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Join the World's First Online Self-Development Academy for the Muslim Ummah
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    • Your right, there is a link to use Evernote in Windows and on the web.

      But on a side note, Evernote has so many uses that an entire article needs to be dedicated to it. insha’Allah I plan to write an article about it soon.

  1. Really very informative and helpful in stuies of any kind. Congratulate and thanks to sister Mifrah Mahroof. Wish her all the best and every success in her future assignments.

  2. Jazakallahu khair sister. i have found this to be very helpful in making me productive with the permission of Allah.

  3. Jazaki allahu Khairan, Good Post, I like the Myhomework app seems amazing ^^

    They are 2 Apps i personally use that i have found Usefull and time saving, both of those are available in android and iphones and they are free^^ :

    CamScanner: Turn’s your phone into a Scanner , you can take pictures or use pictures you have , and turn them into pdf’s and share them easily form your phone for free (Via Bluetooth , Via email, to Skydrive …)

    Google translator App : It’s like using The google Translator but , you can take a picture from a document for example , turn that picture into Text , and translate it if you wish :

  4. Jazakhallah khaire. The muslim students association of my university are embarking on a campaign against exams malpractice, in sha Allah, i will forward this article to them. May Allah bless you

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