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  1. Good stuff Mashallah.. One other hobby that I have always been passionate about is learning different languages. A lot of us choose Arabic, and you could also put some time into learning Sign Language ( a lot of Muslims could benefit from this, since they often need people fluent in Sign Language to translate lectures/talks in the masajid ) or some other language. A friend of mine self-taught himself chinese over just one summer, and is now fluent. Great dawah skill, cha-ching!

  2. @ TJ – Jzks! Learning a foreign language is coming up in the series actually – love the sign language idea, will add that too.

    @ Arif – JazakAllah Khair

    @ Audrey – Are we twins? lol

  3. SubhanAllah……
    MasahaAllah thats awsome…
    waiting anxiously for the next part!!
    May Allah (swt) help me & all of us to be really truely Productive Muslims by adopting these beautiful habits
    JazakAllah Khairan Kaseera

      • Salam alkium
        What about watching a movie with family or friends every once in a while? Would that be okay or is it best to find something else to do together?

  4. this article really helped me. i have wasted enough time in my life doing things that do not give me good returns. in my early teenage years, i was an avid gamer and have played countless hours of games. those games have negatively affected my studies and life in whole.

    I vowed to change my bad habit by switching to beneficial and more rewarding habit like those suggested by this great article.

  5. Great blog and article. We need these combined endeavors in order to build a better world.

    ‘Oh Allah, protect me from my front and back’

    Let’s build a better world.

    Thanks, Shafin.

  6. Excersize! Walking or simply doing something physical that accomplishes more than just mere excersize. Examples could even be just cleaning, landscaping, gardening, or whatever needs to be done. If others want to list other ideas of such physical activities please do.


    Very interesting and useful website for attending online courses of various themes and topics which you are even getting a certificate for after successfully completed one. And it’s free! All you need is a good will, time and little bit effort.
    This is my choice!

  8. as a future psychiatrist, I’ll remember to recommend journalling to the patients I never want to see again :) :). On a lighter note…..we actually do recommend it as part of therapy esp CBT.
    Great article as always :)

  9. I just love Journaling but not much consistent. Come to think of it, I am not consistent in anything.
    And one of my way of getting more productive as a Muslim us taking lots of photos. (of nature)
    That way I find myself appreciating nature a bit more. Making me feel myself more closely and thankful of the Creator.

  10. The best hobby for me is reading the book caaled Ganjul Arsh. I don’t know why I used to read it frequently(everyday) except those days which I can’t make a prayer. Is there anyone kows the book. Also travelling is my hobby.

  11. Alhamdulillah! I felt something is missing in the list,it is the ability to develop our teaching abilities it require knowledge and powerful communication but it is an important character because everyone teaches someone in their lives some time or other

  12. There’s always a special “something” about your articles that I can’t sum up in words.
    May you always be inspired to inspire others…