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  1. Subhan Allah.. Wonderful tips for boosting the iman.. Surely, these has to be followed in order to have that wonderful connection with Allah SWT.. Jazak Allahu Khairan Productive Muslim team for posting such an informative and beneficial article.. May Allah bless u all and may we all meet in Jannah.. Aameen Ya Rab..!!

  2. Sometimes you have very long articles i feel you can try breaking them into Two phases…But they are always inspiring.May Allah continue to guide you guys and make you achieve your Ultimate Goal.Amin

  3. Assalamu alaekum
    Jazakallah Khaer
    Whatever is discussed in the above lines completes more than half of the topics description…thanks for all that .
    To stay firm at iman you need to know first that before and after everyone else and everything else only Allah exists and only the relationship with Allah exists. If we forget Allah and entertain the world, then surely we are amongst the losers. Just remembering Allah in each and every moment keeps us away from all kinds of sins.
    Hope you all like my view….
    May Allah keep us safe .

  4. For me, its probably to read the Qur’aan and understand it (with a translation) and try and pin point what has decreased my Iman. For me, when my Salahs lack Kushoo (concentration) my iman decreases, so I pinpoint what I need to do to find a solution for this.

    Sometimes your Iman goes up and down, which is perfectly normal. But if it decreases way more often than it increases you have to realize you’re doing something wrong. Our jobs are to spot what were doing that is effecting our Iman. We ask ourselves; Is my Ibaadah (worship) the best it can be ( Ie no distractions and in congregation), Am I really being the best Muslim I can be? How can I be the best Muslim I can be? And the one which I should have mentioned first is: What is the Islamic cure derived from the Qur’aan and the Sunnahto my situation?
    Ask, yourself these questions and try and figure out the answer.

    Ultimately our Imaan increases if we do actions loved by Allah The Most High and decreases by actions forbidden by Him (SWT) and indulging in these actions. Don’t ever underestimates the power of Dua and Dua continuously (for everything, not just worldly matters).

    May Allah SWT always guide us back to clarity grant us high Iman constantly, in whatever situation we are in. Ameen.

    • meaningful, and such great ‘food for thought’, Br. Ahmed, we will all learn a lot by your advice, particularly ‘How can I be the best Muslim I can be?’

  5. for me if i miss one salah or miss any form of ibadah from my usual routine, i then become demotivated and then laziness takes over. the key is to remain consistent, and to push yourself to not let go of what is important.

    i imagine that each salah i do is a link on a chain, with each salah i add a new link onto the chain which enables me to climb up towards jannah, if i miss one salah the links break and i have to start all over again.

    also keeping good company is extremely important. remembering Allah amongst family and friends keeps your iman in your heart

  6. All my life has been trials and tests, I thought I was trying to protect a lot of things and people, of which I could not. I wasn’t in the righteous path and my mind was somewhere else. I did not know I was fighting a loosing battle and it was consuming me. I also tried to put a shield on people I did not know because I thought nobody else can do it and it was the right thing to do. I had lost my faith in everything. I was in my low moments and the only thing that was giving me strength is making another person’s day better or closer.
    But most of the time, I was Humble, happy patient, considerate and some how full of compassion(of which I don’t know how I got that)
    All that time someone was there for me, guiding me, protecting me, even showing me and that was Allah (swt). I had the heart of a Muslim but not the way of islam.
    I always questioned saying ‘why me? I don’t like to be put on the spotlight’ so why me?
    I had lost my Imaan…..and I was lonely.
    Then one night I fell asleep thinking not about the good things I have done in my life but the sins I committed. Then one night at my weakest moment I said ‘if this is what Allah (swt) has destined for me for the reasons he only knows then I should just let go and leave everything on to his will, because Allah (swt) knows best and nobody else does.
    I started praying and thanking Allah (swt) for the blessings he has given me and also started reciting Quraan. I started feeling more calmer, patient, considerate, compassionate, trust and most of all belief that Allah (swt) loves me and he never gave up on me!

    My suggestion is that you don’t give up…..YOU NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Don’t loose your Imaan and always keep making it strong by prayers, reciting Quraan and following the teachings of our beloved prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

    Jazaka-Allah Khair.

    • SubhaanAllah brother an amazing journey indeed.
      What amazes me is that
      Allah does not need us BUT we need Him.
      Allah never leaves us but we leave Him.

  7. Jazaakum Allahu khayran Sister Dina and fellow PM Readers

    I agree, our relationship with the Qur’aan and our quality of salah serve as excellent indications as to how our emaan is.

    An interesting reflective exercise I find useful is to look back at those phases of weak emaan and identify points when I could have turned things around, as the greatest trick of Shaytaan is probably his success in keeping us down rather than the trip up itself

    This could equip us looking forward to recognise the red flags of a trip up in future, an unfortunately inevitable reality, and plan for how to pull ourselves back up- this may involve calling on the help of Allah and those around us

    May Allah Al ‘Alaa grant us all the strength to rise above the challenges He knows we have the strength and tools to overcome aameen

  8. I’m not a medical personnel yet I work at a hospital I’m an accountant. So you see why in all my thoughts, a hospital is kind of the last place I pictured myself. I feel low quite a lot yet when I look around me, I am reminded of just how blessed I am and I say to myself Allah put me here for a reason. I always pray to in my own little way, be part of the solution and not part of the problem of the system. I believe considering the the plight of the sick helps to increase Imaan.May Allah grant us good health always and ease the suffering of the sick.

  9. Assalaam PM readers,
    It is nice article and true. Even I was on the darker side of my life. The only thing which gave back hope in my life is salat. Doing my salah everyday and reading Quran made me and my iman strong.
    Wish all my Islam brother and sister perform there salah and read Quran everyday.
    Last but not the least one and only ALLAH is our Creator and he knows all things. And Prophet is our messager.

  10. Salam alaikum, jazakumulahu khairan for your article, Insha Allaah I intend to check my actions and habits and people around me in order make amends. There are times my Iman seems up n perfect and these periods seem to be the best times of my life but I seem to loose it quickly and I don’t know how to keep up the tempo. Please remember me in your Duas.

    • Fadheelah it’s Normal to have dips and surges in our Emaan as we try to connect to Allah(SWT). What is important is that you keep doing the effort to maintain your Emaan in perfect shape and not fall into Satan’s prey. As long as you keep doing that, offering your prayers and making dua you’ll keep progressing towards Allah(SWT){InshAllah}. My prayers are with you, sister.

  11. Salaam Alaikum
    I’m having this imam issue now for almost 5 months. It’s really bad. My only type of worship I can offer to Allah right now is wearing my hijab and donating to charity. I don’t pray because it seems so monotonous and I don’t feel anything anymore. In the 11 years since I converted I’ve always found the Quran very boring. As far as keeping good company; I just don’t have anything in common with Sisters in my area anymore. I find them naive and petty.

    I feel like I just go to work, come home, eat supper with my husband, then sleep and repeat x 5 days.

    I used to be able to snap out of this slump, but it’s just not happening anymore.

    Help, please.

    • Assalamoaalaikum Aisha!
      Welcome to the community of believers.
      My advice to you would be to start offering prayers. I know, I know that in you current state of mind this might not seem the best solution. However, I’ll still insist that you start offering prayers.
      You state that you find Salah as monotonous; i used to feel the same- infact, there were times when prayers seemed to be physical exertion only. However, I’ve found that learning the translation and reading the commentary of the Surahs i recite in my Salah helps me connect with Allah(SWT). Have the feeeling that you are conversing with your Lord, and you’ll find that Salah no longer seems monotonous.
      Listen to spiritual talks, has some really good short talks that you could benefit from.
      Most importantly, keep praying to Allah(SWT) to help you.
      May Allah(SWT) help you. Aameen.

    • Saksm Alaikum Aisha

      your sincere admitance of lack of imam really touches me. i do feel the same way about salah sometimes. it seems monotonous and ritualistic. There are times though that i find myself at peace and happy after salah. The reason why I feel good is because I make dua during the prayer. i converse with Allah and share with Him about my hopes and fears. I use the moments in salah to ask him to help me clear all my problems with work and with people around me. These problems usually go away without much effort at all. when I don’t talk to him, that’s when I lose focus.
      My advice to you is to converse with Him and tell him all your problems that you are facing and ask Him for guidance. Ask for anything and then just leave it to him to solve yor problem. If you hv nothing to ask for, then just offer your thanks for being in good health.

      writing these words to you bring tears to my eyes. I thank you for bringing up your problems as now i hv find answers to mine.
      Jazakillah Khair

    • I can understand what you are going through. The thing I can suggest is to be persistent in the effort of reconnecting with the soul. Try some adhkaar (remembrance), consult a wise scholar.

      I will pray for you and I suggest that you keep praying to Allah for this reconnection.

      Plus, the feeling and recognition of this stage is a good step. You are aware of this disconnect, which is a good sign that

    • Aisha,
      As what Jangda said, Solah is the surest way. However instead of going full speed, I would like to share how I started my Solah journey.
      1. Start with just 1 Solah, for me it was Isyak because in Malaysia it’s always at about 8.30pm when it’s most convenient to pray, no work, and at home, try it till you get it into your routine, till your head goes (eh did I pray Isyak? I didn’t! Aww but I feel so lazy…urgh fine I’ll do it “glares at the sky”)
      2. Then try Subuh, also cause it’s the most convenient for me, at home, Subuh is about 5.50am-ish, enough time to start the day.
      3. Then try Zohor, cause it’s lunch time!
      4. After 1-2-3, only then try Asar and next Maghrib. Why? Because these 2 are the toughest to do, Asar is during office hours (4.30pm ish) and Mahgrib is so short! (7.30-8.30pm)

      Basically the rule is to do what is most convenient first:
      1. At home is easiest (wudhu and hijab don’t mix well)
      2. At night and in the early morning (zen moments they call it)
      3. And then….I say “Dear Allah, please help me, I don’t know what to do.”

      The End.

    • To me it looks like you’re depressed, so I advise you to fing therapist. Sometimes we have mental-soul problem and it is not just about our religion. I personaly had to deal first with my depression and when I felt better, I was better in my religion. Everything was so hard for me and grey. Step by step, now I’m happy person and find a joy in life. So use the blessing of therapist Allah gave us and make yourself happy again ♥

  12. As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Very concise and to the point article. Masha Allah. I think all the major points have been covered. Maybe making the morning and evening adhkaar also would help to sustain eemaan as ultimately weak eemaan is shaitaan’s doing and the morning and evening supplications shield us . May Allah keep us all rightly guided. Aameen.

  13. Assalamoalaikum!
    I always used to think that there is something wrong in me, which is why my level of Emaan, quality of Ibaadah ,and state of heart kept fluctuating. JazakAllah to sister Dina who prompted this discussion and made me realize that it is perfectly Normal to have such dips and surges in our Emaan. It made me acknowledge that what matters is the effort we do to keep our Emaan strong.
    I’ve found that establishing an Ibaadah routine(i.e nawafil, zikr and Quranic recitation, along with regular prayers) and sticking to it helps keep our Emaan strong and our heart connected to Allah(SWT). The reason why this works is because it helps us remember Allah(SWT), and His remembrance helps to fade away the feelings of despair, uncertainty and loneliness. His remembrance makes us aware of Him, which in turn gives us the strength to stay away from sins(a characteristic of low Emaan periods ).
    If you are wondering what routine of Ibaadah you could follow, I’d like to share my routine with you:
    1. Wake up at Tahajjud, make lots of Dua. Repent for your sins and do ASTAGHFAAR(100 times).
    2. its time for FAJR; offer your Fajr prayers, make Dua and recite Surah Yaseen and Surah Fatiha. Do some Zikr(SUBHANALLAH, ALHAMDULILLAH & ALLAH U AKBAR) and start your day,
    3. if possible offer ISHRAQ prayers.
    4. Make it a point to offer CHASHT prayers(you can get the timing and method on internet). Recite some portion of Quran i.e as much as you are able to.
    5. offer ZUHR prayers and recite Surah DUKHAN. Make Dua.
    6.Its time for ASR now. After ASR prayers recite the 4 KUL(i.e surah Ikhlaas, Surah Kafiroon , Surah Falaq , Surah Naas) and Surah Kausar. Do some Zikr and make Dua.
    7. Offer Maghrib prayer and then recite Surah Waqia. Make Dua and repent for your sins. Listen to some bayaan( for spiritual uplift or read an Islamic book.
    8.After your Isha prayers, recite Surah Mulk. Make Dua and so some Zikr.

    Moreover, learn the MASNOON DUAS and recite them. for instance , The DUA of going to bed, waking up , entering home etc.
    I hope this helps. Remember me in your prayers, JazakAllah.
    Allah(SWT) make our hearts steadfast in our religion. Aameen

  14. A concise, productive, informative article. Sometimes lengthy articles are published and we can not finish it. The result is that we can not extract real essence out of it.
    Two weeks ago one of my friend told me that a lengthy article was there and I could not finish it even three weeks have passed.
    So please take in to mind the length of articles and you can divide in to parts to grasp readers’ attention.
    Jazak Allah Khair

  15. Make your prayer a best of best and regularly and you will be stopped from sins which will gradually increase your Emaan.

  16. Assalamu alaikum, i think one should fast to experience the vulnerability of a fasting person. There is definitely an Iman rush in that vulnerable state and there after one should be consistent in doing good deeds without overtaxing one’s self which will help in maintaining an Iman balance, inshaa Allah.

  17. Masha Allah,
    Really inspiring. What i normally do when i feel my iman is getting weak, i look at those who we as human beings perceive as “poor” or not having worldly things and see how strong they are in doing their religious duties and thanking Allah all the time, then i will say to myself what reason do i have not to thank Him or feel weak in doing my obligations.

  18. I am facing similar issue – I was consistent for 2 years when it comes to salah but not been able to get up since i got married 8 months now – I started missing salah initially and now it’s like have become only Friday Muslim.
    My wife has least interest, in the beginning i tried to pray with her and later :-(

    Now I know i am not alone in this situation, Thanks for bringing up this topic.

    We will try to think of ways to restart, Insha Allah

    Please pray for us and for all those who are in similar situation.

    May Allah helps us all to be on the right path and remain consistent, Jazak Allah

  19. I used to make charity (shadaqa) when I was in weak Iman situation. Charity can be also in form of helping people – whoever closed to or around us.
    IMO, charity is straightforward, basically it requires only your money / willingness to help and keep your mouth silent or just smile to them. That’s all.

  20. Just to share. My weakness of iman comes when I am overwhelmed with the world. Tight datelines and a natural inclination to be a workaholic.

  21. Assalamualaikum.
    Thank you for sharing a topic that I constantly struggle with myself.

    This weak iman phase has two parts for me tho. The cronic days and the not-so-bad days.

    Things I would do to recover from The not-so-bad days:

    1) i would clean up my room.
    2) be alone and try to istighfar as much as I can eventho i don’t feel the ‘sincerity’

    Things I would do to recover from the cronic days:

    1) clean up my room
    2) be alone and try to istighfar
    3) off my phone. Disconnect with all social media.
    4) try to read the quran more
    5) read articles or watch islamic videos and learn few lessons from it.

    During the weak iman phase, I just get super lazy and not motivated to do anything and it is bad for my productivity. I feel lazy to fulfill all of the rights I have to fulfill.

    But then, I always love the feeling after recovering.

    It is a constant battle and I hope everyone is striving to be a better muslim!

    May peace be upon all of you ❤️

  22. Assalam Alaikum
    To recover from weak Imaan notice the signs Allah sends you, dont think Allah is Tough on you, but think is redirecting you towards him, all is going wrong, missing salah, feeling humiliated in self and by people, thinking dua is not answered…this contributes to the thought that you have weak Imaan, but friends remember that even Sahabas didnt have the same level of Imaan all the time, their faith was at height in the company of Rasoolallah(SAW), but when the were busy in the daily chores there Imaan varie. Firstly, think that it is normal, secondly follow the signs Allah is communicating to you,read a tafseer, hadith related to your problem because knowledge is the only key to Refresh your IMaan,increase the Dhikr oF Allah everytime you feel low, increase nawafil, and give sdaqah. Keep trying till your last breath, this striving is striving for Allah.
    Pray in your own words, talk to Allah…..
    Inshallah you will be benifited.

  23. Assalaamu-‘Alaikum Everyone,

    I would like to just add a few points and possibly repeat some of the things already said (I remind myself before I remind you):

    1) It is normal to have dips and highs in one’s Imaan. Once a Sahabi (RA) feared that he was a hypocrite because he would feel spiritually excellent when he was with the Prophet (SAW) but would not feel as good as when he was in his busy with his day-to-day routine. Abu Bakr (RA) came to him and the Sahabi (RA) told Abu Bakr (RA) about this, and Abu Bakr (RA) also felt the same way. SubhanAllah they both feared they were hypocrites — the best Men in the Ummah of the Prophet (SAW). So they told the Prophet (SAW) about this; the Prophet (SAW) told them that if they were always like how they were when they were with the Prophet (SAW), then the Angels would manifest and shake their hands!
    So we learn that it is normal for us to have highs and lows in our Imaan. We dont always have to feel awesome, but should make the most of it when we do!

    2) Three spiritual things that REALLY REALLY REALLY help are:
    – Read Qur’aan (for like 15 minutes a day) at the time of Fajr. You will not believe the impact this has on you and, if you do it, eventually you will love that time you spend with the Qur’aan at Fajr more than any other time in the Day In Shaa Allah! Also try to look up the Translation of the Meaning and ponder over the Verses In Shaa Allah.
    – Pray Tahajjud. I know this point is a bit difficult for some of us. I personally try to make it for my Tahajjud, but its not always easy. At least make an aim to Pray Tahajjud on a Friday/Saturday night. But make sure to make an effort, and dont push yourself too hard; May Allah (SWT) Bless you and us all with ease — Aaameen! The reason this point is so helpful is because it is only the Chosen servants of Allah (SWT) who are Decreed to spend the night with Him (SWT). It is really cool and once you experience the feeling of Tahajjud yourself; you would not wanna stop SubhanAllah!
    – Try to Pray at the Masjid. This really helps (especially for those of us who are not in an Islaamic environment for most of the day), spending time in a company of Muslims in the House of Allah (SWT) will, In Shaa Allah, help you in your Imaan. When you are surrounded by Muslims engaged in ‘Ibaadah, you realise that there is a lot more to your life than this Dunya, though you try hard to achieve success in both this life and the next, you realise that the Aakhirah is more important. In fact, the Prophet (SAW) loved the fact that he (SAW) would spend time with people who would Remember Allah (SWT) morning and evening.

    3) Allah (SWT) Guides whomever He Wills. Make Du’aa! If you had an illness, you would go to a doctor; weakness of Imaan is also something to be wary of and we all should make Du’aa and ask Allah (SWT), sincerely, at least once every day, to help us with our Imaan. May Allah (SWT) Bless us all with Imaan that has firm roots that dig deep and cannot be pulled out, and that bears fruits for others and provides shade for others — Aaameen.

    4) Dont let this stage of your Imaan let shaytaan have his way. Avoid sin, enjoin in the good and forbid the evil and always ALWAYS be wary of shaytaan and his evil plans. Be careful! He will aim to spoil your Imaan the minute it gets weak. Remember Allah (SWT), and Allah (SWT) will Remember you! And seek refuge in Allah (SWT).

    5) Increase in your Knowledge. It really helps to learn more about Islaam; dont ever underestimate Knowledge. Learning one Name of Allah (SWT) a day and pondering over It can have a MASSIVE impact. And when you learn something new, dont just store it at the back of your head till it is forgotten — implement it In Shaa Allah!

    There are many more things to say, but these are some good points to get started with.
    As Muslims, we have grabbed onto a Handel that will never break; but we can break. May Allah (SWT) Always Keep us firm to His Deen — Aaameen!

  24. “Digital detoxification”. Even if it’s not connected to imaan exactly but you will feel yourself lighten up and focusing on more important things more…

  25. Assalamualaikum.
    Thank you so much for all the sharing. All the sharing help me a lot as I also am struggling hard to become a better Muslim every day.

  26. Alhamdulillah, it’s a nice piece and jazakhAllahu kairan for the prayers. May Allah guide Us all, ameen

  27. As salaam sisters I’ve created a slack team for sisters to join in for gathering together to practice Islam inshaAllah it will be non judgmental in fact none will be allowed to share the sins they might have committed I e between u and Allah but you can share your shortcomings and gain unconditional acceptance and encouragement from other sisters. If you d like to join pls send your email address to me @ afsah2006@gmail. Com to recv an invitation. Bro this is an sisters only team soeen if u sent in yr email add u won’t be invited. JazakumAllah

  28. Salaam,
    Great interesting topic. I have had this problem myself. There is this game (not haraam, a trucking game) that I want to play but if I do I feel like it is only detrimental to my Iman, (because it is usually long distance driving, I listen to a lecture, weirdly) or it lowers my status with Allah or I am shaming myself. I am not addicted to this game, in fact, I have played it very rarely since I became more on the Deen. It is fun and I plan on playing it an hour or so and then not playing it for a long time because I can go long times without playing it. Another one of my fears is that I fear that the time that I chose to play the game will be the time that I die, instead of my hopeful and dreamy death in sujood that I pray to Allah to have. (It is not about how you live but how you die: Barsisa, the man who died committing Zina after trying to give Dawah to his bad friends alone). I feel really bad after playing but I also want to have Halal fun. Even the response that it is okay, I sill feel afraid and that I will be bad with not showing Allah that I want to get closer to him (even though I do).

  29. This summer I really changed for the better Alhumdulilah. I did a lot of Ibadah and trying to better myself becausen I had a lot of free time. However, when I started to go to school, I was then exposed again to all the bad people and things again. I try my best to live in Allah’s way and there is even an MSA and Friday Jumuah. But I get so caught up in school work and I do hours of school work that my Salahs are much quicker and I cant make as much dua andcI get distracted thinking about school work. Not to mention the social aspect of school. My Iman goes way down during the week but in the wekend I spend a lot more time thinking about Allah and making dua. I do not know how to keep this up or at least having some conciousness of Allah while in school and I do not know how to make the good Saliheen friends because most of the “good” guys (not judging but from what I see outwardly with Akhlaq)are in the higher grades and they are nice but they want friends their age. And then the other people with whatvI see as pleasant character are girls my age ( and I am a guy). I do not know how to help myswlf but I always ask Allah tocgrant me istiqamah and good friends.