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    • i went with my 2 1/2 month daughter for hajj 2014 she turned 3 months the day after eid, i too was v worried so much so that i didnt slept last week before my journey started, every 1 i knew discouraged the idea including my pediatrician but my husband told me 1 thing that when hazrat Ibrahim (Alihsalam) can take Hazrat Ismail (alihsalam) many centuries ago in a desert than y u worried thu this actually boosted me but i cant help it being a mother, anyways what happened there is that Allah Almighty made it simple and opened paths for us.
      my advantages also included my parents and sister also went with us, they helped (specially my mother and sister) a lot, i also included formula milk to feed my daughter along with nursing her myself. also i took charging fans so my kid did not sweat to dehydration, i used soft fabrics to dress her in which air can pass, above all as i was too in recovery phase i used wheel chair for tawaf in which i sat carrying my baby in between i got off and my husband than wore baby carrier so he carried her or anyone who sat on wheel chair carried baby including my mother
      also we have facilities in mina, arafat and muzdalfa i didnt went for rami in first two days i only went the last day and that too when crowd lessened as sometimes they throw stones and they accidentally hits u and i dont want to risk that on my baby plus suffocation and stampede risk. Above all as we go to Allah Almighty house He knows how to handle his guests and make it simple and easy so no matter what we do its always Him who make it simple or difficult.

  1. I can’t imagine performing Hajj with kids…we don’t even have that
    option in my country (I think 16 or 18 is the minimum age)….but useful
    tips for umrah insha-Allah. JazakAllah.

  2. Please note climbing mount arafaat or jabal ur rahma and making dua all day or fighting each other for it, there is no such significance in Islam and authentic Sunnah for details about innovations in hajj but making dua otherwise in plain is ok. plz read:

    Please read this as far as blessings of hajj are concerned, amazing authentic hadith:

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Shaz,

      Sincere apologies for the delayed response.

      Thank you for your trust in us. However, I’m afraid we aren’t equipped to answer fiqh-related questions. It would be best to seek the advice of a scholar you have access to. Alternatively, you can also ask your question on any of the following sites: ​​

      I pray you find the answer!

  3. Jazak Allaahu khairun for the post and the positive light on taking kids along :) I love your response M, I my self am so confused over taking my two kids (yes 2 kids) a 2 year old and a 4 year old with me for hajj. If anyone has experience with something similar, or with taking kids with them during hajj, please share!!
    Barak Allaahu feekum

  4. Assalam o Alaikum
    Kindly tell me
    I have a son & a daughter
    Son age is 5 and daughter is 2 years old
    Every 1 Saying me not to perform Hajj with Kids
    Kindly I am in very tension
    If any 1 Is experienced kindly tell me
    Jazak Allah Khair.

  5. I am going Hajj with my mother, wife and 1.5 year old baby boy. My mother will perform hajj on wheel chair and i am much worried about to carry my baby boy so can you please guide me in this regard to how to carry baby boy while hajj.