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  1. Beautiful reminder.

    It is very important to always do introspection when engaging in the praiseworthy kind of competition because you might think you are competing for good while your heart is full of envy, resentment and evil assumptions towards your fellow competitors.

    May Allah protect us from delusion.

  2. Surah Waqiah! May Allah make us amongst the Forerunners! Allaahumma aameen,

    BaarakAllah feeki Sana! May Allah make ur studies of Arabic Grammer fruitful and may He SWT add His barakah into it for u! Learning arabic grammar to understand the Qur’an is so fun!!!

  3. MashaAllah tabarakaAllah . Beautiful write up truly. May Allah reward you abundantly for thousand make by amongst the humble. Ameen

  4. Great! Masha’Allah.
    It’s really educative. It does much good to the attentive readers.
    May we achieve honour in Dunia and nearness to Allah in A’akhira!

  5. Asalamu alaykum

    Attractive article mashaAllah. Yes we must be forerunner.
    I am interested to arabic grammer too. may Allah make my dream true nshaAllah(ازوجل).

    جزكلله خر

    • As Salam alaikum
      Very great informative article may
      Almighty Allah shower his immense
      Blessings upon you.

      Jazakumullah khair

  6. Masha allah a very good article. But as I read this, I keep asking myself as how to weed out the pride than we have, the ‘I am better than you’ feeling or attitude that we have? How not to be shallow minded by debasing someone just because they buy something cheap.

  7. Salam dear writer
    I always have a question in mind when i try to practice humbleness that how should i draw a boundary between being humble and having inferiority complex about any trait in me?
    It always strikes in my mind.
    I will be glad if you reply me.
    May Allah swt be pleased with you.

    • Assalam alai kum Sis,

      You asked a million dollar question , ma sha Allah!

      none of us should ever have inferiority complex, as Allah swt has made each one of us in the best of shapes.

      HE says in the Quran,Indeed, We have created the human being upon the best of forms.[Surah At Tin]

      The first step, is to look at ourselves and be genuinely accepting and grateful to Allah swt for our physical looks, abilities and the wealth and health that HE has given us. It is the perfect amount for us.

      Yes it differs from others, but what I got is the perfect quantity for me, alhamdullilah.

      This should take care of the inferiority complex ( that threatens to settle in the hearts of people who strive to be humble).

      now once we accept this, we should remember that this “perfect blend” of everything is a gift from Allah swt. We got it because Allah swt willed it for us and this is a TEST. DO we use this to gain His closeness and use it in His way or do we become arrogant about it.

      If we become arrogant , then hell fire is waiting to catch us , like a hunter waiting for its prey. and if we actually remember its a gift from Allah swt, then we will be more grateful and productive about it. In this case, Jannah is waiting with open doors for us.

      Its a constant battle between inferiority complex, humbleness and arrogance,
      Therefore constant introspection, gratefulness and repentance is required.

      I hope i was able to satisfy your query,
      Please feel free to discuss it more with me if you like.


      Your Sister In Islam,


  8. مَاشَآءَاللّهُ very effective and inspiring article.
    May Allah subhanawatala make me one of the forerunners and the entire ummah too.

  9. How I wish the fellow Christians in my country would read your articles, wallahil azeem they would repent. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala bless your efforts.
    Jazaksl lahu khairan!!!

  10. Jazakumullah khairan.Very inspiring article, Ma Shaa Allah .May Allah subhanahu wata’ala increase you in knowledge and wisdom.

  11. Jazakallahu khairan thank you for this. You spoke with truth. I pray Allah rewards you for this and enables us to change and be among the forerunners. May we meet in Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen

  12. From today I will try to be more humble then sha Allah.thank you very much for the nice articale.

  13. Jazakallahu khayran. Sometimes I reflect on Allah’s SWT blessing He has given me and I become scared. May He grant us the ability and capacity to be humble ameen.

    • Masha Allah an important trait to practice in life. Humilty in the midst of muslims from different countries and races praying salah everyday shoulder to shoulder yet being selective in salaam is crucial

  14. Masha allah, you’ve these introspecting articles, You’re doing a great job! Your articles always boost the positivity inside and help even when knackered,
    Jazakallah u Khay’r

  15. Jazakallah for this article.
    I really appreciate the hard work and time you have put into this article.
    It’s like seeing a mirror and realising how delusional i am. But on a brighter side i know myself better now and know what to improve. You never know how a small article can have a great impact on your life. May Allah reward you for this.

  16. Assalamualikum jazakAllah khair
    This article has touched my soul just as all the ones before this and has helped me in achieving a great mileage in my journey for understanding and living by my deen . I have personally felt these blogs have been Allahs guidance to me and one by one my soul has felt like it has been deweeded of the vices of human nature and shaitans devices . I thank Allah and I praise you all for your efforts Subhan Allah you all have exceeded par excellence in the faridah of calling and strengthening each other to truth and patience . May Allah bless you all and make us all help each other to be forerunners in this race jazakAllah khair

  17. JazaakAllah Khair. May Allah bless you all. You have made me rethink my own point of view, and honestly speaking, I need to make lot of corrections.

  18. Masha Allah, very interesting and inspiring article , may Allah subhanahu wata ala reward you with jannatu fiddausi

  19. Amazing reminder sis! We must always thank Allah if He blesses us with favours and not boast about them to less fortunate bros and sis. Maybe in Allah’s sight, they are better than us and will have less account to be responsile for on the day of Qiyamat compared to us. So it is our duty to be thankful to our Creator twice as much as them.

  20. JazakAllah khayr for writing this. Alhamdulillah, it really hit me hard and made me introspect. May Allah SWT clean us all from arrogance and guide and steadfast us on the right path, as the forerunner. Ameen!

  21. Assalamu’alaykum sister. Thanks for sharing with us some wonderful lessons from Quran. The lines from Surah al Asr, however, stood out most for me. We have to invite others to goodness, and that beautifully becomes the source for double reward.
    JazakAllah khair for reminding that emaan is not rushing towards the goal alone, but motivating and taking others alongwith us towards victory!

  22. Jazakillah, my sist
    I was late reading this artice, but I believe it’s not late to try practicing it. Bismillah..

  23. Assalamualaikum Sister In Islam, I need to brush up all my superiority complexes as you have mentioned . Please some more light on this. Jazakallah khairan.