The ProductiveMuslim Habitator

The ProductiveMusim Habitator

The ProductiveMusim Habitator

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Good Habits take time to develop and Bad Habits take time to stop, this is why we developed The ProductiveMuslim Habitator to help you keep track of good habits (and bad habit)s and help you develop (or destroy) them. [Click for the tutorial]

How to use The ProductiveMuslim Habitator ?

The concept is pretty simple: Write down up to 5 habits you want to develop (or destroy) under the relevant headings in our worksheet. We have 3 main areas of habits:

  1. Spiritual Habits, e.g. Praying Tahajjud each night, fasting every Monday/Thursday, avoid being late for Salah, Praying in the Masjid.
  2. Physical Habits, e.g. Eating breakfast each morning, Jogging 20 minutes each morning, going to the gym.
  3. Social Habits, e.g. Visiting an Orphan/Widow offering help, Doing Dawah to 1 person at least per day, giving Charity, avoid getting angry/irritable.
Once you’ve described your habits, give yourself a tick for each day that you’ve stuck (orabandoned) the good (or bad) habit. Each tick = 1 point. The higher the total number of points, the more likely you’ll continue (or discontinue) with the good (bad) habit. Aim to get over 20 points each month for each habit. Ideally, you should aim for over 25 points.


Now Available in MS EXCEL format (Special Thanks to Br.Ahmad Noaman for converting into excel format)
View the tutorial on how to use ProductiveMuslim Habitator: