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  1. MashaAllah sister a very inspiring article with brilliant tips and practical steps given that will help us all to enrich our lives with Barakah!

    May Allah shower His Mercy and Blessings upon you and your family and grant you beautiful health and character.

  2. asaalmualykum warehmatuallah wabarakatuhu dear sister……. May Allah always help you to lead a life full of barakah and may He shower His blessings on you here and hereafter….. I found your article so much useful and practical. This is a time when I am also not feeling good and have some health issues as well as some life issues which till this time appeared so BIG to me but for sure it’s the barakah of Allah SWT that your article came as a helper. I say Allhumdulilah and I say thanks to you alot for your article……. For me, you have been chosen a source of Barakah so I wish your life to be full of it…..

    • Assalamu alaykum, subhan ALLAH i wanted to write the same words sister yawar, indeed this article came as a helper. We forget sooo many things that ALLAH has given us.

      And if you should count the favor of ALLAH, you could not enumerate them. Indeed, mankind is [generally] most unjust and ungrateful.
      Qur’an (14:34)

      Everyone of us is struggling with different things in life but as you mentioned sister our eternal home is Jannah. May ALLAH let us enter it, Ameen. Great article💗

  3. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakathuhu
    Alhamdulillah a very useful article and May Allah grant you good health, happiness and help you to write more articles to inspire many people. May He increase baraka in your life. Ameen!
    Very easy, rewarding and productive tips are mentioned here and In sha Allah I will try my best to follow them
    Jezakallah khair sister

  4. Barakallahi fee. This article resonated with me. And I thank you for writing it and showing us all that indeed in Islam itself is where our barakah begins.
    May Allah truly reward you dear sis.

  5. A truly inspiring article. I find it truly encouraging that despite the challenge., you are doing your best to thrive and grow . I invoke Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala to heal and grant you good health.

  6. Wonderful article. Keep writing. May Allah SWT grant you complete Shifa and increase Barakah in all that you desire. Ameen.

  7. Awesome article !!! Loved reading every word of it. Inshallah I hope to follow your guidelines. Jazakallah for sharing this article with us. May Allah give you good health and a loooong life. Ameen !!!

  8. Salamwalaikum
    I fully agree with the sister I understand what she is saying salah quran and even listening to it gives abundance peace fajr is a special time its not hard to wake up Allah made night to sleep morning to work if you keep that in mind there is no need to say it is hard to wake up except the fact shaitan is always looking to undo our good deeds or good thoughts say a lot of Istighfar there are so many small words we can keep our thoughts occupied with the Productive Muslim has taken the time to connect us Muslims together weather we choose to take the classes or not so thanks for that too may Allah keep us all guided specially in these trying times ameen !

  9. Great article , as expected from Productive Muslim! However this was special as it made me tear up at the mention of the barakah of health. At the young age of 14 I was blessed with a healing journey from a major back surgery, and so I came to realize the true value of things I took for granted like sitting for long periods at a time, going upstairs and sujood !
    Alhamdolilah now I’m blessed to be preparing for my board exams while sitting for very long hours, I ascend the stairs two at a time and descend three at a time :P and i can stay in sujood as long as I want.
    Unless my back gives a serious ache now and then, they’re back to the taken for granted category though, subhanAllah.
    This has been a great reminder.

    Plus, I really like the points at the end.
    May Allah’s Baraka brighten up your way. Barakallahu feekom :]

  10. Great article. I had the problem with time wasters also. As soon as I sat down I grabbed my phone for scrolling my FB page or surfing the internet etc. I noticed that this was a loss of time, thus I deactivated my account and I put my smart phone away. I now use an old school call/sms phone. So instead of grabbing my phone when I sit down, I grab a book of Islam teachings or my arabic learning book. On the other side, when I see some pictures or vids on facebook, they bring negative thoughts inside my head and making it difficult to fully open my heart for Allah during salah.
    Greetings from Suriname and may Allah bless you more with barakah sister.

  11. SubhanAllah, this article totally agrees with all what i do, ahamdulillah. Jazakallah khair for the beautifully written article. May Allah enlighten the hearts of all the not so good muslims with Ilm via Abu Productive. There is so much to gain from Productive Muslim. Stay Blessed and be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

  12. jazaakallah khayr!!!
    assalaam aleykum, this article has brought me about the greatest things that a muslim should always try to make himself get into. this will always make one grateful which in turn increases our chances of being showered with more blesses from Allah s.w.. as the saying goes”if you are grateful,i will shower you with even more than what you asked for”
    Getting ro know the meaning of BARAKAH, and a few that you mentioned as examples incline me to be thankful and reminds me of how I could see barakah as simply a priceless gift that only ALLAH would give me.. I can assure you that this is very helpful to any muslim that comes across any of these words and I truly am grateful, Alhamdulillah for all the blesses that he showered me with.. I pray that he keeps on blessing all muslims and the most priceless bless he could give us is the heart full of gratitude to what his almighty lord has bestowed him.
    wabillah tawfiq

  13. Masha Allah Tabarakallah Jazakallahu khair brother for such an inspiring story board. It motivates me and gave me clearer perspctivws in life…ri

  14. Asselamu alaikum sister.i just read your article.i’m a new member of productive Muslim of course.i love your article very much and I like to keep in touch with you.i like to increase my Imani first.i ‘ m a mother of three kids.nowedays I feel like I have lost my imaan.i lost my mother in 2012 because of breast I’m unable to leave from that trauma.i feel like me too will get it.hope you will understand my situation.with Salam

  15. Assa lamu alaykum wa rahma tullah. Allah is great. Just finished my Khutbah with the title “Increasing Barakah in our lives” and by the Grace and Mercy of Allah Azza wa Jalla, I go through my email on see your article on Barakah. Shukran Jazilan for this inspiring article and providing me with more insight for my talk. May Allah Azza wa Jalla reward you abundantly for your efforts and afford you the opportunity to be of service to the Ummah in order for us to receive His Barakah through your articles. May He shower His Grace and Blessings upon you, your family, loved ones and friends continuously Amin. Shukran once again.

  16. Assala Mualaikum.
    Mashallah, your article is nicely warded to touch the emotion. This article would inshallah be a very effective stimulant to those readers who have been suffering from despair and dismay and lacking barakah and feeling sad with their day to day affairs. This article is in turn process to ask for Allah swt”s help at any time.
    May Allah grant peace, ease and all goodness to all of us. Ameen

  17. Very encouraging.. Allaah will definitely cure you and you will regain your health. In Sha Allaah .. keep posting , it’s like sadaqatul jariyah I guess as it really motivated me to count blessings rather than negatives.

  18. Masha Allah. Once again very inspirational article from sister. May Allah bless you & increase barakah all productive muslim ummah .

  19. Assaalamualikum sis Sana,
    Your article made me value the importance our health, which we often ignore. We never see these blessings which Allah gave us and complain every time when something goes wrong in our life. That’s when we have to check on our Imaan. Imaan can only happen when we connect with Allah, His Messenger and the Holy Quran. And that’s what your article focuses on.Thnx for such an inspiring article.
    Keep writing such articles. May Allah shower His Mercy and Blessing upon you and your family and help you in all your endeavours.

  20. Assalamualaikum.
    A truly great article. I found it very educative and pleasing to the heart and soul. Jazakillah khair.
    May Allah S.W.T. grant you abundant barakah in your health and in all aspects of your life. Aameen.
    Looking forward to reading more such wonderful articles.

    • salaam alaikom sister Yasmeen,

      apologies. but may i ask if you are from london?

      barak Allah feeki.

  21. Assalamualaikum,

    Thank you so much for this inspiring article. It makes me want to do more to grant rewards and barakah from Allah swt.

  22. Slms I read ur post with huge interest . -and had many a-ha moments . Mashallah on how ur message was given , it’s truly inspiring and motivating . I too have found the barakah in early morning prayer and reflection . …. especially ishraaq salaah . May Allah reward you for ur efforts . Shukran.

  23. Jazakallahu khayr for the useful tips sister, May Allah grant you complete shifaa (amin). Even though I totally agree on the reliance of Allah for barakah in our health, I think it is worth seeking a second opinion about the so called recurrence of your ailment. Given the amount of information about cancer I have heard lately….please do not overlook the need to seek further help or a second opinion if necessary. We will continue to rely on Allah as the ultimate disposer of our affairs!


  24. Alhamdulillah a very useful article and May Allah grant you good health, happiness and help you to write more articles to inspire many people. May Allah increase baraka in your life n ours too. Ameen!

  25. very inspiring indeed.Allah has blessed us with so many things but we don’t see.may Allah guide us and make us be able to see and appreciate the good things he has given to us.

  26. Assalamu Alaikum
    There are many signs of Allah’s love in our lives and it is the largest Barakah for me – to know that God loves me, Alhamdulillah for everything
    Beautiful text and gives positive energy .
    Thank you very much for sharing with me.

  27. Alhamdulilah all praise is to Allah abundantly, and I ask Allah Subhana huwatala to keep us steadfast on his Deen. Ameen!!
    Assalami alaikum Muhammed, may Allah reward u for the good job. I have some tips about Barakah in my life that I would like to share with you inshallah.

  28. AssalamuAlaikum Sr. Sana,
    Alhamdulillah in my journey to self-introspection, I’m mostly on time with my prayers and saying Bismillah before starting tasks (though still needs to be instilled), plus I’m looking forward instill no. 2, 4, 5.
    Thank you so much for sharing, J.A.K. May Allah increase your blessings in dunya and akhira.

  29. Bismillah.
    I’m Suhaila, I’m from Indonesia Country. I’m introvert. :)

    Alhamdullilah I found this articel.

    I have a tips. (it’s from Allah)
    that, when I my thought is narrow. I see the sky, I see the creatures of Allah.
    Its so very wide. than I think why my thought is so narrow?