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  1. As-salaamu alaykum,

    Dear ProductiveMuslim team,

    This is a fantastic compilation. MashaAllah!!!

    Great job. It will be great to share it inshaAllah.

    May Allah bestow jannah to you and those who read. Amin…

    • Assalamu Alaikum!

      Productive Muslim Team,

      This article was fantastic and I can’t express it in words and also I can’t just move without saying thanks to you and your team.

      Do you know what I have done, I took some print outs of these different points, which I felt most important to me and my family and posted it in our room walls and in my office cabins.

      Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah, the most merciful reward the entire team for this dedicated useful work.

      I have one more request, if you can provide some inspirational tips/classes/articles for working muslimahs that will me much appreciated.

  2. Jazakum Allahu khairan ! For such an amazing collection. You know what I did with this ? I took snapshots of each pretty quote and have added to a separate album on my iPhone – titled ” my love for Allah is stronger’ . So I collect these snapshots and whatever islamic motivational quotes I get from whatsapp and facebook of our amazing scholars and review this picture album in the morning and before sleeping. This is great neural reconditioning technique or affirmation type review that is helping me a lot to become more conscious of Allah and to keep me reminding of my goals and values. I hope this helps others who apply this- very easy to do and less tedious than making a actual vision board ( sorry I can be lazy!).

  3. Mashallah. Muslim Ummah today needs such educational and spiritual reformation and awakening. Reading through some of comments and statements of your site, I’m very much confident that next generation of our Ummah will be dynamic and active than our generation …. May Allah bless all of you for this wonderful service … Your dedication and good intention will be rewarded by Allah in the day of judgment.. This type of silent revolution we need today to usher our next generation into right path.. Muslim Ummah has been suffering from many social illnesses for many decades. What we need today is solid planing and strategies to guide our next generations.. …I hope and pray that your productive project go into the hearts of Muslim Ummah….. IE… into the hearts of Muslim individuals, families, communities and International Muslim communities ….

  4. assalamu alaikum. this is amazing masha Allah
    sometimes all we need is some pep talk and this makes up for it. jazak Allah khair

  5. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuhu!
    Jazaki Allaahu khayran for this excellent reminder. I am so glad to read this.. Ma sha Allah. Sister its wonderful to carry out these quotes. These are like gems..

    May we follow and become productive Muslims and serve our community much more.

    Aameen ya Rabbul Aalameen. ?

  6. JazakAllah for putting it all together! It has been a beautiful morning for me having read each one of them, feeling inspired. I love this website and I love all the people involved in it for the sake of Allah. May He swt grant you the best in both the world’s, accept your efforts and forgive you for your shortcomings. Ameen.

  7. MasAllah, so many productive quotes. I really love these quotes. All of the members of Productive Muslim are doing a great jobs for the ummah. May ALLAH bless all of you.

  8. Assalamu Alaikum
    Mashah Allah..its superb :)
    I love the quotes,thank you and may Allah gather all of us in His beautiful Jannah…