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  1. Salam alaikum! I have been thinking about getting a Kindle too and dump all my study books into it. My question is: Does it have problems with rendering Arabic fonts? Also, some PDFs I have are scans of books so they are just images embedded into the PDF. From your experience, do you think those would work fine? Convince me and I will buy it through your referral link! :P Jazakallahu khair!

    • @Zahid – I’ve tested PDFs (including Arabic PDFs and Image PDFs) when I first got my kindle and as you said, it’s simple an “image” that you scroll through in Kindle. If the image of the PDF is large enough, reading in the Kindle is fine. If it’s tiny to read, you might have to zoom and it’s not very convenient.

      And yes, Kindle does not support Arabic fonts, which means that you cannot convert an Arabic PDF or Arabic word document into a “Kindle” file. However you can take the Arabic PDF as is and read it in the Kindle. Hope this helps!

    • I have the kindle and it’s perfectly fine with Arabic texts. I’ve emailed a few PDF  files to it and the Arabic was fine. :) It’s a great tool to have!

    • I’ll be honest, I was thinking of iPad as well, but the Kindle has much more advantages including:

      1. It’s cheaper
      2. It doesn’t hurt your eye when reading
      3. It has a one month battery
      4. It’s distraction free! You don’t waste time jumping between applications, you simply pick up the kindle to read.

          • I have iPad 2 for quite a while now and these are the results. I spend on avarage 50% of the time reading in total. Rest of the time is distributed throughout social media, email and Skype. iPad is my primary device for pretty much everything, except the actual really meaningful work. 

            Out of those 50% that I spend reading:

            50% is spent on reading RSS feeds.
            25% is spent on reading articles that I’ve previously saved in Instapaper.
            15% is spent on reading iBooks book.
            10% is spent on newsreaders like Flipboard and Zite.

            On average it’s 2-2.5 hours spent on reading in total. I believe it did a great job at what I wanted it too.

            I know you are right and that Kindle is for reading, but I wanted all around single device. Once you try it, share your thoughts and let me know :)

            Best regards from Belgrade Serbia

  2. asalaamalaikum, id really like to know if it works in saudi or not? i heard that it doesnt, but then again it im not sure. i mean theres wifi here so im not sure why it wouldnt, but reading your post it seems that anywhere outside of North America or the UK there might be a problem. do you have confirmation on this or where i can fnd out? jazakAllah kheir.

    • The official answer is “no”. This is because you need to have a US mailing address or UK mailing address to be allowed on the US/UK kindle store or even to order your Kindle. But that’s where the unofficial “yes” comes from. If you have a US Mailing address or UK Mailing address and that’s the address that’s in your amazon account, then it should work with no problems.

      p.s. also, prefer if you sign up to the US kindle store, it has much more variety of books!

      Hope this helps!

      • asalaamalaikum, sorry to bother again, but which is better to work overseas- the kindle with 3G and wifi or just wifi? and do you know if the ‘special offers’ that comes with the cheaper version are inappropriate ads or not for kids? jazakAllah kheir!

  3. Assalamu alikom. I’ll bring this up again. If u compare it to Sony Reader, which would u recommend (keeping in mind that I do NOT live in UK or Us; I’m in Egypt)?? Thank u

    • Never tried Sony Reader.. the key is to ensure that you have access to a wide variety of books which you can easily buy/read on your device, otherwise the reader becomes pointless.

  4. Since I Invested in a Kindle 7 months ago, I’ve read 150 books in total. You Don’t really need to buy books, there are lots of free books online. I can honestly say. It has changed my direction in life. That’s how powerful reading is. Out of those 150 books, 10 must have been leisure books, the rest all on personal development, finance, marketing, social media, web design, business, entrepreneurship, nutrition, economics, psychology,sales, meditation, inspiration auto-biographies and management. Yup, I can honestly say, my kindle returns great dividends. Thank you Abu Productive for aiding my decision to purchase one. May Allah reward your for hard work and disciple. 

  5. Assalamualaikum,

    The kindle has been an amazing device and I have loaded it with the 13 line uthmani script Qur’an which I can read on my commute to work.

    For people who like reading in bed the best kindle would be the new paperwhite which glows in the dark and doesn’t strain the eyes.

    Happy Reading

  6. I live in Egypt and I would like very much to buy one but I am not sure if the kindle can work here in Egypt or not? If yes, I don’t have WIFI but so I need to use the internet through 3G, will it work> Does it have a mobile line in it to work with 3G? And how I can order it to Egypt? I don’t have a UK or US mail but I will try to do one, will this help in ordering it? Thanks in advance!

  7. Assalamu alaikum All,

    Apologies in advance for diverting the thread slightly from Mona’s question…

    I would be grateful for any feedback on how people cope with heavy texts, such as text books. I have an IPad2 (mulling over whether i should invest in a kindle too – but another topic for later…) and use it to read a variety of books, but default to purchasing paperbacks for reading text books as I like highlighting and scrawling in the margins. I haven’t tried doing this in electronic formats, so wanted to learn how people cope with it.
    Grateful for feedback.

  8. was excited to know that I could read for hours without hurting my eyes, but kindle is not available in Dxb …. :(