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  1. As salaam alaiykum this was very handy now I understand why I’m so tired sometimes when I sleep , I will most definitely be trying this out during ramadan and after In Sha Allah.
    May Allah reward you for you efforts.

  2. NNY
    tbf I’m still managing last week’s spiritual challenge so it’s not all soon and gloom.
    Anyone have ideas on how I can remember my duas?
    Also sleep cycles really work. I’ve been trying to use them for a while now and it can make a huge difference. Especially when you calculate ot with the 14 minutes it takes to fall asleep

  3. JazaakAllaahukhayr,

    aiming but failing! :( Im still trying my round 1 weekly challenge!
    challenges – nnn

  4. assalamu alaikum
    where can i download the audio?? i am unable to find the audio download link to download it in my laptop.
    please give me a solution.
    jazakallah khairan.