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  1. ASAK!!

    Alhamdulilah!!!! the productivity triangle is amazing… its acutally shows infact i am able to recognise what i am missing and also i have a solution now as to how can i overcome..
    looking forward for this kind of material which is going to make the muslim ummmah more productive..

  2. Assalamualaikum.
    Ramadan Mubarak!

    I love all your aricles that you do,so i thought i’d just tell you that inshallah!!. It’s very beneficial,and i liked the little touh of you adding to the chinese proverb haha.

    btw. you spelt ‘overwhelmed’ wrong in this article.

  3. as Salamu alaykum wa rahamathullah,

    I thought this brother could be the next featured in Productive Muslim, I don't know where to reach you guys. S am posting it here. He is really doing wonderful jobs. Masha Allah.

    Artcile about Khan-Teacher of Gates

  4. Masha-Alla, May Allah reward you for sharing this with us, very beneficial, and May Allah help us all to truly implement such productive routines into our daily lives and make us of the truly successful

  5. mashaa Allah.. jazakum Allahu khyran honestly for such effort .. may Allahu reward you greatly for each one to be helped by such an article :)

  6. I’ve recently come across your website and find it so useful and inspirational, jazak Allah khair!

    Knowledge, action and consistency – what a great recipe for success! I’ve found that the most important factor in reaching a goal is getting over your fears. Fear is paralyzing and when you’re no longer afraid, with Allah’s guidance, anything is possible.

    I’ve been debating whether to launch a blog for some time, and have finally launched it…now it’s time to follow through with action and consistency. If you’d like to read more on what helps keep me motivated, you can find my blog post here:

    Keep the inspirational posts coming! — Ahlam

  7. superb, excellent and amazing article. I am noting down these points and started planning already….Jazakallahu khair al kabeeran my brother

  8. May Allah reward you for this article and for each of the read and benefited and the extent of change wrought by the Ummah and make it in the balance of good deeds

  9. May Allah reward you for this article and for each of the read and benefited and the extent of change wrought by the Ummah and make it in the balance of good deeds

  10. Peace, forgiveness and mercy of ALLAH ‘azza wajal be upon ProductiveMuslim team.

    Guys, seriously I’m sooo impressed with your website. man i mean this is one of the best sites i’ve ever come across with….. This site must be visited by millions of Muslims everyday… I’m reading almost every article and watching every video in your site!! Please do a high quality advertisement… each n every one of us Muslims NEEDS to check this stuff out (obviously after Qur’an n Hadeeth). These things inshaAllah will help us a lot psychologically. and if every Muslim becomes psychologically & spiritually strong, then inshaAllah it is a matter of time that our Ummah will once again be at the top…….

    I pray to Allah sub’hanahu wata’aala to give you tremendous success. Salam ‘alaikum.

    • @40fd0560b92cfc1b648831d5981d1854:disqus Wa alaikum assalam, JazakAllah Khair sincerely for your kind words and duas. Please help us spread the word about this website and let’s work towards a productive Ummah inshaAllah!

  11. Assalamu 3alaykoum Wa RahmatUllah!

    I really really love your website, Ma shaa ALLAH, it’s beautiful and so inspiring! May ALLAH AZ-ZAWJAL reward you immensely and help you to continue your excellent work, Ameen.

  12. جزاک الله خيرا A wonderful topic was that. And it really lightened my path in the journey of in reaching Allah SW will.

  13. asalam aleykm jazakallahu khair
    at the age of thirty I’ve failled to learn the Quran whatever I read disappears
    allihAmudullillah my children are great at school with the Quran what way of life’ techinics should I follow to read n understanding the Quran because all I do is to listen .how can I use my children for that issue coz am ashamed yet am always tough at them I. can’t collect their mistake coz I don’t know this makes me crrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry ya my doctor now plèeeeeeeeeeewse treat me with all tactics

  14. SubhanaAllah, such beneficial article. Consistency is easier when we start with very small steps. May Allah always make us think that we ask His help for every step to take existence.