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  1. I LOVE this website; however I am a bit disappointed in this article. That’s a first! I never felt disappointment after reading anything on this site. The article’s title has the word ‘BREAK’ in it….which is an essential element in life. We NEED breaks to keep moving forward & NOT burnout. I get it. Yet all the tips listed are more ‘TO-DOs’ during what’s supposed to be our break time. Run an errand? Make phone calls….? I am one who does NOT know how to take breaks & I am on the brink of LOSING IT to be honest lol….I was hoping to learn something on how to RELAX. Something wrong with me? Or am I missing the point? MAybe I am burnt out & that’s why I can’t understand this article..?

    • Jazzak’Allah khair for your comment.

      The aim of this article was to highlight ways in which we can utalise the time we have at work in an efficient and productive way for those who wish to. Thus I feel you have misunderstood the concept behind this article as it is not telling people to not take breaks. Further, these are just some ideas. It is up to an individual to be aware of what they are able to do and how much rest they need insha’Allah

  2. Thank you so much for practical tips for a muslim. The tips are especially useful for our modern life. May Allah bless you.
    And I have some questions: what do you think, can there be some benefits in chatting with colleges during break? Or is it always waste of time? Maybe it’s also important to build relationships with co-workers as well? Or can there be some other benefits?
    Thank you.

    • Jazzak’Allah khair for your comment.

      I think everything should be in moderation. If speaking to co-workers allows bond to form that is great but we should be conscious of what we are talking about. Are you missing or delaying salah because you are sitting with co-workers discussing and joking about your boss? We should not let conversating become the centre of our breaks as this is not productive and only leads to stress about our “to-do” lists later on.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum

    Nice artlicle. As you said I usually use my lunch break for salah and for food. This is the time to think other way around.

    Insha Allah…

    Jazakallahu Khairan

  4. i always thought being busy is giving priority. cause thats what we do in ths current world. with way things grow in this world. there is that one person who works day and night to achieve something and has lost most of the things and which one regrets later. an article like this can remind us. Thank you for the blessed article. May Allah always guide you to the path which you want everyone us to be Ameen!!!

  5. Ma sha Allah . I love your article. I work from home :) & I find that napping just before or after zhur has worked excellently for my sanity! I become a grumpy zombie if I go for days missing nap time. Its really great to plan ones life around salah.

    Jazakillah Khairan.

  6. Assalaam Alaykum

    This is a very appropriate advice on how to utilize the break town. Have been the time for lunch and salah and s, going through newspapers, will .think on how to update and improve it inshaAllah

    Baraka Allah Fykum

  7. A very concise and good article. I spend my time chatting with colleagues but now I am going to use these tips to be more productive in my breaks. Insha Allah.. And jazakillah khair

  8. Bravo. You have scored 100 marks, you have enumerated all the core points related to above subject. Good reminder for all workers and may Allah bless u for enlighting the paths of your bro and sis.

  9. Assalamu alaikum
    Nice Article, Jazakalla Khair for your valuable tips, in sha Allah l will implement these tips in my break time.

  10. Maashaa Allah very useful ideas of ways to use break times. I use my break time for food and Salah.May Allah bless our time and May Allah reward you all for your efforts.

  11. Jazak Allah khair, great ideas to do during break times! Also, it helps to plan ahead how you’ll spend your break or make a consistent routine that’s easy to implement. May Allah subhana wa tala increase you all! <3

  12. Read this during my break when I was just thinking, I can’t pray and I’ve ate as slow as I can, what should I do now? Bingo!

  13. JazakAllah u Khairan.
    I want to say that I am a teacher at school and most of the tips you have given arent fruitful for me.We arent allowed to call, nor I can pray salah or Quran because I reach home easily before 2’o clock.Furthermore I cant run errands in between too.Yes I can reflect on my daily routine but You know what… its also important to have a chit chat with colleagues to get relaxed..and yup the Topic of our conversation could be thoughtful like sharing any ayah or hadith.
    Please share some tips to feel relaxed.The whole day is too hectic and I think of nothing eccept eat and chat with colleagues.
    Anyways, awaiting anxiously for the 2nd part:)

  14. I guess it’s a brilliant idea to read Quran and understand at least one verse. Understanding one verse and applying it is definitely better, rather than procrastinating because I feel like it’s so much. Jazzakumu Allahu Khairan. Insha’Allah I will try applying it.

  15. Asalaam Alaykum.
    Good article indeed. For my side the habit of calling family member I have fail for sure, don’t know why, may Allah change me.

  16. Alhamdulillah. JazakAllah for this beneficial article. Something which i was searching for, being a student starting the day at 6.00 am and getting back home at 9.00 pm. Hope part 2 will discuss about sleeping patterns and many more :) May Allah bless you.

  17. Assalamualikum
    This article has really helped me a lot because i used to always get tensed in studies and all…
    I really wanted to MBBS .. and i am very sure that this would help me In sha Allah..
    Is there any other personal tips you would share?

  18. AssalamuAlaikum, Masha’Allah. I appreciate the part about reflecting and kinship which are one of the hardest things to practice in my daily life. I’m really grateful for knowing about planning our times around salah with respect. May Allah forgive us and elevates us in dunya and akhira.
    J.A.K and thank you for sharing us you practical tips Sr.