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  1. i am really struggling with this method i have no idea how to do it?:( i try to be good but i end up destroying itand commmiting sin disoebeying my mum and feel like i am getting far away from allah swt :( i feel like giving up but i never give up :( inshallah i will continue watching these videos and reading the artcle and inshallajh my prayer will improve 2 :)
    btw do u know any websites which can show me how to pray properly as the website which i have seen are all sunni muslims and shia and stuff and some i don’t eve now which positions are what because my parents are telling me a way to pray but my brother had learnt and hes way is diiffernt so really confused pls show me a good website so that my prayer my improve and help me to get closer to allah thxs a lot

    • @Fatma – Apologies for the late response.

      That’s the spirit to keep: never give up. :) Just keep reviewing your intentions, your purpose, and keep trying, and continue to make lots of dua.

      This website shows how to pray properly: In sha Allah, this will help. There may be slight differences in the way others may pray. Sometimes, those differences are only because they may or may not be performing some acts that are optional in prayer. However, sometimes, those differences may be entirely incorrect altogether. Just to save yourself from confusion, keep it simple and learn to pray from this link provided. May Allah continue to guide you and keep you steadfast. Ameen.

      • u know when u say subhanna rabbi alalla the mans arms are spread out and my dad said before that only men do that and that wommens prayer is different but i know that bothe males and females prayers are the same and i have heard that the prophet pbuh said that the longest prayer is the best which is why i am trying to learn surah ar rahman would i read it after surah al fatihah and do u know a website where it teaches u how to prayer witr prayer because i am told i have to say a dua like dua al qunoot at the thirf time i say surah al fatiha after attahiya tu thanks a lot for ur help

      • thanks a lot aby productive this has helped me a lot, what duas do u mean in paaticular? could u tell me duas which i can learn please? thanks :)