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  1. Assalamoalaikum,
    mash’Allah excellent article, with great points.  i was just saying to my husband that i ‘skim read’  and don’t really retain much of the knowledge.  i think i’m not active enough…i don’t try enough (as with many things i do!!!!).  this article has helped me to have more of a purpose in terms of ibadah when ever i read now mash’Allah.
    Allah reward you, esp. Productive muslim for bringing us this mash’Allah excellent website.
    Umm Abdullah

  2. mashallah…….this would help in increasing the knowledge about islam(to learn the ayaats and about our life in colleges(studies)

    • Niyyah(Intention), Ikhlass(sincirity), You may intend to do something but with no ikhlas(sincirity), so that is why theirs the distinguish between the two, wallahualam.

  3. this article is indeed a source of motivation for me in tuning my studies on an ALLAH-oriented frequency…JazakAllah Khair for writing

  4. Jazak Allah for this article. If the studying was referring to Academic studies as well, what would you suggest in that situation?
    I.e. when it comes to ikhlas

  5. MashaAllah,Your website one of very best. I pleased your articles.May Allah bless you for your sincere intentions and benefit advices …..