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  1. Aslm, I excuse myself from the conversation, will go chill in a different room for a while, or even if its using the loo…when theres nowhere else to go…cold outside,or even if theres no need for using it… others can get the message I am trying to send.
    I encouraged a friend to walk outdoors, fresh air and exercise…she felt she needed to vent, yet it still left me feeling guilty. I then had to pose the question why she is allowing these people to risk her, her Jannah…remembrance is good

  2. JazakAllh khayr! MashaAllah excellent tips. I was just contemplating that our thoughts about others is the first step to our emotions, hence we should concern ourselves with our own affairs (as you have mentioned about self-awareness and busying oneself with activities). It would come with practice, and inshaAllah will be a rewarding habit to attain. Usually, jealousy or negative thoughts leads to anger, frustration and arrogance. So controlling that would keep us happy and productive!

  3. Jazak Allah khair. Very nice article. May Allah give us the ability to do the right thing at the right time,amin. Haider In sha Allah should be written in 3 separate words otherwise the meaning changes. Insha Written together means create then if you write Allah after it it gives the meaning create Allah. If written in 3 separate words it means if Allah wills.

  4. JazakAllaah kayran, it was a good riminder, and a very inspiring write up. I personally avoid gossip by introducing another discussion, saying something good about the person being discussed, and if that doesn’t not work, I leave the gathering warning them of the danger in gossip.

  5. Jazaki Allahu Khayran Ala’a! for the advices and tips. Loved your topic, I agree how easy we get involved with gossip and backbiting when we socialize with relatives or neighbors or friends. May Allah help us be from the people who can influence the people around them positively!

  6. Masha Allah. Very nice article by our brother Ala’a Mazloum. May Allah give him strength to publish more and more articles which leads us spend our time in productive manner.

    Yes, avoid gossips keeps us always productive …

  7. Thank you for your post. May Allah bless and reward you for the time and effort you spent in writing this article. Ameen!

    Surah Asr is very useful in this matter.

  8. Assalamu Alaikum.
    Shukran for this wonderful reminder.May Allah subhanahu wata’ala reward you abudantly. To avoid gossip i try to be nonjudgmental and always consider the positive side of people. And when i see people doing wrong i confront them instead of talking behind their backs.

  9. Salamalykum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu!

    jazaakumullahi khair!

    i think its important to teach our children also about this sin, especially girls, though there is no exception of boys also.
    – i stop my daughters when they start to complain about their friends, i tell them that they can only say good things, otherwise Allah will not be happy with them.
    – i take care that relatives/friends will not influence them with their idle talk, they leave immediately to another room, if elders are talking,
    please suggest to keep our children safe from early age so that they consider idle talk as sin and never indulge in it from beginning.

  10. jazakallahu khairan. very inspiring article Mashallah. one best thing to avoid gossiping n backbiting is to start your talk with a- uzu- billahi- minash- shaitaan- nir -rajeem. so that we initially avoid shaitaan to interfere in our talks and if we forget to say in the start ;we can say any time in between the talks as soon as some laghw starts; because Allah subhan o taala guarantees 100% safety from shaitan mardud if we recite this ayah from our heart.

  11. Mashallah nice article and jazakallah khair for sharing. In sha ALLAH want to spread this article through e mail to all of my contacts. May ALLAH bless the Productive Muslim team.Aameen

  12. Jazakallahu khairan, Masha Allah I am glad to read this article. Avoiding gossip is one of the most important aspect of living a better life. Thank you.

  13. Jazakilahu khairan. May Allah reward you and bless the effort. This article is one of big sin that we over look. This is a big jihad for us. I pray Allah easy our affair and Make us better mushin.

  14. JazakAllah for an enlightening article.You have so byniceby talked about talks regarding parents or teenage children does not amount to gossip.Could you please clear my doubt whether speaking about one’s husband or inlaws( can be just a discussion of their behaviour) with one’s parents is a form of gossip or not.

  15. Jazakallah Khair for writing about such an important topic! All throughout my life I have heard and read about how gossiping is prohibited and why it’s something that is so looked down upon. However, I love how you mentioned a number of different ways to avoid gossiping. This was indeed much needed! Personally, the one that resonated the most with me was the one about having self-awareness.

  16. Women like to talk and honestly free calls made it easy. I try my best to avoid too many calls from same person a day and enjoy texting to check on some people. Backbiting has become so normal n easy for some people that avoid them as much is only the best after reminding of the sin too many times.. May Allah guide n forgives us as well as protect our limbs from sin. AMIN

  17. Jazakillahkhayr! Loved your article.May Allah continue to increase us in wisdom to remember to do good every moment of our lives.amin.

  18. MashaAllah its amazing.
    I usually start highlighting the good qualities of a person who is the subject of the gossip.
    JazakAllah u khair for such wonderful piece of writing.
    I really needed it:)
    Keep up the good work!

  19. aww,i enjoyed the article so much because it did touch the present condition in my workplace that it has divide the place with criticsm and so on.

    l pray Alimighty Allah increases your knowledge wisdom and understanding amin

  20. jazakallah khair,
    I don’t have a word to thanks for such a good tips. I wish the Allah (SWT) to give a blessing to ProductiveMuslim team.

  21. Sister , it`s an amazing and useful article. I think when people have enough time for idle talk, they engaged in gossip. I tried my best to keep myself away from this false talk. I like the idea about investing oneself into productive works. When I have free time mostly I engage myself into gardening and listening knowledgeable lectures. May ALLAH give us the courage to keep away from worldly falsehood and acept our deen, Ameen.

  22. AssalamuAlaikum Sr Ala’a. much to learn from this article, looking forward to highlighting most of what I need to keep in mind and act upon what I learned here. I’m so deeply thankful for your generosity in sharing us your beneficial knowledge. May Allah forgive us and prevent us from our tongues sinning. And May Allah elevates you in dunya and akhira. J.A.K.

  23. Salam, what if I were to talk about my boss of his/her bad attitude towards me to my colleagues or family members, as I need to release my stress and at the same time to get their advise as how should I manage my office stress with my immediate superior.

  24. As Salam,
    very useful topic and well written with many practical tips to avoid this commonly occurring sin which weaken our Imaan and weaken our community.
    Jazakalla Khairakum