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  1. JazakAllah! I’ve been experincieng the pain of indecisiveness for a long period of time! Thank you for pointing it out! May Allah subhana watala make us the people of “ullul Azm”. ameen.

  2. jazakom allah for these interestings subjects, i just want to add something that I’v learned in the very famous book” don’t be said” its something that i practice daily, and trust my brothers it’s realy effective and its very simple ” never expect that all you’re things will be good, i give an exemple, important things, important project, important studies, very very important…….. expect that it can not be achieved than you’re mind will stay positive, because you say if i failed i will try again, i will never give up

  3. Thanks for bringing up this topic, as I myself have been feeling under so much stress with indecision (being a Uni student). I have constantly been struggling with trying to find out what I should do with my academic career, what path is right for me etc…But what did help me relax would be tip #1, when I realized that we spend too much time focusing our energies on our worldly goals and forger our real purpose which for God. This way it really helped me put my problem into perspective as gave me a chance to focus on what really matters.
    But I definitely agree on what stress and depression (for me) indecision can create. So thanks, personally, for bringing up this topic and providing some remedies.
    One thing I have learned from my personal experience, start early in researching/ deciding for what you want to do after highschool!