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  1. Nice article. May Allah Ta’ala make us the ‘strong ‘ and ‘ trustworthy ‘ so that our employers may benefit.
    Jazakallah khayr

    • I feel , i got my answer .for few months i was going through this recruiting task .several times i tried to point it out ‘which trait i should be considering for maximum output.You have done it for me. May Allah reward you brother!!

  2. Bism Allah..
    Sallam alaikom,
    Jezak Allah khairan for the above article Br.Abu Productive.

    Apologies as I tend to go off subject most of the time. Just to the laymen/woman, as those in the same position as myself, i.e. without an organisation/company…etc, just wanted to remind the Arabic speaking amongst us and direct them if they wish towards Dr.Br Amr Khaled’s Projects and lesson/reminders, from the ala al-khuta al-Habib to sunaa al-haiya/life makers to al-faruk Omar’s series and all of them, as they come across as very informative and beneficial, ma-sha-Allah! Whilst on the subject of Br.Dr.Amr Khaled, I had a dream of which he was in it, and he was advising as I had a piece of paper and if I can remember correctly it had written on it tarteel or organising of some sort that was needed, with Bism Allah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem written at the top of it.

    God forgive me, as after reading Br.Abu Productive’s last article on Barakah..etc, and intention and keeping wudu…etc, I did go and pray and then go back to write what I wrote on that day, perhaps somewhere else. With that said, I’ll keep my sins to myself and perhaps al-Afu will wipe the sins off-in-sha-Allah.
    As back to us the lay people, may I remind us all of the imam’s Hassan al-Basri’s saying and advice of ‘everybody be an imam in something’, so that we can make history/life a better place, before we are history! And also a reminder of the first hadith in Imam’s Bukhari’s saheeh collection’Actions are based on intentions’ and obviously no one knows what is in the heart of the next person.
    Sorry off the subject definetly now, but does anyone know if there are any well known marketed (i.e. in major book stores) refutations of the erroneous ideas out there, i.e. what are being put out amongst the muslim’s flocks i.e. humanity. Books like the god delusion, is one that often comes to mind! Suppose money is an issue, but perhaps I am wrong, the battle of mind heart and souls is on all fronts, yes, but it seems that our Islamic websites are not really reaching out to the masses whom are being confused and simply following company led opinions! Sorry, I say companies, just in case if someone who may happen to come across this and who is unaware that it is them who are really and truly who are in control and governments/leaders are just their followers, who have no choice but to play the part of the illusion…etc. There are also hadith’s stating that power and money, as proven/alluded by certain outlets, are in these times in the hands of a few. May I just re-iterate, that not all companies obviously are those baddies or the uglies! So those doing your CVs, please look out for the goodies, but I remind not just anyone but myself too, that sometimes as they say be prepared to do today what you may not like, so that tomorrow we can do what we want.

    Development Repetition Persistance and Constancy! And in all things-Allah’s pleasure and the End in mind always.
    Al-Bayhaqi says the intelligent plans and it is said, ten minutes of planning is better than many more done in execution/carrying out of the job at hand.

    ‘’..By the token of time. Verily mankind is in loss. Except those who believe and do good/righteous deeds and advise/call to al-Haqq/Truth and patience, and endure on both’’…
    Al-Hamdullah, as a lecture stated, that whether all are patient, only those on al-Haqq win in the End.
    All good if there was any in what written above is from Allah and if any not so good, then it is from me and the enemy within me.
    #Allah Akbar w al-Hamdullah w la howla w la quwa illa billah al-Azeem.

    So until we meet the best of mankind and in-sha-Allah drink from his blessed hand, please keep sending salutations and blessings onto him and those whom he loved…..
    So I end with……

    Peace and Blessings on our Blessed, Honoured and Beloved sayidna Muhammed.

    • There are 7 podcasts (you can find them on YouTube too) for Nouman Ali Khan on QUR’ANIC GUIDANCE TO ORGANISATIONS..

  3. Dear Team: Indeed, this verse truly aligns with professional matters. During the Tafseer ul Quran at the last last I’tikhaf, the Sheikh also elaborated on this verse noting the need for people to ensure they are employable with the set skills and right character. I am happy to see it again on this page.

    And if you look at it, the lady mentioned 2 things: strong and trustworthy. Strong means youthful, energetic, vibrant, ability to learn new things, ability to control anger and other negative things, etc. Trustworthiness on the other side is the peak of goodness. If someone has all good character- kindness, love, willing to support less privileged, etc; but lacks trustworthiness…it is as good as nothing. No wonder an Hadith of the Holy Prophet (saw) clearly stressed the need to be honest and trustworthy. He also noted that the trustworthy businessman will be among the martyrs and prophets on Judgement day.

    Well done team.

    • بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ

      1. قُلْ هُوَ ٱللَّهُ أَحَدٌ
      2. ٱللَّهُ ٱلصَّمَدُ
      3. لَمْ يَلِدْ وَلَمْ يُولَدْ
      4. وَلَمْ يَكُن لَّهُۥ كُفُوًا أَحَدٌۢ
      Tawheed is a key, if not the key to shun anything that may try and sneak in, even if it subtle, so may it be gone!
      God willing no offence, but just a reminder!

      Remind for verily the reminder benefits the believers,
      So therefore mainly,

  4. Salam .
    I am NOT surprised at all with the pragmatic interpretation of the incidence by you .
    That is a form of benefit in the understanding of the Qur’an with a productivity spectacle .
    May Allah bless you more for more interpretations .

  5. Asalaamolaikum

    recently i have been thinking a lot about ideas on how to take traditional Islamic learning into today’s digital age. i truly believe having worked in IT for the last 15 years that there are still ample opportunities to explore in the digital space when it comes to delivering Islamic knowledge. to this effect, my wife (graphical designer) and i have started exploring few initiatives on how we can leave a lasting legacy of knowledge that will add to our pension for the akirah, inshallah!

    i wanted to reach out to you and find out if there were ways we could partner up, or work with you to explore some of these ideas. one of the ideas we had was to elaborate on the animation side. having traveled the world, the universal language sometimes can be through actions and animation is a great form to demonstrate this.

    before i elaborate further i just wanted to esquire as to whether this would be something of interest to you. just a little bit about us, im married with two kids living in Dubai, UK born and bred. the work you have done on productive muslim truly is refreshing and something different i think the youth can connect and relate too.


    Kashif Muhammed

    • salaam alaikom brother Kashif,

      in-sha-Allah you are well and your family too.

      would you happen to know of any remaining/existing email accounts? what i mean, we used to have…etc. Any others out there?that perhaps you could sign post me or anybody else too, if one wished to that is?!

      have you come across rain drop academy?!

      barak Allah feek and your family and the rest of us in the ummah in-sha-Allah.

  6. Alhamdulillah. That is very true. I mean both the company and the worker should be skillful and righteous. Jazakallah for enlightening us.

  7. Sallam alaikom br.Abu Productive,

    Ma-sha-Allah, after re-reading your article, you truly have dissected Musa alaih sallam’s story and provided us with insightful things to take from the narratives yet again and brought it into light for our times. Barak Allah feek.

    May I ask for advice on a general organisational tip as to a little challenge I have, and may be any body else may or may not have- in terms of books…etc, the book that you recommended seems and sounds enticing to buy and read. And that’s one of the things, like us all al-Hamdullah, ( may Allah continue to bless all, but if by any chance it is not the case, may Allah provide for us all, all what we need), the thing being though, so many books…etc, and speaking for myself, it seems to do with extravagance, but al-Hamdullah, I have done a major cut down, especially of second hand shops…etc. As to the books, which without any doubt are all beneficial, I do not know what I am trying to get to exactly with this, whether it is the barakah issues of time or is it my own lack of direction?! Obviously deleberation and selectiveness is needed, no one can do everything and no one can know everything. But what is the best way forward for our generation of muslims in following in the foot steps of our current day influentials and our past predecessors too, upon whom if it were not for them with emphasis on the latters, everything around today through the Grace of Allah would have not been!? Specialization and focus or being a poly math in different fields…etc? Albeit, may we say along with history, ‘al-Hamdullah’ for our righteous predecessors. Al-Hamdullah.
    As to under the same section of your article, in regards to fixed terms and the term certain duties to be carried out…etc, how does it or does it fit in with the above by any way or means?….Al-Hamdullah, Allah is who He is and He is the Provider, but how does one tie his camel and make sure, if they opted to try and emulate the fixed term procedure. Apologies, as I understand this is not a job search engine, even though perhaps, I’m sure now it may have been part of the productive team’s vision from its’ genesis and inception to do so through a means and mode of networking…etc, (just a reminder and hint and an encouragement to us all, to get involved in good) but any guidelines on short termed contracts offered would be greatly appreciated, for those who may be stationary or even on the go like Musa (AS) in both senses.

    Barak Allah feek

  8. As to thoughts about the story of Musa (AS), it does also bring to mind the stories of Daud (AS) and Saul/Talut, in terms of strength and characteristics and the like..etc. ( I can not recall what they were exactly-, bad characteristic from my side, i.e. laziness and not researching/revising.
    Another thought is that despite Musa fleeing and being in fear as you mentioned, Allah the Muhaiman ultimately, who in His hands all things are, willed the laws of ‘after hardship being/comes ease’ to come into effect, with the rest of the story we know..etc.But most importantly, may Allah forgive me, is that you mentioned, that Musa (AS) called out for desperate help from Allah, the Controller and Helper and the Giver of Barakah and everything!

    PS. out of context definetly, but if by any means I have offended anyone out there, or something in any way or form is needed or expected from me, even in just a form of an apology, do ask for it and please accept my apologies if anything and if and there is not… in-sha-Allah….may Allah bestow forgiveness in my heart for them and likewise them for me….if needed be.

    May Allah always keep us all in His Grace and provide us all constantly with what we may all need and the most importantly thing that could be is most possibly and most definelty correct eman and faith . Allahoma ameen.
    La ilah ila Allah w Muhammed rasul Allah.
    w akhir dawanaa al-Hamdullah rub al-alameen.

  9. Asalam alaykum
    Another character I learnt from this story is the benefit of charity.
    Prophet Musa (AS) volunteered to water their sheep without expecting any reward in return.
    Charity for the sake of Allah preceding the dua’ paved way for the quick acceptance of the dua’.
    Jazakumullahu khairan for sharing such lovely article

    • Good of You for the additional information you have provided. Another important thing is the sincerity of intention – al-Ikhlas -. if not for Prophet Musa sincerity of intention in carrying out that action to those he knew not before, the charity will not be a means to a quick answer of his prayer.
      May Allah be with Abu Productive, his team and the entire members.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful article and it is in deed an important one . I have a suggestion , if possible to write the Quran Ayat in Arabic language as it came in the Quran and then translate its meanings , I think that will give us more opportunity to understand the meanings and refer to it in the future. wishing all the team Allah’s Blessings and Barakah .

  11. Dear Brother

    This is an interesting lesson from the Quran. In the past one of the our Leader taught us about these verses. It was interesting lecture but this one is more elaborative and can be put into actions

    Wabillah tawfiq

  12. Very good article. Point number 3: “Promote Your Company” really hits home for me. It was among the main reasons why I left a previous job only a few months ago. The truly unfortunate thing is that the place I left was a hospital.

  13. Superb , it really beats my imagination.It’s a thought truly inspired.Thanks greatly for the thoughtful write up .

  14. Jazakallahu khairan! Really great to have received such inspiration from these verses. May Allah reward you! I truly will use these guides in the future.

  15. truly wish and love for each other what one wishes and wants for one self…and lets try and shun envy as much as we can…because it surely kills and we may want one thing but would not want the other…i.e. everything else……sympathy but pity only for one’s self..

    sorry bit unsociable ten days before and may be still to come…..apologies and GOD bless us all

  16. Subhanallaahi

    This was amazing when I was reading I get it as new verses that revealed now.

    Some of us read Qur’an as just words but we don’t get the in-depth meaning in it.

    May Allah Make us easy to understand and fetch the meaning of Qur’an.

    Jazakallahu kheir mohammed Faris

  17. Jazakallahu Khairan. This is wonderful and very inspirational post. I like it so much and may Allah Subhanahu Wataala give us courage to apply whatever beneficial, Ameen.

  18. As usual, this article has made the understanding of the passage of the Quran very much clearer. And it’s application to employment is also very apt. Jazakumu Allahu khairan.