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  1. Jazaakallaahu Kheyran, a well articulated peace, clearly explained the problem and offered relevant solutions.

  2. Alhamdulillah. This is my first time reading…and I am touched with…

    “It is very helpful to remember that we should work to impress Allah subḥānahu wa ta’āla (glorified and exalted be He) first, and then our loved ones.”

    It is a good reminder to myself and I would like to share it with my fellow colleagues.

  3. Assalamualikum,

    I really like the way it is described to be successful in this world in the light of Islam in the article

  4. Masha’ Allah!
    BarakAllahu Feekum. Productive muslism has helped me in so many ways. I pray that you grow and thrive and that you all attain jannatul firdous.

  5. salaam

    This is a beautiful article. something to keep in mind when encouraging our younger siblings. I have seen this in myself and finally, I understood what was happening when life knocked on my door and I realised the lack of value of my colourful crayons in the real world.

  6. Gah that’s so my life. Brightest crayon turned melted into a puddle when the heat of college burned in. But the good thing that came out of (almost) failing my first year was that I learned humility for the first time in my life. When I learnt humility I learnt to discover Allah swt. When I learnt about Allah swt I learnt about the Quran. The Quran taught me that the people around me are humans that are here for companionship – not arch rivals that need to be beated every. single. time. Yuck. Now I look towards people as company and sharing life not for defining my worth in the world. Alhamdulilah :) thanks for the article – wish I’d found it before learning things the hard way – this process took too many years :p
    PARENTS!!! Take note of this article!

    • *Late Micheal Jackson used to sing* ” Yoou are nooot alooone…Lol

      Give me a high five for being so naive in life. YEA..

      It hit me hard too after i graduated with good results when I was in high school. It got me into oen of the top course in the top Polytechnic in Singapore. Then…..I kept failing…and failing…and failing..because there were no one to slap the reality into my face that your past does not determine your future. I still have to work hard to have a good future. which I didnt realised for 3 years.

      Kind of regretting but hey, now im working full time and trying my best to work hard, contribute more, and proper my intention because life will really pull you down when you least expect it.


  7. Very true, this article has been a great reminder of how things really are in the real world
    All requires hard work and renewed intentions
    Masha’Allah very helpful


  9. Jazakallah for this article. It’s amazing that I read this at a just the right time. It has given me the confidence to be better and the remembrance of Allah in order to be successful

  10. its really so inspiring, iam going to use it in youth seminars for improved productivity of young people in Uganda, insha-Allah. jazakallah

  11. JazakAllah khair for the article! Some valid points. It’s important to strike a balance between praise and criticism. Lack of praise or acknowledgement can also quickly diminish confidence and henceforth productivity. Think we should be encouraging each other more to maintain this balance, particularly at a time where people are so highly competitive – this will help build trust and a stronger unit on the whole.

  12. Assalaamu Alaykum,
    I regularly read the articles on this site and am always inspired by these superb writings to be a better Muslima contributing to my family and society.
    Being in the teaching field, I often have to remind my students this point, since so often students (and myself :) ), take our abilities for granted and fail to put in that extra effort to produce in our best. May Allaah bless the writers and The Productive Muslim sites efforts.

  13. Jazakumlah khaeran,
    Very nice piece. It is useful for me in training my children. May Allah reward the effort. Amin

  14. Jazakallah kayran. I always have been unnecessarily praised and this article has given me some solutions for this issue. I need to purify my intenrions and truly be greatful to Allah SWT. As a college student now, I truly now understand what it means to be hard working. May Allah bless you and your efforts.

  15. MashaAllah. Very Beneficial. I am regular reader if productive Muslim. Com and it has helped me a lot.Jazakumullahukhairan.

  16. I experienced Mariam’s situation. I’ve always been the A-student at school/ high school. I went through a huge drop at college because I was too praised at school. May Allah grant us humbleness and obedience to His regulations.

  17. Overconfidence is shaytaan’s idea to trap us to make us believe that we are so sure and hence independent of everyone.

    Doubling our efforts, working hard, asking help from An-Noor and Al-Fatah will in Sha Allah aid us to be successful but humble recognising Allah’s Hand in everything we do.

  18. By reminding oneself the hadith that says All sons of Adam make mistakes and the best of those who make mistakes are those who repent. Take responsibility for ur actions when u err and learn from the mistakes. Never forget that perfection resides only with Allah and human beings are only meant to put efforts in anything they do because Allah considers efforts and not results. we are also implored by the prophet(s.a.w) to say a prayer that goes thus when we are praised: Oh Allah, to not call me to account for what they say and forgive me for what they have no knowledge of and make me better than they imagine. Aameen. Allah’s help is always sought.