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  1. Masha allah very influential guest. It was so amazing to hear about her thoughts on life and reality. I really got good lessons and reminders from her speech.

  2. What a great podcast. Please post them weekly so young Muslims like me can benefit. I would really like if you discuss issues like how young Muslims should interact at work and how can we strengthen our IMAN and save our selves from sins. GREAT SHOW!!

  3. Finally got to hear the life-changing voice behind aaall those written notes from her heart.
    Everything you said was beautiful ma shaa Allah, and as you’ve told, if it is mentioned from ones’ heart it really touches other ones’ hearts in a unique way.
    Thank you for making us see a glimpse of you!

  4. Loved the definition of “Productive Muslim”, it’s giving without expecting anything in return. Please do a podcast interviewing a productive Muslim who’s a doctor/Physician or Medical student if possible. For people serving in the health care field, they are always in a time crunch. It would be beneficial to see a Productive Muslim interview in this area. JazakAllah Khair 😊