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  1. It’s Not just Syria. It’s also pakistan, somalia, palestine and other muslim countries.   WE need to pray for each other! United as in Ummah. I loved this post. Thanks but don’t forget the others!


  2. May ALLAH help the Muslims. But I use this medium to advise the Syrians
    and others that we at the time of trials. So we stick to the advice of
    scholars as regard dealing with a tyrant leader in lest worsen the
    situation and shed more blood unjustly. As the Pious Predecessors
    overcome the tyrant leader, Hajaj bn Yussuf, I pray that may HE let us
    overcome our brutal & chaotic state. Amin.
    So we remain
    patience, prayful & maintain a good etiquette with those in
    authorithy to restore peace & tranquility as adviced by Anas Bn
    Malik for ummah through the trial period of Hajaj Bn Yusuf. May forgive
    them all & us. Amin

  3. I agree with everything EXCEPT writing to the government. It is the same govt that invaded & is occupying Afghanistan & Iraq. Also it gives full support to the Zionist regime which is occupying Palestine. I could continue but I hope you understand the point….

  4. JazakaAllahu khairan. For the du’as, the lectures and of course for the amazing article. May we make the most of it and may Allah, The Exalted, accept it from us. Ameen.

  5. why not speak about palestine ? palestinen people are under barbaric oppretion by israel since long …. why not speak againest US who are supporting israel !! fear allah

  6. You forgot the best advice and best thing to do for whoever is able to do so. 

    Make best trade on dunya, go to Syria!

  7. Great post! Jazak’Allah khayr.. We actually return to our daily occupations after every horrible video we watch and after every cry we hear… Before any of this happened, if somebody had asked me what would be the muslims’ reaction for seach injustice, I would’ve imagined a great mobilization from people, pressure on governments and weekly if not daily demonstrations.
    It’s choking. I’m afraid Allah subahaahou wa ta’ala will ask as on the day of jugment about this guilty silence.
    And for the comments below: Of course we must care about any place on earth where people are being oprressed, but it seems to me that the situation in Syria is quite urgent right now!