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  1. Assalamu Alaykum Farhana Sharmeen
    Shukran for the awesome article. Algamdulillah. I am a single Mom. My childeren are adolences and still refuse to do their chores yet I trained them since a young age. Neither my sweet talks or rewards helps them to do their small bits in the house just to keep their room clean and every 2nd week the kitchen. If i dont remind them their rooms remains filthy and the dirty kitchen will stand over! Any advice I will highly appreciate.


    • Salam,
      I am glad that you’d enjoyed the article. I would suggest talking and listening to your kids. When the kids feel that they are being “listened to”, they tend to cooperate. Also, let them know why you need their help and how their efforts make a difference for your home. Being appreciated will inspire them to be more helpful around the house insha Allah.
      – Farhana

    • Is it possible that you and your children are not open with each other tmoionalky? Do you hug them often, kiss them on the forehead, compliment them? Do you share a hobby?

      If your child were to live with her or his best friend and that friend said hey clean up the kitchen please, he or she will gladly do so because in friendship they hug, they share their feelings, etc.

      But with parents that’s rarely the case especially if you are South Asian.

  2. mashaa’allaah,what a great article.Quite enlightening.I especially have that problem with my young wife coz she just can’t seem to restrain herself from shouting at our 3 year old.I’ve tried countless times to talk to her about it but she just doesn’t seem to learn.May Allaah make it easy for her and I.

  3. Jzk, best article ever on anger control. These tips can help solve sibling problems as well. Masha Allah! Keep it up sister:)