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  1. I did the spiritual, but I am waiting until even to do the evening rememberance. I did the physical yesterday and plan to today. I also did the social as well.

  2. Yeah I did social challenge, still need to do spiritual and physical in sha Allah. Awesome episodes BTW!!! ☺

  3. Spiritual and social: check!
    But physical: I believe I had avoid sugar, and so far I haven’t yet achieved that because I’ve been drinking sugary stuff :(
    Oh well! Will try tomorrow!
    Thanks for keeping us on track!

  4. Salaam alykom.
    Jazak Allah khairan.
    Abu productive, sir, can u let this run by male host? I’m not comfortable with female voice.

  5. Assalamualaikum,
    I did the Spiritual, half of the Physical, and the second challenge of the Social ( im in college, but i do call my mum, does that count XP )

  6. I have done all three challenges today.

    Ramadan and changing habits:
    An epiphany: increased spirituality during Ramadan – and also a pleasant anticipation for many muslims.

    Change in Environment: Not only are we spending more time in another place (mosque), but we also change the environment at home, which is also a crucial factor in changing your habits at home: e.g. I put my laptop/smartphone more often away, I lay books to read on the place where my laptop stood, etc. This sounds simple, but these actions are a way to change your environment at home, which lead to a different behavioral pattern. Other thoughts on that: Leave your prayer rugs outside for you to often see them, keep Hisnul Muslim lying around, hide or lock your remote somewhere to make it hard to get it. Make the habits you want to lose, difficult to perform and the ones you like to have, easy to access.

    Baby steps: I liked this point, because it is true. We have this mega goal list, which we try to keep up with, at the end of Ramadan we are burnt out and after Ramadan everything continues as it was before. For many it is like a sprint with Eid being the finish line, but we should look at Ramadan as an opportunity to realistically change our habits for the months to come after Ramadan and Ramadan being the training camp. I never thought about Ramadan in that way, so I really liked this point.

  7. Assalam o alaikum I completed ✅ the three tests: social, physical and spiritual…

  8. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
    I’ll try to do all of the challenges in shah ALLAH…
    Jazak Allah khair for reminder…

  9. I did the physical and spiritual part but lacking in social,Please pray for me to be more social.
    Thank you,