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  1. what’s about drawing???……I can draw very well…..draw portraits….but i’m afraid….it’s harram… can i practice my hobby without doing something harram :S ?!

        •  @ Omaima if you give up something for the sake of Allah InshaAllah, Allah (swt) will reward you with something a lot better. :)

        • Salaam…I know how you feel. I was a portrait artist and my work has been published in a book etc. It was really hard to say ‘goodbye’ to portraiture but I finally did it, alhamdulillah. Honestly, there are a lot of other fine art areas that you can do, such as still lifes, which is what I’m focusing on. I invite you to visit my blog at and read why I left portraiture. :)

          • Thank you Siti Friendman, you are a role model.
            I also gave up drawing human figure, animals, anything which has a soul. It was really hard giving up. But it is for Allah’s sake.
            So now i am looking for a new hobby, ended up finding this wonderful site. :D

            Came across your comment-clicked on the link. Your artwork is amazing. Art doesn’t have to be about drawing the human figure. Going to find beauty in other things to draw. :D

  2. Alhamdolillah yes,it was very useful.
    The day I read about Journal writing, I went out to get one.
    In sha Allah I will try to pick up more of them. Its a good list. JazakAllah Khair.

    I am thinking I’ll give computer programming and web designing a chance aswell, during vacations that is,In sha Allah.

  3. i Likeee all the parts of hobbies .. even it’s so simple but sometimes we need to remember our simple things :) ,i’m  doing some of them really or  try most of them my opinion  if any one try it all they will have a different view in life .. & having a spirit filled with satisfaction and peace of mind with ALLAH  , between him herself & also will reflect on his relations between dealing with ppl..we have to enjoy our lives in simple ways..

  4. Excellent website,Excellent list of hobbies,truly excellent!
    But scuba diving? i mean dont get me wrong,its all good and that viewing the
    beautiful scenary,but just how beautiful would the scenary be if you was to see a shark,
    or even worse a Giant WHALE! i would add fishing,chess,poetry,gymnastics,if you are skilled-electronic wire fiddling i.e. fixing plugs etc…,painting,if you have the capabilities- building tables,cupboards,sitting down drinking coffee with the family(especially if you’re from the horn of africa-its daily custom there),camping with the brothers,paintballing.

  5. Would writing a fictional book be considered haram as it is not exactly beneficial islamically? Or publishing a personal journal?

  6. Loved the list, Masha’allah, just what I was looking for! :)

    By the way, How about interior designing..? I’d call it “home-styling” for sisters :)  Using different magazines etc to learn new ideas for crafting things and giving your home a little new touch once in a while!

  7. I love the list! But the thing I find the hardest is that although I would love to do most of the things on the list, most are just impossible due to not being allowed to travel by my parents, gym being too expensive, sports teams at uni being unIslamic, horseriding being ridiculously expensive to do weekly (e.g. I can ride, but can’t do it weekly because it costs me £25 per hour :( )
    So could you maybe do another list for people on a student-budget, protective parents and ridiculously full uni timetable? :S

    Some things that I enjoy are list-writing and photoshop :) Also, painting, drawing, sketching are all good.

  8. alhamdu lillah, jazak Allahu khayran, excellent website ma sha Allah!
    what about cooking? it makes you quite self-sufficient and you can feed others for the sake of Allah. particularly useful for single students away from their families (studying abroad for example). And it can improve your health, in sha Allah.

  9. Wow… I don’t think of myself as a hobbyist, but I have done all of these at one time (most of them still) except Archery!! :Z. I was hoping for some more ideas actually. I’m not sure it is a good one to take up right now with a toddler in hand… 

  10. cool new things…i really dint know most of these above mentioned hobbies…
    wanna try each one step by step if chance in sha allah..
    still my consistent hobby is something 22nd one lol :D
    “PHOTOGRAPHY” well here i mean the capturing nature, cloudscape and more…
    it makes us observe, learn, understand and all the more say “subhanallah wa bihamdihi with meaning right in our heart” :)

    as salaam alaikum

  11. Assalamu alaykum,
    I have a question about learning languages. I think learning languages is really fun, and my goal is to study a few Inshaallah. Is it okay to learn a language in addition to Arabic (with Arabic as the highest priority), one that is not spoken in a predominately Muslim country?
    Jazakallahu khair.

    • @Radhiah – Wa alaikumussalaam warahmatullah. Your question falls within the fiqh (jurisprudential) realm and it would be best for you to consult an authentic scholar in Islamic jurisprudence for a detailed explanation. If you don’t have access to any, perhaps you could try online fiqh Q&A sites such as:

      In any case, please make sure the source you’re referring to is authentic.

  12. The Holy Prophet SalAllahu Alahi Wasallam bears the knowledge of deen, dunya and that which one cannot comprehend. Alhamdulilah, for the gift Allah has bestowed upon us so that we may follow His (alayhe salam) noble ways.

  13. I wish I could swim. :( I saw this video of this guy snorkeling and he had his video camera in a waterproof case in the Bahamas. It looked amazing.
    Could target shooting be a good hobby, since archery is mentioned.
    I think jogging is a good hobby to get into.

  14. Ahhh… Hiking, scuba diving, archery, horse riding… All of the dreams of my life. Who would’ve thought that these can be used to bring oneself closed to Allah. Thank you for opening that way of thinking for me.
    And the kind of organizations you mentioned in letter writing part. Can you please specify, since I am especially interested in the one where non-Muslims ask q’s about Islam. As well as the one where we can provide moral support to orphans.
    Overall… Jazak Allah for such an awesome blog.

  15. Love every hobby listed, especially the horseback riding. I’m assuming money spent on these hobbies are also halal. What are your opinions on video gaming or mobile phone games, to be more accurate, and spending money on them? These days, that’s all I see kids doing.