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  1. Assalamualykum!!!

    As a student starting my major in psychology, i really enjoyed reading this article and agree with it. Barakallahu feekum for posting this. <3 One question though, about islamic psychology, i would like to know about the different instituitions available that provide a degree in islamic psychology. Looking forward to your reply.

    • Salam Alaikom sister bint Abdul kareem,

      The only institute personally myself can think of is IOU they offer courses in Islamic psychology…etc. the IOU if you are unaware offer a variety of free online education…check it out…but as you are already doing a major in may find on IOU in the free diploma section…the psychology conference course interesting and beneficial in sha Allah….they should be having a live one coming up too!….if you are not aware but have you looked into Dr malik badri’s works…etc…for starters he has a little book with title “dilemma of Muslim psychologists “….really good read and in sha Allah beneficial to you if you have not read already…..make dua…fe aman Allah …peace

    • A’slaamualaykum Bint Abdul Kareem, JazakIllah Khair for the support. As Servant of Allah said, IOU is the best place at the moment, there are places like SOAS (London UK) that offer masters in Psychology from an Islamic Perspective but it’s not as comprehensive or holistic as the one at IOU. There is also the Muslim College in Cambridge that offer similiar courses, but they do not do distance learning unfortunately. It’s still a newly discovered principle, so In Shaa Allah in the near future, there will be ample offers on a global scale. If you are looking for read, the ones listed above are great, classical scholars such as Ghazali, Balki, Sina and Ar-Razi are great, but also contemporaries, such as Hussein Rasool, Aisha Hamdan, Hooman Kesharvasi, Jamal Zarabozo, Rasjid Skinner, and of course the don of Islamic Psychology, Dr Malik Badri himself!

      Please do continue reading over at Inspirited Minds, and barakAllah Feeki!

  2. One way we could help those undergoing mental like what was mentioned in the points is to talk about it ..i.e open up to the sufferers and get them to open up and get them to challenge it and thier condition and circumstances by perhaps getting them into a process to stand for self and doing something with purpose…

    Ma sha Allah enjoyed reading article.

    • Spot on Usaid, mashAllah! It’s definitely about creating a relaxed atmosphere for people to open up to, and then creating a balance between pushing them at a comfortable pace, but also being a back support if they need to take a break. JazakAllah Khair for the support, please do continue reading over at Inspirited Minds!