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  1. yes programing is too boring and it isnt my thing
    but i love to design so i will choose designing
    web designing ehehe:)

    If all goes wrong, swallow your pride and beg your 10 year old niece/nephew to teach you!

    May be latter when they themselves learn some proper computer skills rather then just playing games and watching videos :d

  2. Salam, just wanted to throw some food for thought in concerning SPORTS. Mostly when doing sports women have to/ do compromise their hijab for the sport. I am female myself and just wanted to know how others are handling it. I really love sports but I am by no means a fan of the gym. So ever since I put on my hijab I stopped with the sport, cuz there’s always trouble. For my understanding the only way to do sports without compromising on what you wear or do (e.g wearing trousers, running infront of males etc.) is by having a women only sport area.. :S But that doesn’t exist here. So what do you think…? What do you do?

  3. i really appreciate this article theres not enough information like this for people out there. I just went on out and got some paints. Were usually made to feel
    guilty for trying to do anything remotely leisurely stating we should be doing ‘better things’, I try my best but we need halal alternatives and i love how the article mentions productivity in those things. JazakAllahu khairan. Also if youve other articles with even more hobbies do link us!

  4. Asalamu alaykum! I really enjoyed reading this article. How would I go about casually learning graphic design as a hobby?

  5. Lovely article. Definitely getting myself a hobby. Just going to figure out which one I like best. JazakAllah khairan. :D

  6. I tried to sign up for an online programming course once. (because my computer geek brother dragged me to try:()
    But couldn’t even survive the first week. Yeah I hadn’t thought about designing before… And am really interested so I will obey you on that. :p
    I live in a condo so sadly gardening isn’t an option :(. But I have a plan to buy a big house with my gonna get written novel’s money and make myself a big garden. (A dua I had kept making this Ramadan :))
    I am not good at sewing but will try that as well.
    Was it all or has I left something. Anyway, that’s it for now.

  7. ” The Prophet (peace be upon him) himself raced with his wife ‘Aishah” Did Aishah RA know horse riding?
    If so, then it is amazing!