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  1. Very useful information about fostering! ,i think i would like to foster a child as well when I grow up. Or I could encourage my parents to foster someone – there is a spare bedroom in my house as well…

  2. Brother Salam,

    Good advice mashAllah, but give the pros and cons as well, you just gave the goodness part of it, are there any risks involved? If you are promoting it please consider the negatives of it as well, fostering in middle east and indian subcontinent is one thing and fostering a kid in western world is another. Not discouraging but please share if there are any negative consequences as well.

    JazakAllah khairun.

  3. Sounds very familiar. I dont have a house to help foster children but I live in my grandparents house where they have fostered a lot of children & adults till they become independent. Here where I am from, fostering also bothers on extra feeding asides an extra space to lay at night. A certain reward that comes with fostering is when you meet the fostered child/adult performing excellently with their life afterwards. Also, one’s eternal reward will surely be with Allah if done with utmost sincerity.

  4. Assalamu alaykum

    This is a very beautiful piece that shares important information for the Muslim community as a whole. May Allah SWT reward you for your efforts.

    I had a question: is there an age limit where you say the child is too old for example a male teenager? Do you draw the line somewhere?

  5. Wonderful!!!!! MashaAllah!!!!!! I cannot express how happy this article makes me! InshaAllah in the future when I’ve got the means, I’ll most definitely consider doing this!

  6. Ma Shaa Allah, enlightening indeed. Jazakha’Allahu khair for all your effort. May Allah continue to bless you as you strive in his course. Asallamualeikum

    • Masha Allah, what a lovely article. Just what I needed to read. I am planning to foster in the future in sha Allah. I ask Allah to give me the strength. Ameen.

  7. JazakumAllah Khairun for sharing your productive story. I hope one day to become a foster parent because I believe in the values and benefits you’ve espoused. This piece was reassuring and insightful so I thank you and pray that Allah rewards you for you efforts! :)

  8. MashaAllah a good and very touching article.
    Concerning fostering I would really love to do it when am capable and independent In Shaa Allah especially where I live the rules are not that stringent as am seeing is the case for you.
    May Allah reward you for your good deeds both in this world and the hereafter.

    JazakumuLlah Kheyr

  9. We should foster only those children who have the same sex as our own children. Also the foster child should move on as soon as they are mature as a girl will be non mehram to male members of the society and a boy to females

  10. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. Mehjabeen
    It’s really interesting to know these information about child foster. I’d no idea it would be this challenging. Thanks for sharing us this beneficial info. J.A.K. May Allah grants you tawfeek in dunya and akhira.