wanted to make sure I was pronouncing it correctly) and at the same time reading it from my Qur’an. Your method seems much more efficient though! I shall try it your way inshaAllah. There’s a great website that has hundreds of reciters

  2. Baraka Allahoe fieki, thank you so much for your awesome tips! I am trying to memorize the quran most of my life..Maybe it´s a good idea to put it in my mp3-player (I still have one :p), so that I don´t have any distractions. I hope to reach my goal in three years, in cha´a Allah.

  3. Alhamdulillah, I recently memorized suratul Tin and have continuously used it in my daily prayers, InshaAllah l will try and use your method as l already have a digital Quran in my home.

  4. Barakallahu fiikum, very precise and to the point article with tried and tested advice.
    May Allah continue to facilitate our zeal to memorize the Qur’an. Amin
    Love the fact you gave baby a digital qur’an as opposed to a mobile phone to play with.

  5. SUBANNALLAH! I enjoyed this one. Alhumdullillah I’m going to try this. In sha Allah sounds like a goal to complete future goals. Shukran.

  6. Mashaa ALLAH this is realy a great method to memorize .as i believe also tht faith comes by hearing.the more u listen ,th more ur faith grows

  7. Yes ! It’s a lovely feeling memorizing the Surahs of the Quran.However I am a little slow! All of you out there please pray that I can speed up!

  8. salam, a wonderful idea, I will try it myself. TQ may Allah Almighty shower you with happiness in the world and akhirat.

  9. Assalamualaikum wr wb.
    Great.. I did this with my daughter.. I played a wide variety of surah fatiha recitations for her (looped repeat).. she learnt this and other surahs very early, mashAllah, just by listening.

    Worked for me as well, when doing tafseer, I had it constantly playing in the car, on the phone, on the DVD, wherever I happened to be, I was listening… really good iman booster, if you can relate to the meaning as you listen.

  10. MashAllah it is nice technique to memorize Quran for those who have already learn and read Quran perfectly,we also concentrate for those who want to learn Quran from beginning and with tajweed so this is the best place for you and Good news for parents dont worried about your kids for learning Quran.we have Qulified and trained Hafizes and Qaries who learn Quran you kids with perfect manner with Islamic teaching and you will difinetley feel the difference and thier attitude during taking of Quran Classes.Our goal is not only to learn Quran with perfect manner but also good attitude with family and friends. Learn Quran for kids

  11. Assalamu alaikum! I’ve been using for myself and the kids…it does all of the above (choose your recitor, select your portion and repeat your selection as many times as you want) but you can use it to track your memorisation aswell! It has 2 trackers – one for hifdh and one for revision and you click on the ayahs to colour code them according to how well you’ve learnt them. It automatically calculates your percentage for you! It also has a revision planner, like a calender where you drag in the surahs you need to revise each day so that you dont forget any, and a counter which tells you the last date revised. Also you can set hifdh targets, tell it which surah you want to memorise and by what date and it creates a schedule for you! So no need to write it on paper, you can keep changing and updating according to your needs. And since its all online, i can use it for myslef and teaching / testing my kids wherever we are! Its all free for juz 30, and need to pay for the other juz.

  12. Jazak Allah Khayr.
    Agreed with every single word of Sister.
    In last Ramadan, I wanted to memorize some Surahs of the last Juz of Holy Quran along with the last 3 verses of Surah Al-Hashr. Since I wanted to have a Recitation as of Sheikh Abdurrehman Al Sudais sahab; therefore, I transferred the specific files to my cellphone for repetitive listening. Although it worked fine and I achieved my targets, but some specific digital gadget (like digital Quran) will definitely increase the probability of achieving the objective more speedily because of no distraction.
    May we all have ease in learning the Holy Quran.

  13. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. I have experienced what you are talking about recently, I’m a Software Engineer, and currently the product my team is working on , is a mobile application to help you memorize Quran, Hadith or Mutoon. Few days ago , my colleague was testing a new feature and we were listening to some verses from surat AlBaqra .. at the end of the day we have found that both of us had memorized those verses, and we prayed together with them.
    In this occasion, I’d like you to try that application , it’s available for Android and iPhone.
    When you open the Quran, you see the pages from elmoshaf, so this helps you with the image as you mentioned in your article. You can listen to different reciters and the 7 rewayat are available. You can select the range of verses you need to memorize and repeat them as much as you want. You can also, record for yourself what you memorized, the verses will disappear from the screen while you are recording, and then after you finish , it will appear again to see if you memorized correctly or not.
    I hope you really find it useful and helpful.

    El-Mohafez on Android:

    El-Mohafez on iPhone:

    • Maashaa Allah, just downloaded the App, quite easy to use and interactive. You might need to go to settings to change the instructions to your language of choice though. Jazaa kumullah khair.

  14. we should learn Quran. not only learn Quran we should try to lead our lives according to the teachings of Islam. very good message conveyed by this article good effort made by author appreciate your effort good concept discussed by author may Allah give you more time to clear more concepts like this. May Allah give you more strength to write articles like this article has got a place in my heart. in these days Muslims has gone away from the true teachings of Islam. the authors like you can play a good role to create a society which would be based on the true teachings of Islam. i really appreciate you.

  15. jazakumullah khoyron katsiron..this articles just motivate me to memorize the’s a booster! keep it up! barakallahufiq!