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  1. We do a disservice to the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali when we leave out the impact and influence of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (the man who named him) and the Nation of Islam.

    • Malcolm X had a profound effect on Muhammad Ali’s life – as attested by his daughter: Ambassador Shabbaz.
      I pray Allah surround us with inspirational people!

  2. Subhan’Allah this article on Muhammad Ali is so so inspiring. I needed this upliftment to uplift my game.
    Barak’Allah feekum

  3. I was going to comment that you forgot to mention that he is rarely ever remembered for miraculously talking someone out of suicide. I reviewed your article just to double check and found it there hidden in the last paragraph of point 4; yet again the Productive Muslim is once step ahead!

    Anyway, I find it to be a spectacular that any person could talk someone intent on killing himself out of suicide. But for the greatest, just another day it seems.

    Here’s a link to that video if anyone’s interested, incredible stuff:

    “He reportedly said to the man, ‘I’m you’re brother, I want to help you'”

    How’s that for inspiration?

    • Amazing, Subhanallah! No one article can summarize his beautiful life!
      I pray Allah grant us all amazing legacies!

  4. This blog post is really inspirational . Muhammad Ali left his legacy not only through his boxing career as he had gone above and beyond the ring and inspired people throughout the world .

  5. Very well written.
    Thought how much time I left to start acting as a minister of God. He taught us to value time as possible.

    Service in the cause of Islam in general and to Muslims in particular . May He accept ! I wish we, as Muslims, follow Islam and Non Muslims understand Islam!

  7. I have listened to some of his interviews and I can bet that Muhammad Ali (RH) was a great and witty speaker.

  8. Beautiful! Have never really though through the lessons of his life…he’s always just been too out of reach but this just brings him closer home…May Allah grant him Al jannah firdaus and save him from the torment of the hell fire and the torment of the grave (Amin)

  9. Assalaam Alaykum,It is an exciting life story and memorable to me.May Allah (SW) accept his deed.

  10. Alhamdulilah, a live well spent in sha ALLAH. anytime a good soul departs for here after i think about my end and wonder how many good deeds have done. just like the saying “LIVE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE REMEBERED” thought it might not be easy but surely you will get there.Rest in Peace peoples champ

  11. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Subhan Allah, his actions spoke louder than his voice. That’s how a Muslim is expected to be. Once we bring Islam in our lives, it’s gonna live its impact on many around us. That’s Islam!

  12. Masha Allah!!! Very inspirational article. It gives a positive impact and motivates us. The real HERO in Muhammed Ali is revealed. He is one of the most inspired man especially in this era. Muslim Umma has lot to learn from his life. May Allah (SWT) grant him Jannah.

  13. The more i learn about this man the more i respect him. May Allah grant him a place in paradise. A true inspiration for all muslims. He spoke the truth, believed in Allah and loved Allah and all of his creations. Such a person is needed in todays world.

  14. Assalamu alaykum dear brother, author of this article.

    It just so great reminder that’s gave more believe and inspiration on the little I know about the world top boxing champion of all the time. You deserve absolutely not only many thanks but sufficiently to say “Jazakallah khair” to you for these selected points from his past life summarized so into 7 great lessons… Yes I need read it over and again. I always admire him before and since I started learning the martial arts, and got to learn that the world top Kung-Fu ever brilliant movies actor (Bruce Lee) got inspiration form M. Ali model and fighting styles. Your article said too many things as really lessons to rethink about. May Allah grant him paradise and enable us , especially the young Muslim to learn and inspire from his stories for better commitments that portray the real insights of the Islam, while benefiting the individual making such efforts with an everlasting image and distinction in Dunya and in the hereafter.

    Mohamed Fofana

  15. O Allah! Please have mercy on the soul of Muhammad Ali and the rest of the departed muslim souls. Ameen!

    I watched a video of Muhammad Ali in which he explained our essence of creation. That is, to worship none but Allah. So,he was not only an athlete (boxer) but also a great daa’e (preacher) of the Islamic faith.

    We will follow his footsteps of God (Allah) consciousness and goodness, kindness, and service to the humanity. In shaa Allah!

  16. It’s just amazing to see how faith in Allah (swt) and good actions can lift people from their ordinary conditions to the highest stages of heroism. Subhanallah, may God be pleased with Muhammad Ali and with all Muslims.

  17. Wallahi this article is more than enough to uplift anyone who is shy of his or her religion…it is an inspiration to every born a muslim who is weak as per Islam, so if a convert could work so hard to please his creator and our creator was pleased with him…then we need to make a rethink of our life… May Allah habe mercy on Muhammed Ali and grant him jannat firdaus amin

  18. Another immensely motivating article..
    I would love to share this with my loved ones especially my husband.. He is fighting OCD.
    He needs great motivation every now and then.. N Our champ’s life got many lessons and inspirations. I pray to Allah s.w for his maghfira.. My he be granted with jannat ul firdouse.ameen

  19. Another immensely motivating article..
    I would love to share this with my loved ones especially my husband.. He is fighting OCD.
    He needs great motivation every now and then. I pray to Allah s.w for his maghfira.. My he be granted with jannat ul firdouse.ameen

    • May Allah make his affairs easier and bless him in his life! He’s clearly blessed with having such a supportive wife as you (so many people mock mental disorders and shame those who have them, it’s sad). Thank you for being a light in this life, may your light run for miles in the next.

  20. This is really Amazing!Awesome!Spectacular! no words to really describe, brother, this is really inspiring,motivating and a gem for the whole ummah.Indeed Muhammad Ali has built a great legacy.May Allah forgive him his sins,have mercy on him and Grant him Al-jannah Firdaus (Ameen)

  21. I learnt try hard to fight againt the nafs of myself.
    Believe in me.
    If Allah SWT is with you, nothing can harm you.

  22. AssalamuAlaikum,
    Masha’Allah, really beneficial article. Since I learned that Mohammad Ali was one of the respected and most admired among the celebrities, it reminds me of Hamzah Abdullah when he said “People respect you more for standing up for what you believe in.” I realized that’s definitely true.

    Thank you for your share br. Shareef. May Allah benefit you in dunya and akhira.

    • Wa alaikum asslaam,
      If we gain the love of Allah – the respect of the people will follow :)
      Ameen to your duas!