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  1. That was beautiful and very enriching.
    Thank you for this insightful way to see ourselves and others.
    When we know better, we can do better!

  2. Wow! What an inspiring nd emotional story. So true we can all be of some help to another human being. Shukran for these thought provoking articles.

  3. Subhana’Llah, this is truly one of the best article I have probably read in my (short) entire life Masha’Allah!
    This is truly inspiring and for someone aspiring to become a doctor, it is really interesting to view things through a new lens because it is so easy to forget about people’s hearts and feelings.
    I love your “neologisms”, this was brillant Masha’Allah.
    I think I might be an Obstacle-trician since I’m definitely not the “cuddly type” and I often tend to think about problem to find the most logical and efficient practical ways to help bi idhni Llah.

    May Allah help us and guide us towards the best doctor we can be, and towards the best way we can serve Him and our Ummah.

    • May you live a long happy successful life Reen
      And shine like a star when you become the best “Obstacle-trician” this Ummah has ever known inshAllah
      Amen to your lovely du’aa

  4. Subhanna Allah, i love this article. What a inspiration i get, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Way to go.. Bi idni Allah

  5. This really is amazing Subhanallah; I love it, especially the obstacle-trician, ohh they are blessed with a great speciality; As a physician I learnt a great deal from this; always giving & living for others In Sha Allah.

  6. Subhan’Allah, tears are rolling done as I write for surely we are one body, one Ummah of the Prophet (saw). The first words on my lips after reading this article was Subhan’Allah only to see it as the first word of the first commenter (Reen). I’m not a doctor in training or otherwise however from a young age people have always seem to want & need my help! I do think I’m like an obstacle-trician because I almost always is alone, not looking for fanfare but quietly for the sake of Allah (SWT) knows best… To say this piece is touching will not do justice to the way I feel right now… I have been questioning myself on a number of things. I am grateful for this inspirational, encouraging, loving piece. May ALLAH Azza Wa Jal reward sister Lilly Mohsen with Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen. Truly a blessings. Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatuh.

    • May Allah bless your beautiful tears Nai’ma…
      I’m so touched by your comment and grateful for your du’aa. It’s a treasure I’ll cherish forever…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart….

  7. Maa shaa Allah! Very inspiring write up. I’m an advice-ologist going by your analysis of the various departments /specialities in the business of being a doctor without stethoscope. I’m a guidance counsellor by training but more importantly I love making people happy. Always love people around me to be happy , old or young. Alhamdulillah, I’m a grandmother, but I love sharing my life experiences with the young ones. May Allah keep us all safe on this path of al-Islam.Jazakumllah khayran.

  8. Just wanted to say Jazak Allah Khair and you are veryy inspiring sister.
    Please pray for me :) Hope we meet in Jannah

  9. Salamu Alaaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhoo. The reality is love for all,and hatred for none. May ALLAH,The Almighty God, grant us a portion of HIS love so that we can have the ability to help others around us feel happy and loved. Ameen.

  10. MasyaAllah!! This is the best article by far for self experience. May Allah bless you sister.
    It has moved me so much and make me wonder.. would I be good for anything and have I given enough.. My lil’ sister is doing medicine.. which soon she’ll become a medical doctor (Insya Allah), my brothers are one an architect and another a technician.. already making their path towards success. Reading your article has given me hope that I too may become useful to someone. Had I realize it sooner I could have given more.. on-call-ogist would best describe my specialties. Thank you & may Allah grant you Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.

    • Perhaps Allah knows your siblings need a backbone to be able to move forward, and He gave them you… A soft-heated “on-call-ologists” who keeps them on track!
      Some of us are meant to pursue one dream, and others are meant to help many many people make their dreams come true…
      These are the special specialists like you Haslinda

  11. Subhan’Allah.
    I read the article with tears rolling down my cheeks. This is so beautiful.
    I am not a doctor, but I aspire to become one Insha’Allah. From a very tender age, I decided that I will become a doctor, no one forced me but Islam enlightened me to. when I was finally faced with this question as to what I want to do with my life, I already had my answer. As I moved ahead on my journey , I realized that there are many in my competition, and I was at lost, when I met those people i got to understand as to why they want to become doctors most of them were working so hard for worldly gains like money, status etc. To be very honest, I am not as smart as many of my competitors, but Allah knows the reason why I want to become a doctor, and duniya is my last concern. whenever I feel low, I visit the medical college and look at people in pain, and pray to Allah to make me a source of help for them. I have given my medical entrance exam recently and I pray that I get selected so that I can help someone out, but it is difficult with thousands of students competing for a single seat.

    Alhamdulilah, after reading this article I am confident. Even if I don’t become a doctor, I will still be a doctor.
    Jazak Allahu Kahiran.

    • Assalam aleykum wa rahmatu LLah wa barakatu.

      Subhana’Allah reading your comment was like reading myself, we are practically in the same spot.. I also thought exactly the same thing when I finished reading the article.
      May Allah help you to become a doctor and help you overcome any obstacle if He knows that this is the best things for you, may He help you to give your best and never give up, and may He put baraka in every single one of your efforts.

      Have wonderful day !

    • I’m so touched by your heartfelt comment…. I’m speechless…
      I wish your words could be the handout given to doctors all around the world!
      InshAllah you’ll hear good news soon. You’re in our prayers Dr. Fabiha
      All my love and best wishes for an amazing future of helping people…

  12. Assalamu alaikum warehmatullahi vabarkathuhu. this is very use full message for every Muslim one who are focusing on their target. subhanallah very nice article . i think some times Allah forgive me about that . i was feeling some times god is not listening any words what i am saying & thinking because i am facing so many problems and struggle in my life . after i get that problems i realize god is always perfect we cant estimate his things and all . i can handle this problem and i learning alhamdulillah so many experiences so i can answer to any one in my life . productive team is very use full for every Muslims . may allah insha allah bless you always . Jazakumllah khayran.

  13. Jazak Allahu Khairan for such a wonderful article! Its a sure inspiration for most of us. I prefer to be the Advice- ologist
    However Im a doctor but i havent been practicing recently and i have shifted into teaching speciality.
    I had confronted a similar issue while travelling alone in the plane. There was a young man who was feeling breathlessness as we were moving to higher altitudes. He demanded to have Oxygen mask for support and the flight attendants wanted a confirmation from a doctor.
    As i wear a niqab and usually do not talk with non-mahrams, i had my own fear in dealing with this situation. But Alhamdullilah! i gathered my courage and felt the dire need of this young man, examined him and found he was just having a panic attack. So i reassured him with good words, provided him with Oxygen cylinder and the patient became normal and we flew the flight peacefully.

  14. Alhumdullilah beautiful, interesting and very well written article.

    Jazakallah your article has touched me and given me food for thought.

  15. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful Article.
    I have now the feeling to become a doctor specialized in You-rologist. I have few qualities at the moment, need more training to be able to be there for people around me.

  16. Jazaa’akalaahu khayran Jazaa this is really wo
    nderful and innovative specialist and may allah swt help us to be soul doctors

  17. Ma sha Allah Amazingly described various ways in which we can help our fellow Muslims and fellow humans. I pray for Ahmed and his hereafter and I pray for those who are actively helping and healing other people.

  18. bismilaah
    Assalaamu Alaykum warahmatulaah wabarakaatu

    o Allah Please have mercy n Blessingson Ahmed,and all our deceased muslim brothers n sisters and parents ngrandparents…

    may Allah bless us all and forgive us and give us a means to be productive and supportive to our fellow humans and leave a legacy behind with reward from Allah.

    may Allah bless the Productive team and the author of this article…its Truely a Ni’ma..
    jazakalaah for All of you.
    wasalaamu alaykum w/w

  19. Mash Allah, I am very touch by your wonderful thoughts and move by it contexts and organizations. Jazaka-ALLAH Khair for all your time and effort of such a beautiful article.

  20. Masha-allah, one of the best articles that I have read, it is surely going to be in my top 5.
    I loved the way you moulded the medical specialization’s into something so morally rich.
    I am a premedical student and it inspired me to the hilt to be the above mentioned moral specialization’s along with studies of modern medicine, if i become a doctor , inshaallah.
    Heartfelt prayer for my brother ahmed, may Allah swt grant him jannatul firdous.
    And a very big thank you to the author for this inspiring article, may Allah swt bless you in abundance and give you the best of both worlds.
    And finally a very big thank you to the productive Muslim team for creating such an awesome platform , you guys are so cool..
    I can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration and love.

    • Could not have said it better Azhar! Especially the part about the Productive Muslim team! Working closely with most of them, I can affirm they are all amazingly cool!
      Thank you for the encouragement and may you become the best doctor in the history of all doctors!

  21. Assalamu alaekum
    as far as guessing for ourselves what type of doctors we are. ..
    I think I am on – call -ologist .but my best friend is an you -rologist he is perfect in controlling anger and helping others.
    All the types of doctors you described above , are very important for us to get healed out of the sadness and suffering we are facing.
    Thanking you… may Allah swt keep all of us safe

  22. MashaAllah my sister that was an inspirational and motivational article. Jazaka-Allah khair… May Allah swt grant as all patience and Imaan. Ameen.

  23. I am close to hospitals activities and deal with a lot of doctors,but did not think for a moment that some one can use so smartly the ology terminology ,well done lilly,I am proud of you
    Your dad

    • Everything I am and everything I’ll ever be… I owe it to Allah and then you… The most supportive, loving, humble, and perfect man and dad anyone can ever hope for….
      Thank you for being you daddy! I thank Allah for you everyday! May He keep you safe and happy for me…..

  24. Assalamualaikum sister,
    SubhanAllah..lovely article. May Allah SWT grant us strength and patience to help mankind and bring smiles to everyone’s face..Ameen

  25. Masha Allah,this is an amazing article subhanAllah I have ever read in my life. Jazakallahu khairan kaseera for posting.

  26. Masha Allah! A truly inspiring article for a medical doctor like myself! Indeed, good character works wonders better than any medical remedy. to deal with patients without compassion, is a sad business indeed.

    • It’s so sweet! I turn into a cry baby every time he pauses his busy day to leave me a comment. May Allah protect our parents and allow us to always be embraced with their love.
      Thank you so much Yusra for your sweet comment!

    This may be one of the most amazing articles I have ever read.
    I enjoy reading every piece of your writings, I just love the way u put things in prospective ya Walaa.
    Looking forward in reading ur next article, and I can hardly wait for ur new book to be published.
    Don’t be a stranger and keep us updated Plz.
    A special thanks to Productive Muslims for posting articles like this.

  28. I am amazed at the creative writing. The title caught my attention and before I read I thought the writer would give some first aid tips to come in handy during medical crisis as usual but it has turned out completely different.

    Looking forward to more such articles.

  29. After 5 years in the roller coaster of Medicine, this does a terrific job in expressing what I’ve always wanted to tell everyone wanting to study medicine to “save lives” and make a positive change in people’s lives.

    I’ve always said there are many ways to do that other than being a physician.
    A lot of times physicians are Allah’s tool in healing the body,but it’s the soul that’s left untreated.

    I shall be using this article in shaa Allah to help me out in that matter :p

  30. Mashallah very very amazing article! SubhanAllah!!
    I have never read such beautiful and inspiring article ever.
    All Hamdulillah! Al Hamdulillah! Al Hamdulillah!
    by profession i m a physiotherapist n treat many patients suferring from various pain.
    apart from treating patients through exercises and modalities i am Al Hamdulillah a Care diologist and Adviso logist too.
    i treat almost 70% of patients problems by councelling which is completely on trust and belief in Allah Az Wa jaal.once a patient enter my cabin he has to go out smilingly n with positive feelings n vibes. we all muslims whatever profession we belong to must try to be a Care diologist; Advise logist; You rologist; On call ogist; Obstacle tricians.
    May Allah Subhan wa Taala bless u and your family; your entire team with great rewards in duniya n akhirah as well.

  31. This has to be one of the inspirational article I have read mashAllah. It made me a bit teary lol. JazakAllah khair!
    I would say I am a Care-diologist and Obstacle-trician combined, though I would say that I have meant each specialists in my first year in University. May Allah bring barakah into their lives!

    • This has to be one of the inspirational article I have read mashAllah. It made me a bit teary lol. JazakAllah khair!
      I would say I am a Care-diologist and Obstacle-trician combined, though I would say that I have met each specialists in my first year in University. May Allah bring barakah into their lives!

  32. Alihamdulilahi for this inspiring article. It really places me to where I belong because I a housewife. I love reading religious stories with young children in my community. Now I earn another title as care diologist.. Jazaki Allahu kairan Liily for this amazing nasisah. I promise to share this message with the young children in my community.

  33. Sorry for writing so much, I just wanted to get something out there, as each day sometimes feels like my own reckoning has come! So, if you do get anything from this, please just take action, i.e. baby steps in any given field if not under taken already and as the hand of God grinds slowly and nice and steady wins the race as mother constantly told me, do know that the heavens and earths were built in six epochs! So I tell myself, let’s not be worshippers of the pound and the dollar or what ever currency it may happen to be and let’s pray that if we are to have it in-sha-Allah, that it is only in our hands and not our hearts! Think certainly that victory is promised and let’s pray that we will be amongst the Ummah that are witnesses on that day against the other nations i.e. our witnessing is accepted! Back to this temporary life, we the Ummah of READ, have to start reading again and start building the Ark, because the Titanic is sinking and even though our ship seems not too attractive from the outside, it will reach the shore of safety in-sha-Allah. With that said Allah will not change our condition until we change it for ourselves and that’s either for bad or good! And to ourselves and what is around us, if we can not see any problem, then we will not find any answers to them!

    Out of context and place perhaps, but I pray we follow the sunnah in sayings and action! One sunnah I do like doing myself, of which I would like to share, is the mentioning of Allah upon the closing of the doors and windows and switching the lights off at night especially in the first hour of darkness, and if you do have children make sure they are inside and do bring them close and cuddle them!!! Just a thought to do with this all may be, but would it possible to say that electricity is a form of smokeless fire?! Also, toilets and showering, along with everything the Habib p.b.u.h did, where and how and why did he do all that he did? Orders not to urinate or defecate in a hole or stagnant water, aren’t our toilets some form of that? It is said that the time our Messenger came into the world everything needed was present, I can not explain or elaborate much on that!

    Wrong place again but there is a saying related back to Ali (may Allah be pleased with him and may Allah honour his face) saying that if poverty was a man he would have killed him! With out scaring anyone, but please remember that it is the poor who will enter paradise first and the duas of what our Beloved p.b.u.h used to make about being with the poor! It does seem that with the poor they hold a treasure and a secret of amongst the many secrets! With that said the devil does make us fear poverty and the future…, and we are told to remember that it is Allah who is the real Provider. On that note with out doing satan’s work, but we have to be prepared for the worst, the drought that is on the way, as prophesied! The so called scientist have collected all the natural/organic seeds and what else only Allah knows and they have placed in a storage site they claim some where in the North pole for the benefit for mankind or for the benefit of a selected few?!! Be optimistic and we will find good and who ever strives will find! i.e. the need for planning and action, through having a high hima/ determination and will! Our brethren the Jews do not work for others! I do not have my own business currently, in-sha-Allah if I live, one day I will and hope the rest of Muslims do have the wish and are taking steps to acquiring their own empire for Humanities sake, remembering that what we own or possess are not ours but a trust and we will be questioned on the day of Mutual loss and gain!

    If to just go back to the main initial topic  may we all take an admonition and a lesson from the initial story of how fleeting this life is and persevere in continuously medicating our hearts from bad traits before we go six feet under…etc. Sorry if that’s morbid and if this has seemed all through out as such, but as Muslims, as we all know we are in touch with reality and we have been ordered to worship our Lord until the certainty comes to us!

    The Beloved p.b.u.h advised us also to read surat al- Dukhan every Friday too. On that note, we are all Mahdis perhaps or we should try to be so and at the same time not feeling that we are someone special! As to the Dukhan of the end times, could it possibly be a nuclear war of some sort, initiated may be by the false flags of so called terrorists getting their hands on such! With that said i.e. so called terrorists, I say that because I find it hard to believe that Muslims do such things, even though the prophet alluded that there would be people from his Ummah falsely following in such ways after the day of smoke of the falling of the buildings i.e. 9/11 which was orchestrated obviously, but what can we do before anything else which may be major may occur?!! With that said it is foretold that their will be great despair before the Mahdi’s appearance…etc. is that now or yet to come! I got a feeling he is amongst us, and with that said the chapter of the cave and the narrative of Uzair/Ezra may also come into play! Which does show the importance of us finding and searching for our imam, because the ghassas is about and shaytan our enemy and the fitna of the dajjal is no easy matter! There is a need of fleeing from Allah’s decree to Allah’s decree, it is all in our hands and parts of the destiny and decree is made by our own decisions, even though we are not creators but we do create our destinies through our actions! On end times again, and back to the tsunami / landslide, when it happened the US government gave the statement that there will be the like in the West followed by one in the Arabian region!! Does that remind any of us of any of the other major signs??!! Only God does know the truth whether that Landslide i.e the one that happened in the East all those years back now was one of the major landslides! It is said that the Major signs will follow like beads on a broken sibha or something like that, does that thread have to be hang upside down or could it be cut and the beads falling off bit by bit!!?? Just a thought! Everyone is talking and stressing about the possibility of the break out of anarchy anytime and there are some ignorant minions being fed the notion and talking about the break out of civil war even though the Muslims are currently a minority in the West! Is it al saraa and the fitna of al duhaima coming up?! Is martial law around the corner? Sorry I’m not scare mongering, but sometimes fear can be a form of motivation, so can I ask if there is any scholars happening to read this what do yourselves advise us to do? Be like the best of the sons of Adam, or die fighting for our honour, wealth and lives , if such things do get out of hand!?

    During this time of increased knowledge and ignorance, may Allah give us all beneficial knowledge and the ability to differentiate between Truth and falsehood! Also, as in end times knowledge will be lifted up…etc. Does anyone feel like that might have something to do with the internet? Sorry to point towards a film again, but there was a seventies film or even Orwel’s 1984, that hinted towards books i.e. being burnt and confiscated…etc. Sorry to scare again! We seem to be taken to the slaughter house like sheep i.e. going with the flow! What can we do? They say unity is half the victory! Why can’t we set aside our differences and just do that! Within sunni Islam, there’s sects saying do not listen to such and such and do not mix with such and such, and there seems to be much hatred between us all! Even our shia brothers, even if there are some of them that we are told, that they insult the companions! I do not know fully the rulings regarding such, but the laymen have nothing to do with what they are directed to believe in…etc. same goes for the sunni side of things and also the people of the book and also the rejecters of Truth and belief! Just something I thought I wish was more talked about in a more lovable productive manner , but I do know that Islam/i.e the way of all the prophets of Allah will be east and west!

    Sorry this is all over the place here! In the dajjal book by br. Ahmed Thompson, he stated I think that Hitler was fighting the implentation of the New World Oppression that the secret elite were trying to bring about or are bringing about! And also someone called Ezra!? Something who was exposing them and was labelled a madman! I did read also somewhere that the Mahdi himself will be caught up in the mental health system! Albeit again, I think the above mentioned book that was just mentioned stated that the Rothchilds financed the holocaust…etc. With all that said again, it has been said in some circles I was in in the past, that Nazi Germany was just for what is to come a trial run of the many other trial runs of the past and present, in terms of Identification methods and they were even given the computation system to set it up from an external company, who were seemed apparently to be at war at each other! And with that said, it said that the bombs in the second world war that were dropped on England by Germany were made in England!! Greed of money and position! Subhan Allah! We are all commodities I hope you know i.e. straw men. Please if you do not know what that means and would like to really know that we are not really free men, look into it if you wish! And I’d like to remind you to the statement that his held some where at the United Nations the quote of our beloved Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) that states ‘since when were men slaves, when their mothers gave birth to them as free men’

  34. As to the one eyed lair, hadiths state that he will first appear on a road between Syria and Iraq and also that the khawarij will continue to come out in the Ummah form time to time, until the dajjal comes out in the last of them! I will not go too much into politics, even though Islam is a complete way of life i.e. covers all walks of life, but whether the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is such or not, only Allah knows where the truth lies, but I do know that there will always be in this Ummah a taifa al mansura, where they are currently in the world, Allah is the only one who knows, but what I will say, even if it is deemed a crime against the current laws of the lands, and as long as I am not going against my Maker’s commands, is as the climate is changing and Allah knows best what will happen the day after tomorrow, but when the true black flags do come out from the east, we have to go there even if we have to crawl over ice! In the bible in Matthew (chapter 20 something) in some of the editions Jesus p.b.u.h was quoted as saying something like that the powers/kings of the west will be fighting the truth from the east and after that the son of Man will appear! With that said again, as the fitna of the dajjal is a great fitna, is it possible that even though he really is a jew, will he be given the khalafa?! So I say again, we need to know who Jesus/Mahdi is!! It is quite scary and confusing as the mahdi /Jesus and the dajjal reportedly have similar stories, like both coming out from the khurasan region…etc. It is also mentioned that the Mahdi will be given the bayiah twice, once in the West of which he will like (according to al-Qurtubi’s Tazkira /Reminder) and secondly at the Kaaba of which he will detest! Could it be that the first will be that he will need it, but perhaps not want it?! As for the second could it be due to the fact of realizing how heavy the Amanah/Trust is and the responsibility and accountability of such!

    With all that said, with out giving divinity to our Beloved p.b.u.h, as he feared on his death bed, may Allah give him the highest maqaam! But I personally believe that Allah gave our Beloved the responsibility and I believe also the Mahdi /Maseeh the same responsibility to return time back to its’ original state! That sounds really crazy lol. Let me try and explain my thought, perhaps it is erroneous, but if we look at the hadith of when the time went back to its original time as when Allah created the heavens and earths or Adam p.b.u.h (can’t remember which one) the prophet p.b.u.h was dazed according to what the companions present narrated and the Habib p.b.u.h asking them what day and what city was it…etc. Was he in another dimension or as the israeliyat hadith of their being other earths ( al bidiyah w al nihayiah) or even somewhere in time! Science does say I am aware that it is something to do with the cycles of the universe (I think), but it would be nice to see what a scholar or physics man may say about such things or if such things if they are not already discussed to be discussed! What I did want to say, is on the point of the despair that is here or what is yet to come, Allah verily is time, so we should not curse time….etc. but our Beloved p.b.u.h said that even if there was one day left in the world Allah will prolong it to the extent for the Mahdi to come out! This might be called Kufr, may Allah forgive me, but there is much more out here/there than meets the eye, and it might lead one to question al-Qadr, which is a secret of Allah, I feel like that Allah has gave certain powers the ability to reset time, through what I do not know, has the magic of photography (bringing to mind its punishment on judgement day), has CERN got something to do with it? Wifi?. Please remember that satan can read our thoughts, just like the angels who are scribing everything, and do remember that ONLY Allah knows what will happen tomorrow (the 5 keys of the unseen- end of al-Luqman) and bring to mind the death of the prophet Sulaiman p.b.u.h and his staff! As to those who control the world currently or think that they do wish that they live for a 1000 years and if they really loved God they would wish for death but they flee from it! It is true that no body loves death and we should not ask for it, even though there is or will be times when we wish to be in the graves, but we are advised to not wish for it , in order to do more good, bringing to mind the narration of the two brothers, one who had the privilege of a martyr who died before the brother who died a year later, who had a higher status in heaven for being able to benefit from an extra Ramadan in this fleeting life and lowly world! May we all reach Ramadan in-sha-Allah, and may Allah take the wahn out of our hearts and may we start to take the world back into the right direction! May we all wake up and do a jihad of love, as br. Boona spoke the word! The greatest enemy is within us, so I pray I can overcome myself and I pray the same for you too! The intention is there, and I pray it is pure as it constantly changes, and the appointed time beats or goes ahead of hope, but lets have big intentions/goals/ dreams, so if we do go at any time, we are rewarded for big things! But what I do know is that someday, freedom will come and the walls of racism, hatred, envy and the likes will fall!

    Let’s not be happy with our sadness but let’s leap into the uncertain and not hide the truth and not fear no one but our Creator ‘Allah’. Only fear our Lord Allah- Native Deen style! So let’s endure in truth and endure in patience and pave the way for those who are to come! And may we all be a channel of God’s peace, as a Christian song goes!

    Much of all the above is a kubr maqtaan with God as I may seem to be saying what I do not do, but in-sh-Allah the intention is there and hopefully not the modern day in-sha-Allah, as br. Sheik Nouman mentioned in a lecture about fathers saying so to their children…etc.

    Please forgive me also again for hinting towards any songs, if any one did wish to look them up, at least read the lyrics or listen with out any music, if that’s what level you may happen to be at! With that said may the modern day poets/ibn thabits of the Ummah have their work fulfilled with the Holy spirit and may Allah accept it form them and the rest of us. As to the films that were mentioned, please do not watch them, if you have not, but if you feel the need to, please just read the summary of them!

    The Beloved p.b.u.h did advise us that Islam is solid, so enter it smoothly as it will over whelm us, if we take on too much! So I understand, even though I do not practise it most of the time, the middle way is necessarily in all things but let us remember our role model’s saying to his wife khadija ‘’ the time of sleep is over’’

    It does seem that things will have to get a lot worse before getting better and what is here today may not necessarily be around tomorrow, so may this be accepted from me as some sort of a sadiqa Jariyah if there is any good in what was written! Allahoma Ameen!

    If there is anything wrong or erroneous in what was written, as it seems that perhaps in my heart is a disease as may be I’m following the mutshabih or in-sha-Allah not satanic whispers. God forbid, and may Allah guide and medicate all our hearts and actions to what is good! I do pray that the whisper of peace does go through the land and that the drums to become loud again of re-singing the new old song of the Prophets and of our final Prophet peace upon them all!

    Istaado, Istaado i.e. prepare, especially for that what is to come and most definitely for the main day of reckoning!

    I pray myself and yourselves too are amongst those that follow up our bads with goods so that it wipes it out! Hour for God and an hour for ourselves, but let us pray that we can make both hours for Him and take lessons from our predecessors that did sometimes play just to make them stronger on the Haqq! Let’s not feel shameful of the Haqq and do what ever we wish to do, as long as it is in line with what Allah and His messenger has ordered and forbidden!

    Lastly as it may be the final hour, it might just be the finest hour, but do know that Allah is not one eyed nor will anybody see Him in this world!

    Allah forgive me for neglecting the Quran i.e. taking it mahjura and not quoting much of it in the above, so as to the title of the article this was initially in reply to, al-Israa 17:82, which states something like ‘the Quran was sent down for healing and a mercy for the believers and it only increases the oppressors/wrong doers in loss’! We are currently being oppressed, and one of the real reasons is because we have the Haqq and they are just re-enacting the first sin in heaven and on earth, so let us build fortresses of Zikr, until we build our fortified cities and mountains, until the kingdom of God is implemented! Allah Akbar He is the Protector of each and one of us and know that if the whole of creation gathered to harm or benefit me, you or even the Mahdi, they will not do so except with what Allah’s decreed!

    All of this might sound science fiction to some may be, but what I will say is that we are our names and not the fictional characters that have been signed to us!

    If there happens to be any pearls in what was written, I’d like to say as Jesus p.b.u.h was quoted as saying in the Bible, something about not giving pearls to dogs and swine! So on that note, myself personally and as it seems as many others, we have no friends really! It is hard balancing between fleeing from the people and solitude and also being with the Jammah and flocking with birds of the same feathers…etc. But may we all choose our friends wisely, so that we are on the same page and way of each other! And remembering the reward of going out for our business and putting up with the persecutions and harm of the people! Think Akirah and remember eternity has already began and the Jannah is the prize!

    The Quran reminds us not to be deluded by those who seem to be in power, who go arrogantly through the lands! On that note may I ask anyone or a scholar when exactly is the best time to read the last ten verses of surat al-Imran upon waking up?

    If there is any good in this it’s from Allah, and if other wise it is from my evil self and my desires!

    Glad tidings to the strangers. And remind for verily the reminder benefits the believers, so I tell myself first that salaah/prayer is our miraj/ascension and that worship in times of fitna is rewarded tremendously! May we cultivate /revive our minds and the land!

    So lets love one another and spread peace, and may will have barakah in Rajab and Shaban and may we reach Ramadan!

    Quran and Sunnah is all we need!

    Sallam alaikom

    A fellow Muslim for life in-sha-Allah, a slave of Allah, and in-sha-Allah may I be amongst those who come under the term best sinners

    Noble Peace

  35. As humans we are hasty creatures and hastiness is from satan
    so may the Creator of us all forgive me and forgive us all
    and sorry if I have offended anybody above

    • sallam alaikom….:) please I’d like to re-iterate the last line to what i’m replying to myself :)

      The mountains are taller and perhaps the donkeys if they could write would write longer and better and carry more books! so please forgive me for a lack of consideration from my side. we are all on a journey! and no journey sometimes is the same as the next persons perhaps and I am not pointing any fingers as 3 are pointing back at me and I am not saying anyone is pointing at me :) albeit, with your comments, I have taken great faliqs/tidings from your words. may Allah continue to bless the Ummah of the Beloved p.b.uh

      if anyone does read this reply. I pray you have a blessed and productive Ramadan and year ahead if we live to it and beyond. YEAH that’s right I know where you live! haha. sorry really bad joke. :)

      excuse my arrogance and peace unto you all

  36. Hmm! Maa Shaa Allah! I never regret joining ProductiveMuslimCommunity.May Almighty Allah in His infinite mercy increase you in wisdom and understanding.This is inspiring and heart touching one.Jazakumllahu Khairan as i look forward to seeing more.

  37. Hmm! Maa Shaa Allah! I never regret joining ProductiveMuslimCommunity.May Almighty Allah in His infinite mercy increase you in wisdom and understanding.This is an inspiring and heart touching one.Jazakumllahu Khairan as i look forward to seeing more.

  38. Awww mashaAllah that put a big smile on my face??. Jzk khayr sister Lilly, really appriciate all your effort and hard work.
    I must say it’s so sweet of you to take the time to respond to so many of the brothers/sisters comments.
    May Allah take good care of you and us always. Ameen


  39. This made me smile ~~~~~
    I’m a medical stud. Thanks for remind me about “what inside human” as we actually have to treat not only patients’ physics, but also their hearts.

    Jazakillahu khairan.

  40. Assalamualaikum. InsyAllah i want to be a doctor specialist on all of the above. Amazing article once again ?????? May Allah swt make productitive muslim grow and well known to the world in hopes of helping other get closer to Allah by Allah’s guidance. Keep it up! ❤️

  41. Assalamu alaikum . i feel cry words to express my thanks to u.yes i’m a doctor .awesome article.jezakumullahu hairen .may Almighty Allah accept your service ..

  42. MashaAllah, great inspiration , Just wanted to also share with you the Heal-ologist type of a doctor, these are the type of doctors who heal any broken heart no matter what situations them themselves are in, even if their own hearts is dripping blood they still manage to heal & soothe others who really need help,
    And thats the true nature of a believer,who strongly believe on the 6th pillar of iman , the Decree of Allah The Almighty