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  1. AOA
    This article is very interesting. I miss my fajar prayer many times.i want to avail this opportunity to get up for fajar. Need your help.

    • Wa alaikumussalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!
      Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. Hope you have heard of the hadith Prophet Muhammad sallalahualayhiwasallam disliked staying awake and engaging in conversation after ‘Isha. He wanted us to sleep as early as possible after ‘Isha so that we can wake up for fajr or even earlier for tahajjud.
      1. Set alarm and keep your device where you can here alarm, but must walk a little bit to turn it off.
      2. Go to bed early and remember to perform sunnah of sleeping: making wudhu, du’as, right side, etc.
      2. After prayer make sincere intention to wake up for fajr and seek help from Allah Subhanahu wa taa’la
      In sha Allah, may He bless you, your beloved ones and all the believers and the righteous to pray on time.

      1. You can download and use FajrUp to wake you up
      2. Read the following articles
      3. Join our Academy and complete a course on this

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    This FajrUp app is not available for Windows Phones. Pls make it available for windows platform too.

  3. Kindly make fajarup abailable for IOS devices i like this application very much its really a gift for me because too lazy to make me makeup at fajar salah so kindly make it available for apple versions
    I will be thank full
    From. Dr Din Muhammad Chandio

  4. Jazak Allah khairun for the review. May Allah(swt) reward you in your efforts to help the ummah.

  5. Asalamualykum,

    This is funny, I’ve been thinking about doing this. I mean I have a friend who I call to wake up for far, but it’s easy for me to call cause we are in two different continents… But when they are at work I don’t have anyone to call me… So I was thinking if I call more people in the morning in my community (my girls) I will def. feel responsible and wake up. In our community right now we do have a sis who texts everyone in the morning, May Allah reward her and everyone involved in that… (but it was not working for myself) Calls do work! Insha’Allah I will look into this! :) May Allah reward everyone involved with this idea.

    • Wa alaikumussalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!
      In sha Allah, may Allah bless us, our loved ones and all the believers and the righteous to perform salah on time and never miss Fajr and ‘asr.

  6. Jazakallah, you may also want to try:
    Fajr Wake Up


    This alarm app, when used with the right settings, plays your choice alarm, and in order to turn it off, forces you to get out of bed and take a picture of your bathroom sink or even car, by which time you are wide awake! As an extreme measure You set it so that you can’t snooze, turn off your phone or uninstall the app!

    • Masha Allah, it’s a pleasure to see people inventing things to boost up imaan. May Allah bless us to use them and elevates our imaan.

    • May Allah reward you immensely and continue to amaze you with good and useful things and events!

  7. jazakallah productive muslim for this amazing info..i cant tell you how i am feeling at the moment..its like Allah swt showing me the way. .i am struggling from months to wake up for fajr.
    thank you soo very much once again.

  8. Assalamualykum
    Will u plz tell me something abut proďuctvemuslim
    Could i do regular course at your institute
    This realy very productive

    • Wa alaikumussalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!
      Conveyed your query to our Academy dept. Soon someone will be contacting you, in shah Allah, to provide you with details.

    • Assalamualikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!
      Productive Muslim Academy provides “Never miss Fajr (again)” and others courses which touch almost all spheres of our actions and obligations. For further information email your query at

  9. Asalamualykum,
    I just wanted to ask a quick question..why is it that sometimes i wake up at night and hear the adhan in my ears, when its actually not the time for fajr prayer? Is it true that the angels wake you up to pray?

    Thank you!

    • Wa alaikumussalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!
      Plenty of people hear adhan. Reasons are also plenty and subjective and only Allah knows everything. I used to hear adhan whenever I was afraid of missing prayers or delaying them. When I planned my life around salah.
      What is [the matter] with you that you do not attribute to Allah [due] grandeur (Qur’an 71:13) Do your mind ask you this question? Or do you want to pray more to Allah? Do you want to pray Tahajjud? Are you afraid of missing Fajr? Ask yourself, you will find the answer soon, in sha Allah. I don’t know the truth about angels waking us up. But I too have wondered plenty of times: How come I woke up?! No alarm, nothe the usual time, but rejuvenated and thoughts related to Him!!

  10. Cool stuff! I always need my friend to wake me up, but sometime she couldn’t make it.
    Is it available in AppStore?

  11. Asalama Alaikum Ya Iqwaa fii deen …It was an absolute please taking part in this project..

    I simply imagined a situation, one where all my deeds were brought before me and among them was ‘trying to connect the Ummah and encourage them to return to Allah, encourage them to seek Tawbah, simply encouraging them to have a conversation with Allah!’

    Subhanallah! (Thank you all for your kind words : If anyone has any critisms please email me @

  12. As salamu alaikum I’m looking for muslimah friends that can be my pen pal my goal is to have a muslimah pen pal in every country to talk about common grounds …jazakallah khairan (

  13. MASHAALLAH! Very very good job. Thats a great idea. May Allah give you strength and capability to continue doing amal assalihaat.

  14. Thank you for such very useful idea.may Allah a.a grant you Janna,but it is not clear for me how to use it I mean I must dawnload it or….

  15. Great idea!! Looking for really working plans to wake up on fajr,
    You from Kerala?saw “Palakad” on the pics

  16. This App is amazing the GPS element I like..SubhanAllahh it sets to your locations Fajr…no clunky alarm to set…the person you call also has their Fajr set via gps…

    May Allah reward the brothers and sisters that did this…Imagine waking a person who then wakes his family…you get the reward for All!!… Takbiir

  17. Asalamwalaikum.
    I hope with a help of ALLAH,SWT you all are good.JazakAllah Khair for this alarming message(which many of us forget).
    how I can upload this application on my mobile,is it available in “Google Aplications”?

    • Wa alaikumussalam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu! Wa iyyakka!
      Please click on the link ‘download for Android’. You will be taken to Google play store and can download it from there.

  18. I absolutely love FajrUp, great way to start the day! need it on my iPhone though!!! May Allah bless the founders of this innovative app. Amiin

  19. AssalamuAlaikum, :)
    Mashallah this app seems really interesting. But I typed FajrUp on App Store in my iPhone, it turned out “no, result for “fajrup”. Is there other way to get this app?
    Thank you and J.A.K for sharing