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  1. I’m glad to explore this site. A lot of benefit that can i get.
    Just pay your time here and you will earn some knowledge. :) smile.

  2. Yes, that is so me! I think the 90-minute pure work tip is a good idea. Will try to implement that inshaAllah. JazakAllah Khayr.

  3. it’s all true! how much time clicking every five minutes on the same link… Very usefull this site!

  4.  wow thanks! so true!! we are always in need for a constent reminders…stayin focused to my goal os always my issue…may Allah always help us stay focused on our goals and guide us to the right path!

    ps: loved the structure of the article…very creativly writen and the ending was masha Allah =)

    keep it up! 

    and please if there is anything we can help u wth let us know, im a graphic designer =))

  5. Aptly said, that was how i ended up here.. At least this link is beneficial :) Thanks for the tips!

  6. Jazakom Allah Khayran . . I really found your website a great help and guidance . . keep up the good work . .

  7.  JazakAllahu khairan!! good article, excellently formatted.

    I know websites distract you from doing productive working and you end up hopping between tabs and links….thats why I started using Google Reader…..Just subscribe to your frequently accessed websites and skim through them all at one place…I advise others also use it..

    Shahid Hussain |

  8.  indeed, you were right. I sometimes do the same thing and ended up being nothing. But I also do some research and stuff that would benefit me like this site. But yeah, you were right, I guess we have to control it. 

    MashaAllah, nice article.
    JazzakumAllahu khair (:

  9. wow…that is so me. I usually have about 3-4 tabs open on average and the keep adding on as I find interesting stuff. JZK for the tips!

  10. wonderful post . True that some are procrastinating (me) just surfing aimlessly on the web and loosing precious parts of time 

  11. wonderful post . True that some are procrastinating (me) just surfing aimlessly on the web and loosing precious parts of time 

  12. For Chrome browser users there is a neat extension called stayfocused. Install this and control your browsing time. It works great. 

  13. Salam alaykum,

    Very true!! Because I’m always “connected” at work and use the internet almost all day (sometimes for work!) I tend to get “withdrawal symptoms” when I can’t access the internet. It’s like a drug, may Allah protect us…

    Time to do some work!


  14. Exact!!! This is how we waste our time… Not being focused to the point…

    Truly guiding & productive…

  15. very true .happens with me many times. This habit sometime a whole good day. Jazakallah for this wonderful note.

  16. mashAllah this is so me…browse at work for hrs and realize its almost the end of the day. Then i came across this site…may Allah reward you for your effects. im going to close my browser now :)

  17. I went to this website
    Facebreak is where those who are experiencing addiction to facebook vent out their frustration on how facebook ruining their life.
    I totally can relate to this article and . I want to be more productive instead of checking facebook every single time for no reason..

  18. Thank U very much for the idea. Although I was a victim of such habit, I never knew that had such a name. at the same time, I wanted to stop this. Coz spending few minutes aimlessly floating on the attractions of the internet was too bad. It plundered me of my precious time. I t also resulted in giving me 100 ideas and thus forgetting my real purpose and left me unstable. Jazakallahu Khair. I always wouild like to see more updated and information from ur end. Salam….:)

  19. As-Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Masha ALLAH, La quwwata illa billah.  Excellent steps to invest our time
    for a successfull next life.  ALLAH AZ-ZAWWAJJAL, reward all your team,
    aameeeeen.  Peace and blessings be upon our dear prophet, salle ALLAHU
    alayhi wa sallam.  ALLAH JALLE JALALAHU bless you all tremendously,

    Your supporter
    Ahsan Khaja

  20. “Feeding the pleasure senses in our brain with mini surprises.” So that is what it’s all about! I was thinking there must be an explanation for it!

  21. sometimes this habit do land in a good place, like PM tab. But mostly its a huge waste of time, and like channel surfing in TV this start from boredom and emptiness, and feeds these monsters more.When I start doing this I recite Aujubillahiminarshaitanirrajim several times and clear out some tough works,,and I have learned that from PM :-)

  22. wonderful work , im really fan , and what u are saying is so true ! hmmm actually i was surfing with no purpose when i tought about productive muslim and here i come accross this article ;D baraka Allahu fikum !! salam , go to my work now

  23. jazak Allah khair for this article, as this describes me perfectly. You must have been watching over my  shoulder”” Will definately try harder, insha’Allah

  24. jazak Allah khair for this article, as this describes me perfectly. You must have been watching over my  shoulder”” Will definately try harder, insha’Allah

  25. the note as a reminder sounds great! I am almost always reading at things I want to know about (e.g. sewing, scrapbooking) but I drown in 20 different tabs of them and get confused because ideas are overloading

  26. lol…at first glance..i thought u wrote my story…. pretty true behavioral problem..but i already started to control it … Inshallah will take hold of it

  27. JazakaALLAH Khair! Just what I needed to read. InshaALLAH, I will implement this on my road to becoming a productive muslim, Aaamen.

  28. What I usually do is ‘Read it later’ – there are many apps out there like Pocket, which allows you to read an article/video later, so, whenever I come across a link, I do not usually read it, but send it to my ‘read it later’ app and read such articles when I have time. Thought this might help.