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  1. OMW!! LOL what and ending!! My heart was beating in an exciting manner when i saw ” final episode”. I really enjoyed every episode and what a suspence till thee end….
    Indeed a very well lesson learnt, a lesson that can be well used.


  2. Masha Allah. I really love this series so much for it helps me to understand myself better. I’m looking forward for strength and inspiration to face this life in a positive way, and alhamdulillah Allah helps me along the way.

    I have just had an operation 2 months ago and now suspected for cancer. I did noticed that the emotional pains started to transform into physical pains. I learnt a great lessons by acknowledging what I felt, started to accept anything that happens in life and learn to love myself more so that I could love others more too. I learnt the concept of ‘redha’. Now, I try to put on smile honestly and ask Allah for His guidance to help me go through any situation in a way that He would pleases.

    May Allah bless you my dear sister Lily and all of us.