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  1. Also, take a look at presentation below for a quick glance in .PPT format;
    Important aspects of Hajj in an easy-to-follow presentation entitled “Hajj-PilgrimageToMakkah”

    Key topics include:
    – The Global Event: Why do millions of people head to Makkah every year?
    – The Origins: History of Hajj.
    – Hallmarks of Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) life.
    – Pilgrim's Progress – What do the actions mean?
    – The Climax of Hajj – Remembering the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) Last Sermon delivered at Arafat.
    – 'Then will I assault them from before them and behind them from their right and their left' – Lifetime enemy uncovered.
    – 'It was truly beautiful, a life-changing experience”…A Pilgrim reflects.
    – Black and White: Malcolm X's remarkable letter from Makkah

  2. sukran to sister asma, for sharing this very enlightening tips or reminders when performing hajj, like most of us are not aware, that this is very important, that we have to follow and know what we are doing, we spend miles and miles away from home to come to this holy place, and to complete the pillars of Islam, we have to make our stay and experience worth while and insaallah our prayers and ibadah will be accepted by allah, when we do it in a correct way..I remembered.back home in my homeland before we go for hajj, we have a booklet to read in preparation for hajj, called baboul hajji in contain all the important info. about going for hajj….

  3. A.S.O.A.W.W.H
    This is the 1st time i have come on to this web site, actually this is the 1st page, top tips about an unforgetable HAJJ, i have been on & i must say this looks like very very good & may ALLAH swa keep on blessing you & guiding you on the right path & help the Umah as much as you can
    please read at least once:-

  4. Mashallah, what a very nice article about hajj, inshallah we will all go to hajj one day and inshallah it will be accepted and inshallah we will use Asma Bint Shameem’s advice to our advantage ameen:)

  5. JAZAKUMULLLAH KHAIR, MASHALLAH… HUJJ is one of the important pillar of islam, and a muslim she/she can afford to go must have to go once in a life. the another i was reading about JANNAZA PRAYER. i am a bit confuse about some thing here, that if some body dont know janaza prayer, his/her prayer will be acceptable, or what he/she should SAY DURING..

  6. Assalamualaikum akhi,

    What a great article, MashaAllah. It took me many trips to Makkah to realise the points you made in the article. I guess it’s better late than never, alhamdulilah.

  7. I agree with your article. Hajj is a journey of lifetime and have to perform with peace mind to make a trip unforgettable and hassle free. Thanks for sharing such helpful information with us.

  8. So many people leave for Hajj totally unprepared. Don’t push/abuse/curse/beat others just to get ahead in some rewarding deed – because this way, you gain a lot more bad deeds to do one good deed. Allah is forgiving! but people aren’t, all the time. (mostly people push and shove to kiss the hajra-e-aswad (the black stone in Ka’ba). Oh the horrors I have seen. People almost fainting amidst the crowd. Women pushing men and vice versa. Clothes being pulled. Security guy shouting. Ain’t nobody listening. This all is enough for your U-turn) so unless the place is really spacey (which is possible either at the time when the sun is shooting scorching heat or 2-3 hours before Fajr), try to avoid this whole scenario.

    also learn the Arabic survival phrases. mentioned them here: