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  1. Jazakallahu khairan! There is a humbling feeling when you silence your ego and know that its a test and you triumph over it. In a way, the Muslim always feels better… stronger. and sometimes conquering and apologizing, could bring in the ego of self worth even when you don’t display it to others….I guess in my rambling is that ego is very succinct….may Allah truly cure us of its evil effects and guard us from it.

      • Would love too. I’ll check on the link above and see what I need to do. If I don’t make it, then it might be a time constraint….or financial one (smile)

  2. Whenever you are going for Hajj you give in and succumb to total submission and tranquility to the will of Allah(swt). And place in your mind that this journey is strictly for the Almighty. With that in mind the ego is automatically lowered In shaa Allah and your mind is prepared.

  3. Assalaamualaikum,
    It feels so nice when you don’t argue coz arguing for the mere satisfaction of one’s ego is the food for growth for ego…. I believe Satan misguided one to think highly of himself /herself… Ego clash plays a major role in discords between the spouses, among friends and family….
    All of us as true Muslims should try to overcome this satanic practice of nurturing one’s ego…
    Jazak Allah your article has enlightened the ways possible in which one can subdue one’s ego if not completely kill it…
    I would like to request you to publish an article regarding the ego clashes between spouses and their avoidance in accordance with Islamic guidelines….
    Thanks and regards

    • What a great request Dr Zahoor! I will pass it on to Abu Productive! In the Book Club worksheets I do mention this about the husband/wife and ego so if you are an Productive Muslim Academy member, I recommend you join the Book Club and download Week 1. If you join you can also request I answer that in the monthly webinar.

  4. A very good reminder for anybody that want peace in his/her life. Knowing that we are nothing and can do nothing without Allah’s permission will help us in shedding our ego When we put our life in only Allah’s hand to control, that is when we will be at peace with ourself and others.

  5. AssalamuAlaikum br Abu Productive,
    Achieving humbleness is important for me to make it part of my goal. Thanks a lot for sharing us eye-opener tips and informations.