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  1. Mashaa ALLAH great achievements and great goals for 2016
    ALHAMDOLELAH for this gift “Productive Muslim”.
    Very excited about your upcoming activities …. we’re waiting and supporting.

  2. Jazakom Allhau Khairun! you fill a gap in muslim modern life! thank u for the free and candid advice and recommendations you provide. and for the sense of global muslim community you encourage.

  3. Jazak allahu hairen for this wonderful blog.i have seen so many blogs but this is different and something special. Masha Allah keep going.

  4. jaza khallah ..for ur advices and emails I pray to Allah SWT that may he bless all ummah with productivity and may people came across this website .. and may Allah bless a healthier life to blog people and all

  5. I am very pleased to have this website as one of my productive tools. apart from all the tips, it includes also the important role which is productive MUSLIM,hence the name LOL.. i’ve been to several productivity blogs and this one is truly recommended for muslims. Hope many more blogs/websites/ etc to come to lead us to become a better muslim,finally a better ummah insyaAllah

    • I would really be very happy if these animated series could be easily downloaded and saved and then we could run them all together when ever we wanted sometimes the internet connection is poor that it keeps buffering so i just want to say if they could bepresent in such a format at your website that we can easily download them anytime and save in our devices!!

      The rest is Alhumdulillah ….no complaints or worries!!

      Kudos!To the productive team

  6. Congratulations. I accidentally stumbled upon this site in 2011.
    Though I have hared its content and brand with others, I have not fully appreciated this site by living a productive Muslim life. Giving in to procrastination, distractions and temptations became my lifestyle. I hope this year will be different.
    Jazakallah khayr for your amazing services.

  7. May Allah (swt) continue to bless Br. Mohammed Faris and the Productive Muslim team for bringing hope and practical solutions to our ummah. I am especially indebted to Productive Muslim, as you were the first website to publish an article of mine. :) JazakAllah khair for encouraging all of us to work for the deen and ummah.

  8. Barakallahu feeq! This great site has really helped me to improve in many aspects of my life, may Allaah continue to strengthen all those involved and reward them with aljanatul firdos.Aameen.

  9. Alhamdulillah…..It’s so nice to read all those achievements ….jazaakAllah khair..
    Let this year be more successful for …May Allah help u all ..

  10. Assalamualaikum ,
    Subhan Allah’s so nice to read all the achievements MashaAllah. I am really blessed to have this website at the time when I needed help. May Allah SWT grant success to all the people supporting such great work..Ameen

  11. May Allah reward you abundantly for the service you’re rendering to the ummah. Personally in 2016,I hope to utilize more the resources available on this website to live a better life inshaAllah.

  12. great work
    Im always inspired by ur advice n profound wisdom
    Allawh grant Productive Muslim barakah n acceptance Aameen

  13. Alhamdulillah. What great achievements!

    ProductiveMuslim has been and remains an inspiration in many ways. May you grow from strength to strength, so you can keep modelling and boosting productivity in our Ummah.

    You remain in our duas insha Allah.

  14. Alhamdullilah… U guys R doing great work… Productive Muslim animations r best n the Manifesto too… May Allah help u n ur whole team n give u a life full of happiness n contentment n May Allah grant u Jannah tul Firdous..Ameen

  15. I have been following Productive Muslim for a long time and it is an honour for me to witness their growth over the years. May Allah continue to increase this blessing and to spread the benefit worldwide. Ameen.

  16. Masha Allah, Marvellous piece of work from Productive Muslim. May Allah bless u and yr team for their help and support to remind and encourage Muslim worldwide to perform their deen better.

  17. Masha Allah. The Productive Muslim team have really done amazing work. The articles featured here are the best indeed. Just to drop in a humble suggestion, given that many people nowadays have smartphones, wouldn’t it be much better if there was a productive muslim application? In this way, all your latest articles, news and uodates could reach people instantly and this could be really beneficial for us.
    Thanks again for your amazing work.