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  1. I will try to do it insha’Allah to boost my cognitive functions as I am a “thanaweya amma” student..
    thanks alot for the information ^_^

  2. Asalamualikum
    MashaAllah! What a useful insight. I have an 8 hour sitting at the desk job, and this really opened my eyes. I should be taking frequent standing breaks. JazakAllah for this article. It will surely help.

  3. As salaam alaikum.

    JazakAllah khair for your wonderful productivity tips. I used to receive them on my email but now I have to keep clicking links to access them. I know it’s just a small click, but I get distracted easily and accessing the browser is something I like to avoid because of that distractibility. If there is an option to switch back to the old format of getting the whole article in my inbox, I’d like to opt for that.

    JazakAllah khair

  4. Assalamualaikum.
    Good article sharing. As a student, sitting has always been a norm. From studying, listening to lecture and class activities, all involve sitting and passive movement. I will definitely try the given tips next time. InsyaAllah!
    Thank you for the new knowledge.

  5. Great article. Shukran brother for sharing your knowledge . This will help for those sits whole day. Yes, standing is important to make ourselves active throughout. Insha Allah, I will try my best for standing desk at my work place.

  6. Very useful article. It’s a sad fact of modern life that people spend so much time sitting. This an be only changed through awareness. And it’s double sad that primary kids are expected sit through school for such prolonged hours. O hole to see a day when this will change. Jazaakallaah Khair for disseminating such useful.information.

  7. Salam .I am a self employed professional.I have been following what you suggest in this article by my own.Yes it is not only productive but also makes me happy and healthy.Thanks

  8. Jizakal Allah Khair, in addition to your useful tips, use of stairs instead of lift atleast between two floors, going to market/ office if these are at a distance of 5-10 minutes walk instead of using vehicle.

  9. Thank you for posting. This is very helpful information. Looking forward to implementing these tips starting today!

  10. JazakAllah khair for this informative piece!
    Question: Sitting for a total of 4 hours a day is bad? What if they are not 4 hours in a row?

  11. Jazakallahu khairan for this brilliant article. I’ve been telling this to my wife all along. Hope she gets convinced by this article !

  12. Jazakumullahu khair brother. I am a 37 years old mother of five. I actually look 20. i am guess its from my regular movement from climing stair to chasing after kids at work.

  13. Thank you for this useful post.
    I like to stand up for few minutes while studying or reading as I am still a student. Also,I like going to places for whatever reason on foot. I am even from taking a walk through the Casablanca city, Morocco.

    May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen!

    Please more tips on how standing can help improve my health, learning, and physical well-being.

  14. Subhanallah what a blessing that Allah tells us to make salah 5 times a day. It gets us refreshed & moving out and about

  15. Masha Allah. Very informative article. The standing desk idea is really good. But I would like to know what do people with variable working shifts do? Frequently changing sleep and eating timings creates a total imbalance in life and I hope to see this issue getting addressed from your side.

  16. jazakallah hu khair. very inspiring n beneficial article.if all the muslims practices this standing activity then our society will be healthy and successful inshallah.

  17. Jazakallah hair for your excellent Artiicle. It Really impressed me a Lot. May Allah Shower your Health for Ever.

  18. Excellent article – I think I might invest in a standing desk in the future. I have heard and perhaps would be interesting to know if this was a practice of any of our tradition scholars and professors in the Muslim world.

    Standing gets tiring – wouldn’t this make working/writing/typing whilst standing difficult over periods of time?
    Also, is it even possible to read whilst standing?

    • jazahkallahukhairen for your feedback.

      You stand need to stand for long hours. As soon as you start to feel the tiredness, you can sit. Bascially the best way of working is switching your position (standing to sitting and vice versa) time to time. Nope this wouldn’t make you tired.

      Yes, reading while standing is even better for your comprehention. Try this out, insha Allah.

  19. I do the standing ups at work too. My other tips to share and inshaAllah it can be useful to others too…
    1) At times, I’ll go to the toilet that is further away from my office
    2) I have a smaller water bottle, which means I’ll tend to finish drinking it faster, and that requires me to walk to the staff pantry to refill my bottle
    3) In my 10 minutes bus ride to work, I’ll choose to stand instead of sitting down (but of course I’ll ensure I’m holding on to the bus poles/railings to avoid falling)

    Hope this benefits, InshaAllah!

  20. A great article.jazakallahu hairan.while I read the article, I remember something about a hadeeth that says about reciting Quran while standing…actually I couldn’t remember the whole….

  21. JazakAllahu khairan. A great article. As I always prefer standing rather than sitting. Getting more inspiration. Alhamdulillah

  22. An important reminder for us all.

    As soon as I read this article I changed my way of studying. to be honest Alhamdulillah I feel more energetic and I accept the fact that standing helps memorize facts easily, understand what we read better.
    Also JazakAllahkhair for sharing practical tips.:)

  23. i’ve done the 5 minute standing/walking and light exercise every hour and I find myself to be more productive! Because after the break, I have a target to finish a task and remember that I’ll have to take another 5 minute break in 55 mins. It made me used my time more efficiently alhamdulillah :D It made me more aware of time itself. I only have to keep this up consistently after this inshaa Allah