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  1. Slm, great and inspiring tips for a productive ramadaan and islamic life. Just wot the muslim ummah needs in this day and age, I wouldnt want to look anywhere else online! Keep up the good sincere works, Inshallah

  2. Ma Shaa Allah, I read and I find it very intersting throughout the year, best after ramadan to form ramadan charity boxs, where will you and other members of your family, friends etc participate with small coins any kinds of change you have and put it in that box. Throughout the year it will pile up In Shaa Allah and when the time of Ramadan comes, you can spend it in charity
    JazakAllah khairan :)

  3. Good Article..Thanks for these Ramadan Tips. But I’m very late to be here..Ramadan is almost finished..Previously I got a chance to read another Ramadan tips article..that was also very useful