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  1. Aslm. Beautiful and inspiring . I found your article wonderful. May Allah accept from us and keep us all on the siraatul mustaqeem. Love and duas from a fellow South African Muslimah.

  2. Jazakhallah khaira for the beautiful reminder. This is very beneficial and refreshing. Looking forward to the upcoming Ramadan to be more productive than I was last year.

  3. MashaAllah. Really liked the article straight to the point. We oftentimes lose focus when we think of Ramadan which is that we just do whatever good deed we do for the sake of the deed. But as Mrs. Hajee said “This is all about reaching Allah in Jannah” May Allah help us never shift the focus to anything else. Thanks for this short but powerful article :)

  4. Alhamdulillah. Jazaka Allah khair. May Allah make this Ramadan beneficial to us all in health and strength. Ameen

  5. Alhamdulilah, this is highly inspirational and eye opening to the need to prepare to entering this month of ceaseless blessing and harnessing as many blessing inherent therein as possible. I pray may Allah guide us to being able to establish goodness in the very month (aamiin)

  6. Jazakallah. This was the great inspiration. Eagerly waiting for Ramdan. I am great-full to the Almighty, for giving me the chance to make ibadah in Ramdan. Lets grab this opportunity to please Allah. :)

  7. As a madrassah teacher this is definitely a challenge I would love to give to my students, it’s gonna be a real challenge as here in South Africa half of ramadaan it’ll be school holidays, Shukran so much to websites like this. I’m always looking for new ideas and challenges for my students

  8. Asalamu alaikum. may Allah reward u abundantly for the tips. I just have to rearrange my self . may Allah strengthen us.

  9. So useful! Thanks for this article! It will definitely help me this Ramadan In sha Allah. Allah razı olsun

  10. JazakAllah for the great advice, I thought it was a well written article with acheiveable targets to work towards. I am now pumped and ready with a plan!
    Have a productive ramadan everyone!

  11. Masha Allah amazing write up that’s truly inspiring. Have made bullet points to guide me in utilizing the advice given in this beautiful article . Feeling energized and ready to conquer

  12. As a new Muslim, I found this article to be very helpful. It was clear, direct and focused on essential information for managing a successful Ramadan.

  13. thank you so much, its a productive information about ramadhan. it’s serve a guiding tools for all muslim.

  14. Ma Shaa Allah. I can read this over and over again to gain insights on what I can improve on my my own Ramadhan Challenge. Syukran

  15. Alhamdulilah!
    I love this articles as it relate to us our attitude in facing some of the challenges in our day to day life with using game challenges as an example. We find a game challenge relaxing and we are eager to face more challenge as we move ahead in order to overcome greater challenges. Above that is our journey towards spiritual purification and nearness to Allah, at the beginning it may seems difficult but if we persist, shortly afterwards, we will begin to feel and enjoy an inner peace and satisfaction that will give us the strength to desire to do more good. Show kindness to those who are on earth and Allah ( SWT ) will show you mercy from the above.

  16. assalamu alaykum . thank you so much for this article that shows us how to be the best version of ourselves in this ramadan .
    I will definitly do my best to accomplish every step mentioned here and follow it inshALLAH :)

  17. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. Fahmeeda,
    This article is so beneficial Masha’Allah. But I’m worried about The last stretch part when you said “As you reach the last ten nights of Ramadan, you become physically weaker but spiritually stronger.” I think I’m baffled about that I mean what about “balance” in that case?
    Thank you for sharing us those helpful tips. J.A.K.