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  1. I really hope ppl do reply as INSHALLAH my mum
    Husband me n my 1yr old r going on 25th. .
    If any1 has any advice pls do share it ;)
    Duas for r hajj to b excepted and may Allah paak
    Make it easy for us especially not knowing what to expect
    With taking r baby boy ;)
    Exxxxccciiittteeeddddddd ********

    • Assalaam dear Sister, May your Hajj be accepted by Our Creator Full of Compassion and may you have Sabr for all the tests that you will be facing. But as rightly pointed out in the article, none of the tests that we can be faced with, will equal the tests that have befallen our Prophets! Peace be upon them all. Their faith brought them to Jannah. May the level of Faith that you and your family will have reached after Hajj, bring you to Jannah.

  2. assalamo alaikom!. ;-)
    are you a boy?
    if yes hadj mabroor
    but if you are girl and you are going to perform hadj just you with your baby boy and your mum husband”step father”.
    sorry but they are not allowed as your protector during hadj
    because: 1st your son is still baby he cant protect you trough the crowded during hadj.
    2nd your mum husband ‘step father is not belong to your MAHRAM.he is not you mahram.
    unless!!! maybe, if your mum too will perform hadj with you.
    ‘i am sorry if i say some mistake,its just because of am a human ”
    “and if i say good and correct tha is from the TAOPIK of Allah S.W.A.
    The best of us is to ask for the most knollegeable.

  3. Masha allah.
    Jazakallah for this post..insha allah my parents will be performing hajj this year..and this info will realy be very helpful..jazakallah..may allah bless us all n give us chance of hajj inshallah

  4. AA,
    Alhamdulillah, I performed Hajj 3 years back and this year I shall accompany family inhsAllah. Excited…. Few more recommendations out of my last HAJJ experience.

    1. Performing Hajj is such a great experience that cannot be described in words. Its a feeling which is felt only when you perform it.
    2. It is a exciting experience for those who are young and sometimes a nightmare for old ones. Serious advice for young brothers and sisters be cautious of leaving your elder alone. its a tedious job to rejoin. I have seen some old were missing for days.
    3. As said in the article, Most important thing to bring with you on HAJJ is Taqwa and secondly Patience, Patience, Patience.
    4. Few recommended eatables to be carried are Dry Fruits, and buiscutis. and do not forget to have your regular pills(BP, Sugar.., etc) with you
    5. Carrying Cold, Flu, Antibiotics tablets will help a lot, if not you. You can help many others.
    6. Gents Should carry monkey cap, to cover their head after shave. Some times its too cold over there.
    7. Please carry extra ehram,Ladies can carry extra abaya(burqa) since it is ehram for them
    8.Few more additionals Small sewing kit, small scissor, notebook and pen, Pocket Prayer Mat, extra sleepers, Hajj Guide, Duas Book, Quran,
    9. Be very very cautious while boarding a Taxi, Travel in a group and avoid travelling alone. Once boarded, text Taxi number to your collegues or friends. Please Take it seriously . No blind trust.
    10. Collect Map for Mina Tents, It may help yourself and others too.
    11. Gain more and more knowledge about Hajj Rituals to avoid confusions.
    12. Do Dua for the whole Ummah including countires which are in crisis.

    Please do remember in your precious duas. May Allah(SBT) accept our HAJJ.

    jazakAllah Khair

  5. going to Hajj this year in sha Allah. Found this article very useful and gives a different view of approaching this blessed pilgrimage. Jzk

  6. Alhamdulillah I performed my hajj last year(2013) and I will tell everyone who is preparing for hajj to read brother Abu Muneer Ismail David’s book GETTING THE BEST OUT OF HAJJ. Subhanallah this book is so very useful .its a very practical book and not a single detail is missed. May allah accept our hajj Ameen.

  7. Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters in Islam. Pls write In Shaa Allah in 3 seperate words and not together. According to Dr Zakir Naik if you write it together it means create Allah but if you write it in 3 seperate words,it means if Allah wills. May Allah (SWT) accept your Hajj and give us the opprotuinity to go back and perform Hajj again and also those who have never gone and want to go. Amin.

  8. Taqwa is indeed the most important luggage you carry for Hajj. Take one bag of provisions and 10 bags of Taqwa! You will find many situations that would frustrate you or bring you to the edge of your anger, but PATIENCE IS THE BEST LUGGAGE you can carry with you in this epic journey. Hajj truly tests your ability to patiently withstand hardships while consciously working on your spirituality and worship at the same time.