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  1. Assalamu Alaikum, I agree with Fatos, I am commuting a regularly and I think it would be extremely beneficial if these audios could be downloaded, please consider this, Jazakumullah Khair!

    • Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah Sadeq,

      Unfortunately, you can’t download it from the player above, but here’s a downloadable link to this interview:

      We’re planning on having a whole new set up for all our interviews (and upcoming podcast series) where they’ll not only be downloadable, but you’d also be able to add them to your iTunes and we’ll possibly have a dedicated app for this, in sha Allah! Stay tuned for this new set up when we launch our new website at the end of this year, in sha Allah. :)

  2. Assalamu alikum,very beneficial interview ,its very diferrent and unique speech, his way of bringing islam and giving ideas really fantastic ,tuochy,never heard even from famous scholors.jazakallah khairan.

  3. Assalamu’alaikum, truly enlightening interview, full of wisdom mashaaAllah. Jazakallah khair to Doctor Fitaihi for his words of wisdom, and of course jazakumullah khair Productive Muslim for bringing this interview to us. Love the last answer about inspiration :)

  4. JazakhAllah Khairan Dr Fitaihi and Abu Productive for this awe-inspiring and enlightening words of wisdom. I pray Allah blesses you and rewards your efforts with the best of all His ni’am Amin

  5. As salaam alaykum – This is brilliant. Should be required listening for all young people and not just once, but regularly until the message is internalized. Jazakh Allah Khayr for providing this information to everyone.

  6. MashaAllah…no words to say…but really truly inspiring! May Allah bless this great man and jazakAllah khair brother abu productive for this interview.

  7. Jzk kh for such a wonderful interview. There were precise n precious gems in this interview his sharing on “intention” and “how do senses support” was awesome i listened many orators and scholars but the tips he given i never heard before jzk kh dr and productive muslim team. I love to be the part of this website. Plz design your app for androids as well