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  1. JAK Khair for the absolutely needed reminder! I feel whenever I help my family and siblings, my day becomes less hectic. Not in a sense that I get less to do, but there comes barakah and peace that was not there before. I have experinced it many times, alhamdulillah. Helping everyone is rewarding but helping siblings is extra rewarding, mA!

  2. Asslamu Alikum,

    Alhamdulillah for the reminder. I speak for myself here, as living in the west, one of the con’s it has is that life is very pre-occupied with the means of world. And often times we don’t learn early enough to manage time and than the first priority that is lost is our dedication towards our families. Just recently, I started scheduling family time and Alhamduillah, it has so much baaraqa in it, the love between family members just flourishes. We are able to understand and connect more. Inshallah, May Allah (swt) help us bring our families together and strengthen our family unit.


  3. Asalam Alaikum,

    A beautiful reminder of our duties and obligation to our parents. One thing we need to remember is that our children will treat us the same way way we treated our parents. It is of paramount importance that we give our parents their full dues even if they are the richest people on earth. Only if we knew the importance of keeping our parents happy and the immense reward we will get from Allah SWT we would give our parents our life. There are many examples to draw on from the lives of the various sahabah. I pray we all including myself, can do more to connect with our parents and families. A stronger family unit, means a rock solid united ummah.

  4. it’s wonderful reminders, in my situation were our parents are not frequently met us, we live in the urban the they are on the province. for me my parent is a good parents but not good enough. they strive hard to give us proper education i alway pray for them and guide them. because they are misguided one and close minded when it comes to religion. yet they are Muslims but they only follow their accessors. i still hoping to open their minds to see the truth.