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  1. SubhanaLLAH! Reading these stories was so inspiring,it seems the whole story was talking to me. I pray we all find solace in Allah and His book. JazakumuLLAHU Khairan.

  2. Wow, subuhan Allah, these are amazing stories. I especially loved to read the excerpts from Mariam Moemen and Shazia Mahmood Rehman. Thank you so much, wa jazakum Allahu khairin for your inspiration!

  3. Really very inspiring stories! May Allah help us strive for His sake and strengthen our connection with the Qur’an – Ameen!

  4. Assalamualaikum, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this email with us, may Allah reward you and the team immensely for this noble job. I have learnt a lot by reading these top stories that were sent by individuals from all over the world. MasyaAllah they are awesome and most inspiring!

    Yes, all of us gain so much from the Quran. We can relate to each and every ayat no matter who we are…I am a woman but i am also a wife, mother, sister, a business partner etc. Most importantly as a servant of Allah, I can really feel that Allah is talking to me when i read the verses that are so “connected” i.e so relevant to me. When I’m so depressed, the verse in Surah A’li ‘Imraan 191 is always comforting.

    Quran definitely has all the answers to whatever difficulties we encounter in this world.

    Jazakallahu khairan!

  5. Starting on the journey of studying and memorising surat albaqarah, it strikes me how many of the ayah’s mentioned in this article are from surat albaqarah ❤?

    I loved the one about preseverence, may shaa Allah.

    • May Allah make it easy for you. Once you have it in your heart, nothing else in the world will be of more treasure than Al Baqarah.

  6. if we wanted to, we could be learning all the time. especilally with The Glorious Qurán bringing a new Light into our lives, all amazing stories!




  8. Masha Allah! Truly inspiring stories. The Qur’an indeed is a Noble guide for us. Now I regret not entering the competition?. May Allah make the Qur’an our companion in the grave, ameen.

  9. These stories are so beautiful that it just shows how Allah (swt) sends his blessings upon us and how we become a better human being thanks to Him. No matter how much we thank Allah (swt) will be less. Thanks everyone sharing

  10. I loved to read about ‘I only complain to Him’. It’s so true if you complain of your suffering to the creation they will either blame you for it or mock you. On the contrary complaining about our griefs to Allah will only open gates to all solutions and will give us comfort.

    • Yes!! I enjoyed this one too, it really relates to my life as it can be so easy to feel down when people dissapoint you. We need to turn to our creator.

  11. Thank you for sharing this valuabl information with us.
    I will share my experience with you this Ramadan
    For the second year now I take my annual leave for the whole month of Ramadhan to concerntrate on my worship and enjoy having iftar with my family as I work in a shift.
    I also retreat for itikaaf in my local masjid with my sons in the last days of Ramadhan.
    At night I was doing lots of nawaafil prayers and getting close to Allah.
    The masjid commite were kind enough to serve us all our free meals.There were lots of otherpeople who would come to the masjid for suhur and iftaar as well.
    I was doing the last few days of Ramadhan when the masjid management said they are running out of supplies and could do with some donation. I did not have any money. My wages was a fortnight away. I said I will see what I can do. Eid was around the corner and I was broke. I then noticed my car which my wive uses to take the children to school has run out of registration and required $800 or else could not be driven.
    I promised My brother in law earlier who invites me to his house every Eid, i will invite his family this eid for the celebration.
    Then I went into prayer mode earnestly asking Allah to save the situation.
    One night after tarawih a boy who I have taught quran and have just completed the the tilaawa of Quran called me and handed me a white envelope and thanked me for teaching Quran and said ‘thank you for your inspiration as well.
    When I opened the envelipe I found $200 in fifty notes.
    I thanked him and thought could I keep some for myself as I don’t have anything else.
    I gave the whole amount to the masjid chef. I didn’t have any money few minutes ago and Allah who gave me this is capable of more. I also thought about the many brothers who came to the masjid for meals
    Now I was left with the two more problems to solve-car registration and money to invite my brother in law and his family.
    Three days before Eid a fellow teacher called me to a corner after tarawih.
    He handed me another envelope. He said we have paid for rent and all other expenses for the weekend quran school and this is your potion of what is left from the meagre fee we charge the students.

    When I opened the envelope I found $1000. Enough for the registrations and enough to invite 2 families for Eid.
    Then I remembered the ayah in suratu attalaag ‘ whoever puts his trust in Allah.Allah suffices him. Allah has ordained Qadar for all affairs.
    How often read the quran but we rarely internalise what what we are readiing. Allah said in the holy Quran.’Don’t they comprehend the Quran’

  12. Suban Allah! It is such a beautiful experience to read the stories of so many transformed people. May Allah accept our good deeds, grant us steadfastness for His deen and allow our hearts to be connected by His Revelation.

  13. Reading these articles inspired me and i could relate my self to most of them. I had an experience in the year 2015 which brought me closer to Allah SWT and made me realise that He is the only One that will never disappoint you. Alhamdulillah for my life now and to Him is all thanks.

  14. alhamdulilah for having productive muslim that brings us all this information.i am really inspired by all this stories,from perseverance,thanking Allah to trusting Allah.May Allah bless us all through his noble quran

  15. the QURAN is an ocean of Knowledge where the heart finds rest sometimes when i sit alone my mind wonders to many places some unthinkable places. reading this mails has truly inspired me to do more reading and understanding of the Holy Quran. may ALLAH Bless this productive platform. Amin

  16. MashaAllah its so inspiring…
    Even I have a similar story of Shazia mhmoud rehman from pakistan. My life also had a turn by listening to one of the speech of Nouman Ali khan.. which was about the story of Adam a.s creation.. it was so inspiring which really make me understand the purpose of my life.. I am so much thankful to Allah subhanwatala for guiding me.. i pray Allah to reward brother NAK nd his whole team for their buetiful effort. May Allah subhanatala bless them nd guide them to the right path.
    Productive muslim is always my platform for having a healthy nd productive lifestyle in accordance with Quran nd Sunnah.. Alhamdulillah.. JazakAllah khairan for all the effort.

  17. Many of these stories are also my personal experience with Quran.
    I don’t feel deep sad or lonely anymore, when i feel lost i will read Quran. You can only rely to Allah. La tahzan, innallaha ma’ anna :) Insya Allah.
    Jazakallah bi khoir, for sharing these beautiful stories.

  18. AssalmuAlaikum,
    Mashallah this article is so relatable. I tend to feel guilty when coming across some ayas and make dua when reading other verses in Surat Al-Muminoon (The Believers). Alhamdulillah.
    May Allah grant us taqwa and tawfiq in dunya and akhirah.