You want to help the Ummah, we’ll provide you with the opportunity.

You want to help the Ummah, we’ll provide you with the opportunity  | Productive Muslim
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Note: Application period has closed.

Productive Muslim started as a simple blog driven by Abu Productive’s vision towards inspiring others to lead productive lives. Today, the blog has developed into an established platform on productivity — managed by a virtual team of more than 50 volunteers from around the globe. The website draws 80,000 unique visitors each month, holds a strong social media presence with hundreds of thousands of followers across its various platforms and also caters to Arab, French, Bosnian, Malay and Russian audiences through its translation counterparts.

For three years in a row (2011-2013), has been voted as best blog and/or best group blog in the annual Brass Crescent awards. Productive Muslim has grown from being ‘just a blog’ to a training and consulting organization that also offers training — both online and offline — productivity tools and animations which have been featured on 10 channels worldwide including Al-Majd, Iqraa TV, Islam Channel UK and Al-Resala.

As we continue to grow and consistently seek to reach greater heights, we’re in need of some more helping hands. We’re currently looking for volunteers in the following roles:

  1. Editor
  2. ProductiveMuslimah Editorial Assistant
  3. ProductiveMuslimah Social Media Co-ordinator
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. SEO Specialist
  6. Customer Support

Before we get into details about those roles…

What’s in it for you?

  • Flexibility: You have the freedom to work how you want, where you want. We focus on results.
  • Personal and professional growth: As part of volunteering with Productive Muslim Ltd, you’ll be part of a dynamic ever-growing, ever-learning productive, Muslim team. You’ll gain insights into how decisions are made and some of the major challenges that companies such as ours face, and you’ll be part of the ups and downs of running an online organization.
  • Training: As much as you’re helping us, we want to help you! Our dream for each of our volunteers is that they come out from the experience with as much learning and skills that they can, to put to use for their future work and home life. Therefore, we commit to offer you free or subsidized access to relevant training programs that will improve and add to your current skill set and stand you in good stead for the future.
  • Reward: In this life of inspiring people and turning their lives around for the better and the reward in the next life for the hard work dedicated to Allah’s subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) pleasure, In sha Allah.

We are also happy to provide you a reference upon successful completion of 6 months working with us.

Which role do you fit?


Productive Muslim is home to some special people who work with contributors to turn rambling ideas into high-quality content with transformative power. We call them editors. If you’re someone who can collaborate with others to produce content that inspires the Ummah, someone who can sense the quality of a piece of writing in your gut, someone who can spot an extra space between a comma and a word from three feet away, someone who loathes mediocre content, and someone who’s itching to mark this entire paragraph with a red highlighter for atrocities that only a true editor at heart would perceive, then we may have a place for you!

You’ll spend your time:

  • Liaising with content contributors to develop suitable content for the Productive Muslim sites
  • Reviewing and editing contributions for substance and quality
  • Developing content to be ready for publishing (incorporate SEO features, appropriate layout and formatting, etc.)
  • Meeting tight and spur of the moment deadlines
  • Actively partaking in online team meetings whenever scheduled
  • Supporting the Content Co-ordinator in producing and managing content
  • Occasionally contributing personally written articles

You’ll be a great fit if you have:

  • High proficiency in the English language (fluency, understanding of grammar rules, clarity etc.)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to communicate with team members and contributors
  • A critical eye and attention to detail for editing
  • Creativity and flair for content topics/ideas
  • Previous editorial experience
  • Prior experience working for an online publication
  • The ability to learn quickly (for various projects)
  • High computer literacy
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to support senior members of staff
  • Willingness to undertake tasks as set by the Chief Editor or other members of team
  • Passion and commitment toward Productive Muslim’s vision and values

Do you have what it takes and are you keen on working with us? Check the “How to Apply” section below.

Productive Muslimah Editorial Assistant

ProductiveMuslimah is the sister side of — literally! We focus on tackling all those issues faced by sisters, mothers, wives, professional Muslimahs and more! Our small but ever-growing team needs an Editorial Assistant who has an eye for great and dynamic content relevant to sisters and their productivity issues. You’ll play an integral role in content development by being the contact point for contributors and ensuring that articles are edited thoroughly in line with our guidelines, so readers feel empowered to make a change in their lives. Your ability to give relevant feedback to authors and work with the rest of the team by being an awesome communicator will be crucial. If you’re a people person then you’ll love to liaise with our writers and work closely with the Content Coordinator who will be responsible for final edits to the article approval process.

You’ll be a great fit if you:

  • Care about productivity and sisters becoming more productive.
  • Have meticulous attention to detail and an eagle eye for errors!
  • Share the passion and values of Productive Muslimah
  • Have a way with words and good command of the English language
  • Can think outside the box and have creative content ideas
  • Are an excellent team player and super organised!
  • Have previous editorial experience
  • Are self-driven and motivated to help others

Do you have what it takes and are you keen on working with us? Check the “How to Apply” section below.

Productive Muslimah Social Media Coordinator

If you’re social media savvy and love sharing good stuff via Facebook and Twitter we want to hear from you! The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for devising the social media strategy for amplifying Productive Muslimah content through various channels and sourcing relevant unique images to accompany posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. You will need to have previous experience in social media marketing and excellent knowledge of marketing content effectively. You must be a left-brainer, as you will be responsible for creative thinking and innovative ideas to engage and interact with ProductiveMuslimah followers. You must be available to post regular content daily on ProductiveMuslimah Twitter and Facebook channels, monitor interaction and respond to messages sent via these channels. You will also need to ensure the overall monthly social media calendar, as well as develop strategies to increase followers through social media platforms.

You will be a great fit if you:

  • Are a social media guru
  • Have knowledge of social media marketing
  • Are gifted with excellent communication skills
  • Have a creative flair and innovative thinking
  • Can think outside the box
  • Have outstanding organisational skills
  • Are a great team player
  • Love to help others be productive
  • Have an eye for good content

Do you have what it takes and are you keen on working with us? Check the “How to Apply” section below.

Graphic Designer

Is designing your passion? Do you find yourself unconsciously doodling away at every chance you have an ‘outlet’ (pen/pencil/design software) at hand? Have you always wished you could indulge in it meaningfully? Without feeling like you’re wasting your time?

This just may be your chance!

At Productive Muslim, you’ll spend your time:

  • Supporting the organization in online/offline marketing campaigns by designing suitable posters, infographics/doodles, eBooks, avatars, etc.
  • Maintaining the branding of Productive Muslim in all our online/print material.
  • Providing design input/feedback for major website/app upgrades we conduct.

You’ll be a great fit if:

  • You are passionate about doodling and designing
  • You exude creativity
  • Combined with the first two points, you’re seeking to utilize your talent for a greater purpose: towards making the Ummah productive again
  • You have strong work ethic — sincerity, professionalism and responsibility
  • Look forward to critical feedback on your designs
  • Have an existing portfolio of great designs
  • You have intermediate/advanced proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Are ideally someone with a design studio/career or experience

Do you have what it takes and are you keen on working with us? Check the “How to Apply” section below.

SEO Specialist

Are you obsessed with search engines? If so you are at the right place. We are looking for an SEO Specialist who cares about providing search engines with what they need to rank our website appropriately.

You’ll be spending your time:

  • Optimizing articles using SEO best practices
  • Using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin
  • Researching the best ways to SEO
  • Making sure our articles /keywords are ranking higher

You’ll be a great fit if:

  • You love SEO
  • You can optimize 5-6 articles from scratch within a week

Do you have what it takes and are you keen on working with us? Check the “How to Apply” section below.

Customer Support

We’re looking for a super-friendly, efficient volunteer who’d help us stay in touch with our customers/clients and partners and deal with their day-to-day queries. Your main responsibility is to ensure that our customers/clients and partners are happy with Productive Muslim Ltd and to show that we care about them and that we go the extra mile for them.

You’ll be spending your time:

  • Answering queries from students/partners/clients who contact us via e-mail, the website, social media and any other platform within 24-48 hours.
  • Impress our students/partners/clients with detailed, timely responses and excellent customer service skills.
  • Flag e-mails that need a direct response from Abu Productive or other team members and follow up on responses.
  • Proactively develop and execute enchanting experiences for our customers/partners/clients via a dedicated budget setup for this purpose.
  • Attend online Skype meetings with team members when required

You’ll be a great fit if you have/are:

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Extremely positive attitude
  • Ability to tactfully and truthfully deal with complaints or disappointed customers
  • Able to think of crazy, creative, cool ideas to impress our customers
  • Computer-literate and fast with e-mails/social media
  • Ability to respond to e-mail/queries within 24 hours
  • Experience in customer support
  • Shared vision for Productive Muslim Ltd
  • Continuous learner

How to Apply

If you have the skills we’re looking for and are motivated to work with our dynamic team of volunteers, please fill out the form below.

A webform by Podio – click here to get yours

Deadline for applications: 14th December, 2013

What to Expect
Sent in your application? Great! Our team will conduct a short-listing process after 14th December, 2013If your application has been shortlisted, you will be contacted for an online interview within a few days. Although we would love to respond personally to each and every proactive individual who applies, the large volume of applications we receive usually prevents us from doing so. We thank you for your patience and understanding.



Is this a paid position?

No, the position is an unpaid, voluntary one. The Productive Muslim Team is a big team of dedicated volunteers :)

How is the training conducted?

The training will be held online by the team heads.

Where are you located?

Productive Muslim is a global team with members in countries including US, Canada, UK, UAE, Bosnia, France, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia. All our work is conducted online, hence you can be anywhere in the world to apply for the positions above.

How are teams structured?

Productive Muslim is structured into four teams — Admin, IT, Marketing & Sales and Research & Content. Each team has a Head, who reports directly to the founder of Productive Muslim.

I can’t seem to fit the role description above, but I still want to join the Productive Muslim team. What do I do?

Keep an eye on our website. As we’re growing, Alhamdulillah, we often have openings on the team.

But I’d like to join Productive Muslim NOW!

Send us an e-mail through the “Contact Us” page and tell us your skills and strengths. Better yet, send us your resume explaining exactly how you’ll help us.

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36 thoughts on “You want to help the Ummah, we’ll provide you with the opportunity.

  1. I am interested in joining the productive muslim group. My interest is in the customer support group, which I believe I can carry out the functions to the best of my ability. I was trained in accounting, but I have worked in logistics, HR, commercial and in project functions ( covering, production, commercial and logistics function). I also want to improve my knowledge of Islam, which I currently believe is very limited. Thanking you for your prompt reply

  2. Hi from Istanbul, i’m following your site and works, all your team is awesome. I’m not suitable for your these jobs but i’m with you with my dua… Insallah your site will be more poluler in Turkiye soon.

  3. AlhamduliLLAH.Let me first of all thank you very much and pray for more success to PM and its entire team for taking this appropriate step.
    I wish to express my interest to join the editorial team,but as a freelance. I would have loved to apply fully but for my formal work schedule. Nonetheless, I would appreciate it very well if l have the opportunity, as often as possible,of putting my critical mind to work to make PM’s post better before it is posted for everybody. In this way it makes me feel better because I believe every writeup by a brother or sister in PM is for ALLAH’S sake to make Ummati NABIYY(SallallaALLAHU alaiHi wa sallam) better and to make it(the post) better from the outset is more in line with Islamic norms.
    Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to a favorable response.
    I remain yours,
    Dr Nurallah Muhammad

    1. @Dr. Nurallah – JazakAllah khair for your duas and thank you very much for your interest in working with us. All of the above roles are voluntary positions, and currently, the above openings are the only ones we have. Perhaps you could apply for the Editor position if you find that suitable as I believe that encompasses what you seek.

  4. It a great oppotunity for me to pertake. And showcase my own quater to the muslim umma all over the world. Am from Nigeria am able and capable contribute especially in africa.

    1. @Musa – Thank you for your interest in working with us. We all work online from all over the world. Any geographical location would be fine. ;) Please use the form above (in the “How to Apply” section) to apply for the position you’re interested in.

  5. Hello
    i’m Zahra, i’m really interested to work with you in graphic design as i have been working for so long on that .. i have my own studio in Malaysia, as well i’m studying now interior architecture 4th Semester.
    i would love to be a part of this group :)

  6. I would like to apply for either the position of Editor or the Productive Muslimah Editorial Assistant.
    It would be a pleasure to work with the Productive Muslim team and do what I am the most passionate about. I hope to hear from you soon :)

  7. Jazakum Allahu khayran :) such a team and such a site insh’Allah will witness for us eyama day and to jannatul fardaous ensh’Allah :)

  8. Assalamualaikum to all,

    I’d too love to be apart of this openings, I don’t know how far I will be able to support, but I will be glad to be apart. May Allah allow this wonderful program to benefit the fruits from this to the whole ummah – Ameen

  9. Aoa,
    Jazakallah for the opportunity. Kindly, please let me know that what are the requirements of the CV to be submitted?
    Jazakall, may ALLAH SWT reward you for all your efforts Ameen

    1. @Nemo – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah. Ideally, it would be just like a professional CV which highlights your skills, education, and experience relevant to the position you’re applying for.

  10. Aoa,
    Jazakallah for the opportunity. Kindly, please let me know that what are the requirements of the CV to be submitted?
    Jazakallah, may ALLAH SWT reward you for all your efforts Ameen

  11. Good ideas. But if you want to help the Ummah. Why don’t you provide paid positions because a lot of the Ummah are unemployed and need wages. And seem to be getting exploited by a lot of organisations that only hand out free work

    1. @Nottellinnyou – I hear what you’re saying and we’d love to offer all our positions as paid ones; however, we’re limited by resources at the time-being. Make dua we’re able to reach greater heights.

  12. Hi I am Khalid Shaikh at, as a SEO executive.
    Just gone through your Job application for SEO i am interested and want to work let me know how to apply for it. my job profile is

  13. Assalam alaikum wr wb
    Mashallah I personally making use of productive Muslim post, and forwarding emails that help me to my dear n close ones… And also I repost the article on my Facebook and mashallah everyone benefit the way I am…. I would love to help Ummah… But I am not that skilled… I am only sharing what I am appreciating my self,, mashallah … May Allah swt bless you for this good work…

    1. @Dr. Aisha – They aren’t finalized yet, however in the process of being shortlisted. If candidates have already been shortlisted for a certain position, you can still apply and we will consider your application when volunteer positions are open again in the future, in sha Allah.

  14. Assalamu alaikum Abu Productive and team,

    I’m sure a lot of us are waiting with bated breath! :)

    A humble request: Whenever the volunteers are shortlisted/finalized, please do put up a message here just so we know. Jazakallahu khayran katheera!

    1. @Simeen Mirza – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah,
      Thanks for following up. Application period is definitely over and we’ve updated the post to reflect that. The applications are being reviewed and shortlisted by the position’s respective volunteer coordinators. They will be contacting the candidates for interviews soon, in sha Allah. It’s a busy period for us this time of the year so jazakumAllah khair for bearing with us.

      I’ll keep in mind to post a message here once all positions have been filled.

        1. @Simeen – I know it’s late, but I just wanted to let you know that all volunteers have been selected for all positions except the SEO Specialist.

          Do keep an eye out for future such announcements we make and I hope you get the opportunity to work with us next time, in sha Allah!

  15. Peace be upon everyone. I’m really impressed with the Productive Muslim team. I’m a traveller from Singapore and I will be going on a solo back packing trip all over South East Asia to visit fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to help or volunteer in whichever I possibly can probably conducting english lessons to the muslim children in villages. .. and also to specially head down southern Thailand province and Myanmar where Islam is very much stereotyped and hated by their own country men. I’ll be staying around, studying about their daily lives and most importantly to encourage them to keep on the faith and be strong despite the hatred and attacks being bombarded onto them each and every day . I’m looking forward to write and share my adventures with Productive Muslim.

    1. @Fahez Suradi – Wa alaikumussalaam warahamtullah. Wow, we definitely look forward to reading about your experiences as well, in sha Allah! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. :)

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