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  1. Wow… I thought all my hobbies were dumb until I read this. You make them all sound interesting… No wait, I never though of amateur astronomy/learning foreign languages/cooking/calligraphy/genealogy research as hobbies :). Great post…

  2. As-salamualaykum ProductiveMuslim!

    For Number 16, I personally suggest checking out It’s got some really great tips for language learning, and the owner’s selling an eBook called, “the Language Hacking Guide” that can totally help someone learn the language faster (apparently, so fast you can be fluent within 3 months!). Great for people who wish to speak Arabic without spending years and years of study. I currently am learning Portuguese (Arabic, Spanish, Esperanto, French are next on the list!).

  3. I like learning the sign language to help our muslim brothers in the mosques and in other places so can all understand the message of Allah….is it interesting?

  4. It is first time ever someone had opened up the idea of genealogy researching for me. Thank you.
    And the second one, let me tell you something about me as well. I have a huge library (digital though) on books of science and history. I just love dwelling on these subjects and find miracles of Allah subha WA ta’ala. Reading about great people and civilizations going to dust is a really humbling experience. Similarly, learning about astronomy and the vastness of universe. They are my favorite subjects to study.
    And I am a daughter of to kitchen lover parents. So right now,I naturally hate cooking. They are always up to make a lot of things at once and keep me in the kitchen as their assistant. :/
    Suprisingly, these days my sole occupation is learning Arabic. The language of Quran. And I am planning of learning more as well. AL berouni (I hope I am getting the name right) knew more than seventy languages! Now I know it is unrealistic goal for most of us, but it made me realize that I too can learn all the languages I dream to know about. Right now they are only eleven.

  5. As Salaam
    Please visit the Sharjah Islamic museum.It has beautiful Arabic calligraphy.UAE has beautiful islamic calligraphy and competitions for it and teachings.