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  1. MashAllah … this is very true. If you have gift, it needs to be nurtured. Everyone has a gift hidden in them, and they may not know it. Nurturing is very important.

  2. I am born with stammering and this problem has hindered me from doing things that I like. Stammering causes me to become an extreme introvert that only socializes well only within my family members and I also have developed hate towards school and college. Since I am still small I dreaded school and now the same thing goes to my college, I hate them both.

    The part where the article mentions ‘special circumstances’ caught my interest particularly because I expect some sort of disability is mentioned. Sadly, that is just not the case here. I really hope that anyone can find an innovator that suffers disability but still manage to be successful.

    More about me, I have fairly a good intellectual ability, my iq test and academic performance is good but stammering just seems to nullify all those gifts. Now, I am scared to death because I will be going back to college after a long holiday. Just two more days with my family and I will be going off to a place that I really do not like.

    I cant quit college because I am bounded to finish my study there as a scholarship holder for my country. Sorry for lamenting here, I really do not know what to do know. I hate the clock ticking, how I wish I can stop time.

    • Dear,
      I think You should not consider it as a disability and work on yourself and super all the difficulties You face. The person that does not know about his abilities and talents is like a disabled person, the only way is to work hard.
      Did You watch a film of Shahkruh Khan “My name is Khan”, I think it is the best film ever. In that film Shahrukh plays the role of one who is afraid of showing his feelings to the ppl around and is afraid of engaging the world. Nonetheless, he supers his defects and becomes famous for what he is.
      I assure You, You are special in Your own way and I am sure Inshallah You are the on whose name will be on the top of the most famous ppl’s of the world.
      Let Allah be guide to You.
      With respect Nigora

      • Thanks for the great advice. Actually I don’t expect anyone to reply but masyaAllah, I am very wrong to have that thought. It has been weeks since I posted it and now I am more emotionally stable than the time I posted it.

        I am now in my college and so far things are not as bad as what I thought of before. The hard time that I undergone before make me a stronger person. For the first time in my life, I accept the fact that I am fated to be stammer and that I have to live on with this burden. Maybe Allah will give me His rewards if I remain grateful to Him.

        Thank you everyone for your concerns, I really appreciate them.

    • I just read about your stammering, you should look into Hijama, cupping, a sunnah treatment. By the permission of Allah it can be cured. Jazakallah kairan

      • You should also look into speach therapy, google stammering and find out how others have overcome this challenge that was presented to them by Allah swt. There’s always a reason why Allah swt has given us what he has. May Allah be your guide.