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  1. Shukran, very useful and important tips for us unpatient parents. I feel sorry for my son who is 8 years old and my 12 year old daughter because i failed to emphasise and dive into my kids feelings and emotions. May Allah Grant you a place in Jannatul Fidausy.
    In sha allah

  2. Assalamualaikum,
    just what I needed! Jazakallah may Allah bless you. I really needed this as a push, subhanallah being a parent is challenging especially when you are all new to this! Inshallah im really looking forward to applying this from now on. this will be my motto from now: Empathy is my Ace Card!

  3. It’s a beneficial piece of work. keep up the good work. I myself is a Clinical Psychologist practising mostly with children and adolescents. this article provided insights from islamic and psychological point of view.

      • Thank you, Fathya, for your honest and important question. If the parent comes from a broken family and experienced emotional neglect, then the first step is to fully face this painful fact and to understand how this difficult past is affecting his/her parenting. When we are able to understand how we may be repeating negative patterns of the past, this helps us to break out of them. Also, do some research about good parenting and educate yourself. You can also try to find a good person/counselor to talk to about the pain from your past, to help you to move on and be the parent you want to be.

  4. Salam alaykum. I appreciate this article as it has further shaped my parenting style,thanks so much,will implement this advice In Sha Allah. Keep up the good work,may Allah reward you abundantly.

  5. Thank you, very useful article. If in addition I could suggest to point the age of the child this article refers to, for e.g., 2-4 years old? or…

    • Thank you for your comment, MF. I agree that some parts of this article do apply to younger children, but some parts could apply to children of all ages. Empathy, or emotional understanding, is something that children need at any age.

  6. Very useful article. Been struggling with 12 year olds behaviour and I now know I may be part of the problem.
    Will try the emphatic parenting tips In shaa Allah

  7. Asalaam alekum…mashaAllah beautiful can I empathize more vd my 1 year old son…cud u share some more tips please sis…as sometimes I get too impatient n get enraged n then feel guilty later….

    • Wa alaikum as salam Zahra. Thank you for your kind words. The first step to showing empathy to your son is to show empathy to yourself. It is great that you are aware that you get angry sometimes. When you get angry, this is a sign that you need to take a break. Don’t talk to your son out of anger. Perhaps you can walk out of the room and ask someone for help to watch your son. Then when you are calm, you can talk to your son with love. Perhaps you can try to see the world from his eyes. He is still learning and he is trying his best to get his needs met. So you need to take care of yourself so that you can be calm and loving to your son. Also, focus on your love for your son. Remember what a great blessing it is to have a child, when many people are not able to have children these days.

  8. Assalamu alaikum. Do you hav any articles on handling children with adhd impulsivity. My son sometimes takes things. Later he confides and returns it. But I want to help him get over this. He is 9 and has dyslexia. What is your advice?

  9. Salaam! Thanks for you insight into this parent and child partnership . I agree having empathy in makng decisions, discipline, and other situations that occur through this beautiful journey of parenting can only strenghthen ties .

  10. Assalam oalaikum…
    I am a mother of 2 kids ,my daughter is 21months old n my son is just 17days old.. After my son’s birth,my 21 month old daughter has become very naughty and doesn’t listen to me anymore..
    Although most of the time she loves her baby brother but sometimes especially at night she can’t tolerate him and wants that if I am feeding him I put him away and take her in lap..

    I am losing my patience and get harsh to her.. Plus I am grieving over death of my younger sister who died 3 days after my son’s birth..
    So my daughter’s behavior is really upsetting me and testing my cool.

    Kindly guide me.

    • Wa alaikum as salam Sis. Asma. I understand that your 21 month-old daughter has become more naughty after the birth of your precious son. You are losing your patience with her and you are also grieving over the death of your younger sister just 2 weeks ago. SubHanAllah. Sister, first, I am so sorry for your loss. I think that your lack of patience with your daughter is certainly linked to your grieving of your sister along with having a newborn! It must be hard for you to grieve the loss of your sister while being a new mom with two tiny children. Sister, please try to seek more support and help in this difficult time. Do you have help with your 2 children? Also, it is normal for new big sisters/brothers to feel “shaken up” by a new child in the family. Perhaps you can try to empathize with your daughter, who may not be handling this big change for her. Right now your daughter needs a lot of love and understanding. Her naughty behavior is her way of saying that she is not handling the changes well. Please try to get as much family/friend support as possible. And of course, make duaa to Allah to help you and your family in this challenging time. May Allah bless you.

      • JazakAllah for your kind words and advice.. I am at my mother’s home but yes I think my daughter is feeling that she is no longer sole focus of my attention plus she does miss her father who is away and will.come next month Insha’Allah… May Allah swt bless me with more patience ameen

  11. Assalamualaikum, Highly interesting and thought provoking, Although I have children of adult age, still always search of such type of advice for raising children.

  12. AssalamuAlaikum, Mashallah, I always hoped to be a good mom who raises God-conscious children for Allah’s (s.w.t) sake. This information so far gave me a good background on how to deal with children. I really hope to put these (what I read) in action in the future Insha’Allah.
    May Allah (s.w.t) elevates you and your family the highest paradise.
    Thank you so much for your share, J.A.K.