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  1. Great piece mashAllah!
    I also find that an easy way to show your parents that you love them even when you are busy,is to smile at them, it creates a unspoken bond between you and the immense is enormous!

  2. Ma sha Allah, very enlightening and educative piece. I have tried the regular calls suggestion, especially with my Mom, and it actually feels so amazing… After fajr salat everyday, I have developed a routine of speaking with my Mom for at least 2 minutes, we talk about odds and bits and she loads up the start of my day with duaas. It helps me glide through the day effortlessly! I recommend this for Sisters who do not live close to their parent, it keeps the bond fresh.

  3. I feel that this article has been written by a sister who’s parents are righteous. How do you deal with a Mother treats her daughter badly, who always swears at her daughter and who is never satisfied with whatever she does for her and who constantly makes du’as against her to Allah. Is it better for such a daughter to leave the house as distance may make things better? It is is easy to tell people to be patient no matter what but there is a limit to everything and there is only so much that one’s heart can take :( :( :(

    • @Amatullah: JazakiAllahu khairun for sharing your thoughts and kind words. Alhamdulillah we should first start off by thanking Allah for the ability to have our parents in our lives, as this is a great blessing to be able to serve them and be good to them even if they show bad treatment to us. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) advised us to not even utter an ill word against our parents however in your situation I would recommend that you try to teach your mother about how sinful it is for us to use bad language and swear, after all the Prophetic teachings show us that ‘the best of us are those who are best to our families.’ We should strive to patiently and in a kind tone advise our parents if we feel we are striving to fulfil our obligations. Sometimes it is also worth sitting down over a cup of tea and talking about what they need from you, this will help you to manage their expectations and you should explain how you feel about the fact that you are trying to do your best and no one is perfect. Finally, I recommend making lots of dua. You may feel hurt by your mother’s words but don’t let it make you unproductive, you should still strive to be good to her because after all the hardship she went through in bearing you is something we can never repay. Once you do move away from home she may appreciate your actions more and ultimately Allah Knows best what your heart contains. May Allah make it easy for us all to do righteous deeds for our parents.

  4. I think another point is to constantly remind ourselves that they will not be with us forever! This Insha Allah helps procrastination followed by a lifetime of regrets

  5. masha ALLAH jazakallaho khairan yah muslimah.

    i’ll do foloow your advices.
    1. Prioritise your parents over other tasks
    2. Communicate regularly
    3. Be patient and do good to them
    4. Give them quality time
    5. Shower them with gifts and du’a

    how lucky to have an complete parents.