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  1. Mash’Allah a beautiful article, jazak’Allah.  i loved the PRIORITISE part – that we should think about the things that are most beloved to Allah, the most High.  Alhamdullilah.  i think in any activity if we do it with Allah, Glory be to Him, then our day will always be more productive.  Just doing housework with the intention to please Allah usually keeps me going as i know if i please my husband then i please Allah.

    thanks again, really nice mash’allah and looking forward to your new book.  Allah give you success with it in this world and for the next. ameen.
    Umm ABdullahc

  2. Jazak’Allah khayr – I think your 6th point is extremely beneficial and I’m glad you touched on the higher status of productivity in the life of a Muslim as opposed to anyone else. We can worship Allah in our daily ‘productive’ tasks and seek perfection in doing this – benefiting our hereafter. 

    May Allah bless you and all those reading with guidance and good fortune.

  3. Jazakallah khair for a lovely article, this has really pushed me into thinking whether I’m being “busy” or “productive”, a great way to introspect!! amazing reminder!