[Reader Discussion] Restoring Ties with Family and Friends

[Reader Discussion] Restoring Ties with Family and Friends
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Every month, we host a ProductiveMuslim reader discussion where you can share ideas and tips to help each other become more productive. Last month, readers shared many interesting ideas on how to have a relaxed and refreshing weekend.

The theme for this month’s discussion is restoring ties with family and friends.  Continue reading

[Surat Al-Kahf Series – Part 4]: What Are You Doing With Your Dreams?

[Surat Al-Kahf Series - Part 4] What Are You Doing With Your Dreams
Image Credit : ProductiveMuslim doodler Aneesah Satriya

Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching the end of this series. Please fasten your seat belts and make sure your seats are in the upright position. On behalf of the cabin crew, I would like to thank you for taking this journey with us and hope to see you here again soon. 

Okay fine, I use humor to hide my true feelings, and today I have a tiny heartache because I’m really going to miss talking about Surat Al-Kahf. On a lighter note, while researching the final story, which is about a king named ‘Dhul-Qarnayn’ (the man of the two horns), I found out that a possible reason for his title is his hairdo: two ponytails that looked like horns (that cheered me up honestly!) [See Dr. Yasir Qadhi’s lecture on Surat Al Kahf].

Others say it’s because he reached the two ‘horns’ of the sun, east and west. In fact, there are many interpretations of his title and Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) knows best which the true one is. It’s his fascinating story that concerns us most since we are asked to read it every single Friday for the rest of our lives. Continue reading

The 30-day Sugar-Free Challenge

The 30-day Sugar-Free Challenge
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Sugar (especially in the form of chocolate!) is a treat we all love and crave. Unsurprisingly, over the winter months I found myself consuming more chocolate, sweets and cakes than usual. I would always overindulge with those extra chocolate brownie bites, and let’s face it, when its bite size it does not seem so bad. So when I tried the 30-day Sugar-Free Challenge, it really showed me how dependent I was on sugary foods and helped me make better food choices.

It is easy to become negligent when it comes to food, diet and nutrition. When you go to the supermarket, you see more junk food aisles than healthy food ones. We see fast-food chains on every high street and advertising from the food industry is constantly bombarding us with images of sweets, chocolates and junk food. In fact, we’re more bombarded now than ever before with unending images of food and indulgence on social media sites. This constant exposure and temptation has made us accustomed to unhealthy food choices and bad eating habits. Continue reading

[Surat Al-Kahf Series- Part 3] Three Strikes And You’re OUT!

[Surat Al-Kahf Series- Part 3] Three Strikes And You’re OUT! | ProductiveMuslim
Image Credit : ProductiveMuslim doodler Aneesah Satriya

It’s one of those days. The alarm doesn’t go off. You’re late for an urgent meeting. There’s no edible food in the fridge and you’re out of coffee. You stomp your feet on the way out and maybe rip your pants. The car won’t start so you take a cab with a chatty driver who takes a wrong turn and you end up stuck in traffic for what seems like a whole week!

You just want to scream: “Why do BAD things happen to GOOD people?” Continue reading

[Being Your Own Boss – Part 2] What Should Your Business Be About?

[Being Your Own Boss - Part 2] What Should Your Business Be About | ProductiveMuslim
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This is Part 2 of UmmahHub’s series on Being Your Own Boss that reveals the keys to help you become a successful entrepreneur and be the best you can be in business and in life, In sha Allah.

In Part 1, we’d discussed the fundamental importance of developing an entrepreneurial mindset for the success of any business. In this part, we’ll explore how to identify and narrow down on the right business idea: one that will serve the market and your personal goals.

When beginning your entrepreneurial journey, it’s less important to be looking for a “big idea” like the next Google or the next Facebook but more important to look for a business idea that matches your skills, knowledge level and, most importantly, is solving a problem for your intended market. Continue reading