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  1. SubhanAllah! Amazing! May Allah bless your efforts& grant all those serving humanity,this deep connection with Him,so they can lift humanity higher,Ameen

  2. Hahahaha- Aamaaaazzing ! This was very lovely . And what a discription of Hajj and Salah !!
    May Allah allow all those reading this to go Hajj this year and come back safely and maintain their level of purity reached , Ameen .
    JazakAllah khair for this series – we would love to have more of these !

  3. ya Allah, …I can’t believe… I m the first one to comment here (though on the last part..: P)..but I was trying it from very first day… and now i did it….. yeeee..:)))

  4. Beautifully written series. It was really engaging and inspiring. I love how you tied in everything so neatly at the end.


  5. Oh no… It seems someone landed here faster than me…. its ok… no problem… at least I m 2nd :))))….

  6. I have read plenty of books in my life time, but your talent Lilly S. Mohsen is UNIQUE Mashallah!
    May Allah give the strength and knowledge to keep teaching Islam in such a talented way.
    I just want to simply say Thank You!


  7. Assalam walekum sis …
    .well truly its make me sad to know this mesmerizing series writing is now ended… but I really want to thank you sister for giving us this beautiful insight view of the five pillar of Islam.. I never think about it in so beautiful and realistic way as u explained it …:))))….May Allah sub’hana hu wa’tala bless you and all of us with more understanding of this deen in perfect way that may we can share the good knowledge with every one and grow more and more to be a better Ummah …InSha’Allah..

    and ‘Ameen’ to sister Numra’s prayer…: )))

  8. Masha Allah Sis Lilly S Mohsen,
    The way you explained the five pillars of Islam is just beautiful and heat absorbing. May Allah SWT give more strength to your writings.

  9. Lilly, the series came to an end so fast, I was following so close and got up very early to be the first to read the fresh episode,but I was always late,really they were marvelous and I liked so much (Five in one), really God is so kind and generous.God bless you and your readers.
    Loving and a proud Dad

    • My readers are all charmed by you and now I’m a little jealous :)
      May Allah keep you safe, happy and healthy for all of us….
      I wish one day I can attain a fraction of your goodness, kindness, humility and integrity….
      I’ll keep striving till then inshAllah… For you being proud of me is the core of my joy in this life.
      I love you dad ❤️

  10. Wow! That was beautiful, an amazing piece. May Almighty Allah reward you abundantly, grant you success in this world and hereafter, ameen.

  11. Alhamdulillah I finished reading it.MashaAllah I really love the ending of it all pillars combined.Adam said it very well.more power and readers In shaa Allah.

  12. MashaAllah tabarakaAllah sister. I thank Allah for HIS gift to you. Alhamdulillah am grateful you shared it with us.
    Absolutely loved it?. It’s a amazing how shift of mindset/attitude towards things can make you see things in a new perspective….this series has certainly done that for me. Jzk khayr dear sister. May Allah increase you in your talent and make you and us amongst HIS pious and righteous slaves and make us amongst those who submit to HIS WILL willingly. Ameen

    I am certain this will not be the last time we hear from you bi’idnillah.

    Sending your way some love for the sake of Allah.

  13. MaashaAllah! Nicely explain
    May Allah taala reward u here n hereafter
    The series ended but left me to think so much?

  14. Am really surprised can one think this wisely..masha Allah you see every thing in a correct and extremely different manner..this was my first time in life ,I heard such a beautiful explanation of 5 pillars in Islam.. I can’t express my feeling sister..I ask Allah (swt) to give you more knowledge and good health..and please continuously write this kind of articles..please..and I ask Allah (swt) to give us knowledge to understand our purpose correctly ..Aameen

    your family is more lucky to have you…Alhamdulillah..and me too to have a sister like you..and am really happy to read your articles..Alhamdulillah

    • Oh Alees that is so sweet! Thank you!
      But I gotta be honest, the wisdom you see had been bestowed upon me alhamduallah with Allah’s will through a long line of mentors, scholars, teachers, books and lots of research and studying! Once you tackle that huge deep ocean of knowledge you realize the secret to wisdom is in knowing there is so much we don’t know…
      May Allah put us all on the blessed path of knowledge and allow us to get to know Him and fall in love with Islam… Amen

  15. Subhanallah.. the series were awesome, and you made me see islam in a whole new perspective.. I have to say “the more you learn about islam, the more you’ll love it”… our deen is so beautiful, and the way you combined the 5 pillars of islam and the way back, make you fall in love with it more.. please continue doing such type of series more sister, the talent you have and the way you apply it to serve deen, is really commendable Mashaallah.. jazakallahu khair a lot for these series.. just loved them all the way and back.. I hope they are going to be more series like this.. :D
    May allah subhanhuwataala accept our fasts and our good deeds and give us more knowledge about our deen so we can really appreciate the beautiful guidance allah has bestowed on us…
    Eid mubarak Inn advance.. :)

  16. The series was awesome! Loved every part of it.
    Amazing connection between the pillars of Islam.. Thank you.

  17. Moved me to tears… Severally. Can’t explain how this series has touched me. And the final episode? Whow!

    I had to go back and read the previous episodes again. I don’t usually comment on pieces I read online but I have a request…

    Please sister, publish this work into a book. It’ll fix many more lives, many more relationships.

    Jazakillahu khayran.

    • I would love to! Please make duaa for me because your request s actually my biggest dream….
      Thank you for taking the time to comment Tayyiba…
      It really means the world to me…

      • This series with a similar seies of the six articles of faith plus a practicle explanation of Ihsaan into a book will be great read.
        JazakAllah khayr for sharing with us your wisdom.

  18. I’ve had a bit of a hectic week, hence I could not get a chance to read these last 2 parts to the story… When I say “Final Episode” I almost cried. This series has changed me perspective on so many things. I wish I could go back to every episode and tell you how much I learned, but wallahi it is too much. I thank you, sister, for sharing this series with us. I pray that Allaah rewards you abundantly because this series has helped me and so many others as well. I take so many lessons from here and in shaa Allaah, I can implement them in my life. Jazakillah khayr, sister. I hope you write another series soon! :) xx

  19. how do we build a stronger ship to survive a storm?”↔“With strong foundations,” ↔⤵
    “the five pillars of Islam…”↔which leads us to our destination (( al Jannah..))
    Mashaa Allah ,beautiful memorable picture of our life and what we should do to go on … safely to reach our distination Al JANNAH. ..
    Superb, & excellent, series
    jazaki Allah khairan and
    God bless you & all youur beloved ones.

  20. Ma Shaa Allah…so uplifting consoling i literally felt like I’m at the therapist’s office…Beautiful just Beautiful….Jazakillahu kheiran Ukhty

  21. Assalamu alaikum,
    I really enjoyed reading the series it was so captivating and educating. I love the writting style of the writer. The writer used very interesting wisdom to educate us about the five pillars of islam.
    The ending paragraph was the icing on the cake.
    Jazakallah Khair.

  22. Allahu Akbar….!!!
    This series has really deepened my understanding and even the way I look at my deen (Islam).
    May Allah bless your efforts and reward you with Jannatul Fiddaus.

  23. Subhanallah. How I wish I could spend some time inside this therapists office. I feel sad that this series has come to an end but nevertheless I’ve definitely gained some valuable insights from every part of this series and a renewed attitude towards Islam.

    Jazakallah khairan kaseera sister Lilly Mohsen.

  24. As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatuhu. A really very beautiful series, mashallah!! Allah Taala has given you the amazing talent of writing and I must say you have succeeded in using it to the fullest. Mashallah really very inspiring and the explanations of every pillar of Islam have been put in awesome words. I simply love reading your blogs sister. Keep up the good work and jazaak Allah for sharing your gift with the world. Truly beautiful indeed. Subhanallah.

  25. For the first time I read a text that has been knitted in a believer’s way so naturally, worth reading
    a good spiritual text for everyone..muslim and non muslim.Can become a good source of dAWAH

  26. Subhanallah. Can’t pen down how I feel after reading ur article. I was so indulged in the concept that I sort of assumed to be living it myself. The questions that were asked to the therapist have long lingered my mind. And the therapist’s answers Alhumdulillah were so satisfactory. After every article I feel renewed. We really don’t know what’s in store for us in the future but yes the ship must be stronger. Jazakallah Khair. You have no idea as to how ur article has penetrated my heart only to soothe it. Alhumdulillah.May Allah bless you with his abundant Mercy. Ameen ya rab. We all have shortcomings. The potential pitfalls of this life is what we need to overcome with lots of patience and perseverance. I’ll keep rereading to build the cruise for myself. Haha.

      • It’s indeed my pleasure Lilly. Do you have any more articles in store coz I’m eagerly awaiting to read ’em all. I’m starving for some more meritorious Islamic articles.

  27. Subhanallah!! Really an amazing series!!!! I was so shocked and amazed that all the characters were related! This has really helped me with my outlook on my life and how I have lived this Ramadan. These series really helped me with my Ibadah and encouraged me the whole month. Mashallah Sister Lilly has taught me my Deen all over again, and this time with examples that I can totally relate to. I feel really uplifted and inspired by these series, Subhanallah! And what has really made me happy is the fact that all the ‘clients’ have united together as a family and are going to Hajj! Mashallah! May Allah bless Sister Lilly and allow her to continue to use her amazing literary skills to inspire faith and encouragement in the hearts of the Ummah again! Ameen! ?

  28. Masha Allah, i feel so inspired, ready to face the world again with the new strength Allah has given me through your write up. Thanks Lily. May Allah bless you real good.

  29. Alhamdullilah! the series has ended and the constant awaiting for the next episode of “Inside the Therapist Office” has also ended.. I loved the way you connected all the pillars together, its something which I have never heard of or thought of.
    I guess you should continue a similar type of series because the world needs a therapist who can explain Islam in a wonderful manner as a solution to a whole lot of problems faced by another group of people. In Sha Allah! eagerly waiting for your next series. May Allah reward you immensely for all the knowledge that you have shared with us.

  30. Now that was just sublimely done! I ignored the connections at some point…couldnt connect again with who everyone was, but once the the lessons and the syncing began, it didnt matter who was who….such great lessons Lilly! jazakallahu khairan, i have tears in my eyes….
    May Allah make us all run to be with our Beloved and strengthen our eeman and beleif in the pillars.
    May Allah strengthen you my darling sister. Thank you for this. truly…

  31. Alhamdulillah. Jazaakillahu Khairan and Barakallahufik. Allah swt has blessed us with the wisdom of understanding our Deen and the Five Pillars of Islam in a deeper and connected way. I must share this particular story with my spouse… In Shaa Allah, I hope that it will help answer some of his questions which I personally had difficulty responding about death. May what we read from the entire series be internalised within our mind as good knowledge which will translate into positive reinforcing actions and our faith strengthened and our hearts be constantly yearning to be even closer to Our Maker. Aamiin

    A work-in-progress Muslimah

  32. Jazakallahu Khairan for this beautiful series….. I loved it and it really changed my way of thinking towards the deen thank you thank you thanks a lot

  33. Alhamdulillah, I really loved this ending I was smiling all of the time I was reading it along with all of the comments. Superb insights about the 5 pillars and how they are actually connected to each other, you have given all of the readers renewed wonderful perspectives about our deen… Jazaakillah khayr for your efforts in making time for writing up this series and the wonderful replies and duas to all of the readers who had commented on your stories. I pray so that I can meet you in jannah, and may Allah bless you and all of your family with His barakah, aamiin…

    • May you always be happy and smiling with joy Asfira
      I’m so blessed with you and all my readers. And my mom is overjoyed with all the beautiful duaa my lovely readers make for my family
      I’m truly honored and beyond grateful

  34. OMG MashAllah TabarakAllah Lilly!!! This is the first time I have ever commented on a post on productive Muslim but wow! The way you linked all the characters together and the knowledge you have cleverly shared about Islam is absolutely amazing especially Adam’s explanation of the five pillars from front to back!
    May Allah reward you with so much good!

  35. How sad it is ur final episode

    I wish it could last for life long

    Any way honestly i hav read all ur episodes and i have learned a lot specially from that genius kid adam that how all five pillars are combined to salaha.and also three keys of success i still remember

    Jazakallah khair for the content sis

  36. Thank you Lilly for the amazing series! May Allah reward you for bringing us closer to Him through your work!
    I particularly enjoyed figuring out how the characters were related to one another.
    Please continue to write and share your gift with words with the rest of us!

  37. Subhanallah.
    This series is really an eye opener. It teaches me to see my life in a different angle. The angle which allows me to seeand highlight the ultimate purpose of our life. I feel so grateful to Allah taala. This makes me feel calm and put aside my emotion. Hehe.

    Dear sister,
    Jazakillah khayran katheera.. May Allah rewards you and your family with His blessing and barakah. ?

  38. As salaam ‘alaikum:

    Words can’t even begin to describe what I have been reading over the last few weeks. This was really a series worth reading and I shared it with my teenage daughter as well. It has undoubtedly helped me and the ending was chuck full with wisdom in it. I even recommended it to one of my students.

    May Allah continue to reward you and your family for your efforts. Ameen.

  39. WOW, JUST WOWWW!!!!
    I need to say it one more time, WOW!
    Walaa Mohsen u keep raising the bar girl.
    Amazing work M’shAllah!!! U surely deserve a gold metal for this series.
    So I hear u’ll be writing a new series soon. Hhhhhhhhh
    I can’t waitttt. It’s going to be hard to match this series. We will just have to wait and see ;)

    Eid Moubark!

  40. Wonderful!!! Beautiful explanation of Pillars of Islam. I read all episodes in one sitting and it mesmerized me from start till end. Dear Lilly, you have very intelligently apply concepts of Pillar of Islam in your profession. May Allah guide us all to be true ambassador of HIS Deen in our fields of work. Ameen.

  41. Mashallah! Subhanallah! I do not have words to show my gratitude for this whole article. Seems like a message directed to me. May Allah rectify all our affairs and purify us from sins. May Allah grant us the blessing of performing Hajj in it’s true scene. May we never hurt any of His creation. May Allah grant us the heart to forgive the mistakes of others as we would also like to be forgiven by Allah. Let us start a new clean life, keeping our souls free from hatred, sorrow, grief, jealousy,greed, showing off and following the shaytan. Lets fulfill all our religious obligations which include the rights of the CREATOR and the rights of HIS CREATION. Lets keep in mind the ultimate, amazing, mind blowing,unimaginable and unique place of return which is Jannah and meeting with our one true love, ALLAH SUBHANA WA TA ALA. Ya Allah guide us all to your love, to doing deeds that help us achieve YOUR love and help us love those whom YOU love. Ya Allah do not let us waste our Hajj or any of our good deeds by backbiting and oppressing Your creation or by neglecting Your worship.Ya Allah make us among the favored ones, not among those whom Your wrath is justified upon. Make us among those whom You love and are extremely pleased with and want to meet. Not among those whom You hate to meet. Ya Allah we love YOU, please love us.

  42. This is indeed really great,well lily i must say you are truly gifted,wish i could just see you beside me but nevertheless i hope to meet you in AL-JANNAH FIRDAUS(AMEEN).May Allah swt endow you with more beneficial knowledge and wisdom,May Allah bless you and your family,forgive you for your sins and shortcomings,you are something else lily.Love!!!

  43. umm…i would like to contact you personally and ask you somethings if you don’t mind…i really loved those articles btw<3

  44. This was an amazing series! Learned a lot! Really enjoyed reading every peice of it….thank you sister Lilly for explaining each of our five pillars in this beautiful way and thank you productive Muslim as always:)

  45. Amazing….so many valuable lessons learnt….I thank you for this…..I have a whole new perspective, determination and motivation after reading this….

  46. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. Lilly
    May Allah elevates you all in dunya and akhira. This ending is one of the most beautiful ending I’ve ever read so far. Holding my tears while reading this another challenge! (Lol). Plus when you wrote this: “Once you keep your eye on the purpose, distractions won’t interest you, Maggie! Obstacles will be challenges and mistakes will become valuable lessons!” It’s the most motivational quote I’ve read.
    Alhamdulillah, that I came across these precious episodes including the final. Love the way you wrote it. Keep up Lilly!
    J.A.K for sharing.

  47. MA SHA ALLAH the finale was extraordinary amazing, loved it how you explained the five pillars and foundations of Islam and the way u described the real purpose of life in this world…really touching..may Allah grant u nd ur family Jannah tul Firdaus!!

  48. Ma sha Allah ! What a wonderful read! May Allah reward you for all your efforts Aameen!
    Love the way how you tied it up beautifully in the end. Jazakillahu khairan